A/N: This was originally one whole one-shot but I decided to cut it in half and make it into a multiple chapter story. It will most likely be four chapters at the most since originally this was over nineteen pages. I will be updated this every other day, since it's already completed.

Summary: A person who has become consumed with hatred and revenge has been lost within his own web of darkness. But she has always been in the purest of light. What happens when darkness meets the light? Will the light be able to shine it's brightness into the dark world of Uchiha Sasuke?


The fourth great ninja war has finally come. It's the first war that this generation of younger ninja has experienced. For Hyuga Hinata she was nervous, she didn't know what to expect. But of course she has the willpower to go on. Giving up isn't an option. She must prove herself to everyone that she isn't the one to give up so easily. After her battle with Pain, she felt a new boost of confidence. After a few days from the invasion, Hiashi, who hadn't been in Konoha during the time, had praised her for her efforts standing up to an Akatsuki member. It was a rare treat to be praised by her father. It definitely lifted her spirits up.

But what's happening currently was the main event. The war. She and her division were perched up in the trees, watching the surrounding area. "Byakugan." The whisper was said so softly that it was barely audible. She scanned the area until her eyes picked up a tremendous chakra.

Kurotsuchi gazed over at the Hyuga noticing the bulging veins surrounding her eyes. She couldn't resist the shiver that swept through her spine at the sight of the Byakugan. The dark haired female has heard about the Hyuga clan. From what she was told they are a very prestigious clan that is one of the oldest and most powerful clans in Konohagukure. But this is her first time actually seeing the Byakugan in person. Her pink pupil-less eyes then gazed over at Neji, 'He's a Hyuga as well.'

"Do you see something, Hinata-sama?"

Hinata nodded head, her eyes widening more by the second. "I…I think it's Sasuke-kun." She spoke into the thick foggy air.

"What? You can't be serious." Karui voiced, her eyes narrowed in the direction Hinata was currently looking in. She wanted nothing more but to get her hands on the Uchiha and beat him until there was nothing left to beat.

"I'm positive. It's him." She deactivated her kekkai genkai. "What should we do?" She asked her team members. Her voice sounded unsure. This is Sasuke Uchiha. Should they pursue him? Or should they leave that part to Naruto? Judging by the looks of Karui and Kurotsuchi, they wanted to pursue him. Neji seemed to be going over other possibly solutions.

"I say let's get him." Kurotsuchi responded, a smirk stretching across her face.

Karui stood up on the higher branch of the tree, determination shown in the depths of her amber colored eyes. "This is the war. We have no time to sit idly by and watch the enemy bypass us. I know Sasuke was once a comrade to Konoha but he is the enemy now, one of the biggest threats to Konoha. If we stand here and do nothing not only would we have failed our part of the mission but we would have failed our villages in capturing this bastard."

Neji knew she was right. Standing here and not doing anything isn't a good idea. Sasuke Uchiha is a traitor to the village, a village that he once belonged to. There is no hope left for him. He is completely lost in his own world of darkness. At this point, not even Naruto can pull him into the light. "She's right. So far every enemy that we have run into we have fought and defeated. We can't suddenly stop at the sight of Sasuke."

The female Hyuga nodded. Everyone did have a valid point but the one thing that kept circling her mind is Naruto. No matter how truthful Neji, Karui and Kurotsuchi are, she still believes the fight Sasuke should have is with Naruto. But voicing those thoughts would be pointless. The looks on everyone's face proved that it would be.

"Let's go." Kurotsuchi ordered.

Everyone nodded and quickly disappeared within a blink of an eye, heading in Sasuke's direction.


Sasuke walked through the thick fog in silence. He had been thankful for finally having the bandages removed. It had become irritating waiting for the moment until they were removed. He could fill Itachi's power flowing through him. It felt good. The power, he wanted more. This is the moment he has been waiting for. His time has come and now he will finally purify his clan by killing every person in Konoha. Each step he took would lead him closer to his goal. Sasuke couldn't help but to smirk in satisfaction at the mere thought of the Konoha people lying on the ground beneath his feet begging for mercy, sympathy that he would never give them.

Stopping in his tracks, Sasuke watched as signal leaf slowly glided down from up in the tree until it graciously made contact with the ground. His eyes quickly activated his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Black eyes with a red spinning shuriken style with black iris right in the middle. Someone was near him. From what he could pick up there were three…no four people making their way towards him. One chakra he recognized with ease. It was Hyuga Neji. A chakra he wouldn't forget. 'So they have sent Konoha shinobi after me?' He thought with a click of his tongue. What better way to start everything off by killing a Hyuga from Konoha.

Instead of fleeing from the area, Sasuke made a spot for himself against the tree waiting for them to make their appearances known. Suddenly the ground beneath his feet began to shake violently. Deciding that the ground was no longer safe, he leaped up a few feet into the air just in time as the ground crumbled creating a large crater in the ground, as he landed swiftly on one of the thick tree branches.

"Water Release: Water Trumpet."

The raven haired male, watched as a large amount of water quickly was heading his way. Doing a few quick maneuvers, leaping from branch to branch, to avoid getting hit by the water, Sasuke finally decided no wasn't the time for games. Using his Chidori through chakra flow, Sasuke concentrated the flow to form a more solid form of a senbon, shooting them in the direction the water came from.

Turning his head sharply behind him, he could see a red haired female flying down towards him from a high tree branch with a sword in her hand.

"You're mine Sasuke Uchiha!" She yelled angrily.

"Tch, annoying." He muttered. Sasuke quickly used Chidori Current to shield his body from the oncoming attack. He watched as she immediately jumped back away from him when the lighting surrounding his body stunned her. Judging from what he saw, the female was wearing a Kumogakure headband. 'So it seems Konoha have alliances. All the more people to kill, I suppose. I won't allow anyone to get in my way.' He jumped off the high branch and falling to the forest grounds and skillfully landed on his feet.

"Sasuke Uchiha. It's been awhile, hasn't it?"

The raven haired male slowly turned his head in the direction of the distinctive male voice. His eyes narrowed, "If my memory serves me correct, you're Neji Hyuga." Sasuke then gazed to his left noticing another Hyuga standing not too far away from Neji. He almost didn't recognize her but then a faded image of a young girl watching Naruto in the distance came to mind. Her name doesn't ring a bell which proves she never left too much of an impact for him to remember her.

"What you're doing is wrong. You've lost yourself in the darkness. I'm sure Itachi and you're family wouldn't be happy with the route you decided to take."

Hearing this put Sasuke in a blind rage. "You talk as if you know my family. You don't know a damn thing about the Uchiha clan! I'm purifying their name. They'll be happy and pleased at what I'm doing! You worthless Konoha shinobi will then beg for mercy from me. The death in Konoha will be the true revival of the Uchiha clan!"

Hinata stares over at Neji, there is a frown settled on his face at Sasuke's words. Thinking back to her childhood, from what she could remember Sasuke stuck to himself after the massacre of his clan. He never liked working with anyone and remembers how low of a score he had gotten from his assertiveness. If the Uchiha hadn't been so cold towards people she would have befriended him.

Focusing her attention back to Sasuke, her lips pressed into a thin line before speaking. "You're right. We don't know your family. And we can't relate to the devastating loss of an entire clan. But it wasn't the entire village's fault for what happened to the Uchiha clan. There are small children in Konoha. Do you plan to wipe them off the face of the earth purely because of your revenge?" She stopped speaking for a few moments, taking a glance at his face. He appeared to be listening to her but his expression was still frightening as it was before. From behind them she could hear Karui and Kurotsuchi make their appearance.

"Hn, what are you two standing around for? Let's kill this bastard already." Karui snapped, pointing her sword out towards Sasuke, who seemed unaffected by her words.

Hinata ignored the female and continued talking, "Revenge isn't everything, Sasuke. It's has consumed you with malevolence and placed you into a world of darkness. You have a chance for redemption."

Sasuke stared at her; his outward appearance didn't show how much her words affected him. It was almost as if Naruto were trying to communicate to him through her. She held that same look in her eyes as him. Determination. She was trying to get through to him in hopes to stopping him. His eyes then gazed over to the other two females. Their method was obviously suited toward attacking him. This Hyuga girl was going for a softer approach.

A widened smirk stretched its way onto his face, throwing his head back in laughter. "I have long since closed my eyes. My only goal is the darkness." Tilting his head back down as he gazed back at Hinata, amusement shown within his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. "You sound just like him. Have you been talking to him? Nevertheless, it doesn't matter. As for your question, when I say I'm going to kill everyone, I mean everyone." He spoke darkly, adding emphasis to the word 'everyone'.

Both Hinata and Neji frowned, showing their distaste for his choice. "This isn't getting anywhere. I say we kill him now and become the victors in this." Karui chimed in, glaring venomously at the Uchiha.

"We can definitely have the advantage. Four against one." Kurotsuchi exclaimed, eyeing everyone on her team before returning her attention back to Sasuke.

Sasuke stared blankly at them. This wouldn't be much of a fight. They might hold their own for some time but with chakra amount he has is far much stronger than they are. His eyes then locked with Hinata's. It was vexing the way she looked at him. It's the very same way Naruto looks at him. As if she understands his pain and wants to help him. Reaching his hand to his side, he pulled out his sword. "You want to fight….come at me already."

Karui wasted no time charging at the Uchiha while Kurotsuchi used a lava release technique. Sasuke but of course quickly avoided these attacks but before he could even have time to shield himself Neji practically came out from nowhere and attacked him with his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms.

Sasuke body continued getting knocked back until his body was fully pushed yards away from him only to feel more attacks similar to the first one. His eyes met lavender pools. So she was the one attacking him. Quickly using Chidori Current to shield his body from her attacks worked perfectly. She let out a scream of shock when the electric current made contact with her body. 'Weak.' He thought, turning his back on the Hyuga female. She was barely worth his time.

"Hinata-sama!" Neji voice was filled with worry. His byakugan was immediately activated, showing the fierceness within the depths of his now cold eyes. Running towards Sasuke he started to use his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms once again but the Uchiha had avoided it this time. He could see Kurotsuchi and Karui running towards Sasuke both attacking him as a team. His eyes then went back to Hinata; she appeared to be fine, struggling to stand but just fine.

"This is getting annoying!" Karui growled.

Kurotsuchi nodded her head, agreeing with the other female. "We need to hurry and defeat him." She explained. With fast speed she moved in quickly towards the raven haired male but just as she made contact with him black flames were surrounding him, creating spikes to protect him, which incinerated part of her clothing. She jumped back away from him, staring with widened fearful eyes. "Don't go near him. Those flames surrounding him will disintegrate whatever it touches!" She warned her teammates.

'We aren't getting anywhere if he keeps protecting his body like this.' Neji thought.

Hinata wiped the sweat from her forehead, her pupil-less eyes watching Sasuke. He didn't appear like he broke a sweat, not even after all the attacks. "Sasuke, you don't have to do this." She spoke, trying to get through him once again watching as he deactivated the flames.

"Oh, but I do. Your pleas for me to stop are useless." Those eerie eyes were still looking at him. As if they could see everything. He felt so naked under her gaze. Narrowing his eyes in derision he let out a small growl. "I don't like the way you look at me." Within a blink of an eye he was in front of her. Placing his sword right under her chin he glared deadly at her.

"I should kill you right here and now. I wonder what Naruto will think of that? You are that same girl from the past, who held a crush on him, aren't you?" Noticing how her eyes seem to display an amount of emotion at his statement he smirked. "I can't seem to recall your name though but none of that matters." Looking behind him he noticed the others were trying to get to them. Most likely to try and save her. How pathetic. She can't even hold her own weight and is now the one who must be protected. Activating his black flames Sasuke used them as a shield, separating him and Hinata from the others.

Hilting his sword closer towards her throat, Hinata gulped as she tried thinking of a plan to get herself out of this situation. She wasn't going to let anyone down. Giving up is the last thing in her mind. From behind Sasuke, beyond the black flames she could see Neji calling out for her. 'Don't worry, I won't let you down.'

She roughly grabbed onto the sword, taking Sasuke by a surprise. Ignoring the cut she received from the sharp sword to the blood oozing through her fingers, Hinata looked over her shoulder, noticing they were near a cliff. Getting a good grip on his clothes, she raised her hand down on his chest, delivering a blow to his chest with her juken. When Sasuke coughed, she took this moment to quickly change their positions as she Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist.

The attack had been much stronger than what Sasuke would have imagined. Every few seconds he got a chance to block an oncoming attack but was eventually hit with another one. Not liking the idea that he was getting beaten by this Hyuga girl, Sasuke forcefully grabbed her arm, ignoring the pain of the chakra seizing his hand. At seeing the cliff he grabbed his sword and easily made a blow across her stomach with his sword. He watched as she stumbled back holding onto her a stomach. 'Just a few steps and you'll fall to your demise.' He thought.

And just like that, she took her final step and slipped off the cliff. He could hear the others behind him, particularly Neji, screaming out Hinata's name. A smirked appeared on his face as he turned around to deal with the others. It wasn't until he felt something wrap around his ankle and pull him towards the edge. Looking down it was water. So water must be her element. Growling in anger, he tried to cut himself loose from the attachment the water had on him but it was no use. Before he could hold on any longer, he slipped and found himself hanging onto the Hyuga's ankle. "Very clever, but not clever enough." He spoke seriously, as he spiked his Chakra Current, which sent a shock to her causing her to let go of the edge of the cliff, both of them fall from the high area. All that could be heard was Neji screaming Hinata's name as the two fell beyond the sight of the Neji and the others.


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