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She was late. Very late.

Rachel Barbara Berry was always the first to be at Glee club if she didn't have anything from the Speech Club, Mock United Nations Club, Renaissance Club, Muslim Students Club, 4H Club, or the Black Students Union to attend to. She checked her pink and white checkered wrist watch, a gift from Finn as a five month anniversary present; granted she had to remind him that it was their five-month anniversary but it's the thought that counts. The watch flashed the time at her: 11:22 am (1). She had her lunch packed neatly away in her book-bag, kept in a corner of the Choir Room so as to maximize efficiency. Not much was done at meetings held during lunch but Rachel had lived by the notion that you could never be too unprepared.

She stopped at the door to the choir room and checked her watch again. If she had enough time she could probably sneak in a small make-out session with Finn later. The watch read 11:25 am.

"Oh Dear Gaga, tell me you are not wearing that and this salmon I'm eating is laced with something hallucinogenic." Kurt's eyes widened at the sight of Rachel's pink and green striped cardigan, her brown skirt and beige oxfords combined with white knee-high socks. He cut a piece of his honey-soy broiled salmon, careful not to tip the plastic Ziplock container sitting on his crossed legs.

Rachel scoffed angrily while Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Kurt, I hope that isn't envy laced in your vo–" She heard a shrill whistle. The kind one would use to call a dog.



She had turned her head for one second. She hadn't fully registered what happened until she hit the ground. Her stomach felt like it was on fire and there was an ache in her back that was rising as fast as a jet. Her skin became clammy and sweaty as her hands groped for something invisible on the ground: purchase maybe, perhaps something to help her get away?


"Rachel!" Kurt's shrill scream was almost covered by Finn's wail. He rushed for her but did not touch her when he saw the blood spreading across the clean, white tiles of the floor. He shuddered and knelt in front of her, hands held above her. He was too afraid to touch.


Even as she heard Finn coming towards her, she couldn't keep her eyes off the hallway. Dark boots were making their way across the tile-covered floor. Someone was heading towards her and her body was in such a shock that her mind began to unravel then and there. This couldn't be happening to her because it was just a tragedy you heard about on CNN or on some late night E! Documentary special. This wasn't happening to her.


Even when the second shot pierced her stomach her mind refused to buckle, so she focused on a single point in the hallway. She focused on a huddled mass against the wall. Her mind looked on and studied the burly reddish hair, the thick framed glasses and the sweaty complexion. As she bled on the floor, spread in front the doorway to the choir room, Rachel Barbara Berry made a last attempt at saving her life. She screamed with those iron lungs she was born with.

She screamed for all she was worth.

"Help me!"

She continued to scream until her lungs burned and her vision clouded. When her voice failed her she tried to move. Her left arm grasped at the floor, seeking out that huddled mass at the end of the hall. She reached out and tried to save herself but the mass moved and it was soon gone.

Her watch read 11:30 am.

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