Wedding day

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Summery:what I think Sana's and Nanaka's wedding day would be like^^

Sana pov

I walked back and forth in the room hoping this day turns out perfectly, I turned to look at Youta then my best friend and best man Shuu and worriedly said "what if... if I make a mistake or she doesn't like the ring". Shuu put his hand on my shoulder and said calmly "Sana I've known you two for years and I don't think she'll care about the ring because she loves you and you love her and as for the making a mistake in your vows just pretend (he now started whispering in my ear) as if you two are alone and naked in a room". A vain popped out of my head as I stared at Shuu and said angrily "Shuu I'm being serious and I don't have time to think about her umm" a blush came to my face and Youta raised an eyebrow and asked "her what". Shuu smirked and said merrily "well Sana here was thinking about Nanaka". (I quickly put my hand on his mouth) and said hastily still blushing "umm well what Shuu was trying to say was that I was thinking of ummm, ahh where to take Nanaka for our honeymoon, right Shuu". I removed my hand from his mouth and he simply nodded with the smirk stll on his face. Youta just nodded then said "i wonder what Hinako's doing". Shuu smirked even more and said "kido when are you gona ask her out, hehe I know you've been starring at her". Youta blushed then said "I...I don't stare at her". I said happily " Youta why don't you see how the girls are doing". I smiled and calmed down remembering when we fell in love.

Nanaka pov

I stared at Aoi, Asami, Yuzuki, Hinkao and Shuri my Maid of honour and said worriedly "Shuri what do I do my hair looks a mess and what if..if the dress makes me look fat or if I mess up the vows and what if he says he doesn't love me". Shuri said energeticly "He does love you I can see it in his eyes and another thing your not fat, nor is your hair a mess, finally as for the making a mistake in your vows just pretend (she now started whispering in my ear) as if you two are alone and naked in a room". I blushed madly and said quietly " and S...Sana". Aoi immediately understood what Shuri whispered to me but Hinako innocently asked "you and Sana what". Aoi quickly said (flailing her arms up and down) "she's umm wondering what the guys are doing... would you mind checking on them, I know you have a crush on Youta". Hinako blushed and said quietly knowing we woulden't believe her if she lied "yea, but I dont know what he thinks of me". I walked up to her and put my hand on her head and said happily "you should ask him out I noticed how you look at each other when you think no one is looking". She blushed more and we heard a chap on the door and Youta said loudly "umm Sana told me to come check how you were all doing". Hinako opened the door he stared at her and then he said quietly whilst blushing "beautiful". When he realises she heard him, he left the room and she followed after and I calmed down remembering when we fell In love.

10 minutes later

Normal pov

The Priest said happily "you may now kiss the bride "

Sana moved the veil off of Nanaka's face and pulled her into a deep loving kiss all of the people in attendance cheered and congratulated the married couple everyone smiled. Nanaka and Sana noticed the young couple (Hinako + Youta) at the back of the room kissing each other delicately. Sana and Nanaka held each other closer as they walked out of the church hand in hand they both said "you know Hinako + Youta make a cute couple". They both laughed then kissed once again as they reached their car.


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