Wheeeee! My first Hetalia fanfic! :D
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"Here's to ten years," said Germany, raising his glass.

"Ten years," Spain repeated, mirroring the motion. The wine glasses clinked together and their contents were downed by the two men. "I can't believe we've both been married for ten years now!" He grinned, and a faraway look appeared in his eyes. "Ah, Lovi… Why aren't you here tonight with us? Such a selfish boy…"

"I could say the same about Feliciano," Germany muttered. The Italy brothers had forsaken their tenth anniversary celebrations in favor of a nice, quiet night at their old house. Germany and Spain were sitting on the veranda of Germany's house, sipping wine and gazing at the clear night sky. "But I suppose it's okay to go back sometimes and just reminisce. They haven't been together like that since the marriage."

"On this day, ten years ago," Spain added with a sigh. "Time passes so quickly." Suddenly an idea popped into his head, and he smirked. "Say, Germany, have you ever thought about having kids?"

Germany nearly choked on his wine. The thick, cloying smell went up his nose, sending tingles through his sinuses and making him cough even more. "W-WHAT?"

Spain laughed. "Oh come on, don't act like you've never thought about it before! Feliciano is so cute and caring, he would make a wonderful mother! And I'm sure you've seen the way he looks so wistfully at babies and children—he probably wants one of his own! Hey, you'll grant him that wish, won't you?" He nudged Germany, winking.

Germany cleared his throat. "In case you haven't noticed, we're both men. How on earth would either of us conceive and—"

"That's easy! The power of mpreg fanfic will save the day!" Spain beamed.

Germany sighed. "Right." He refilled their glasses. "Well, what about you and Romano?"

Spain laughed sheepishly. "Lovi got mad at me the other day and now he won't let me touch him. It's probably what prompted him to drag Feliciano back to their old house today." He gave Germany an apologetic look. Germany waved his hand to gesture that no apology was needed.

"Well," said Spain, rising to his feet, "it may not be very likely to happen, but there's no harm in hoping, is there?" As he said so, a shooting star whizzed across the sky. "Ooh! Quick, Germany, let's make a wish!" He clasped his hands together in prayer. "Dear wishing star, I want Germany and Feliciano and Lovi and me to be able to start a family. Gracias! Hey, Germany, you join in too!"

Germany smiled. "No, I have a…um, bad history with shooting stars. I'll just ruin everything. Come on, it's getting cold." He accompanied Spain inside.

The shooting star laughed evilly. Here was its chance to take revenge on that stupid German for overloading his wish-granting capacity and making him crash into England's head all those decades ago.

Meh. Not much of a first chapter, and I can't promise it'll get any better, but stay tuned!