The ground shook. The cave closed around them.

" NO! The dark! You can't leave me in the dark!" Sandry's voice held sheer and utter terror. Something in Briar moved. Where he had once seen her as a snobby rich bag, now he saw a new person entirely. He had seen her unwavering resolve, her nobility, and her fright.

Silently, so the others wouldn't know, he made his way over to where Sandry's voice had come from. He found her curled up on the ground, her entire body heaving with her sobs.

He gently laid a hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down. She jumped and then relaxed a little, but she was still sobbing. He pulled her into a hug, running a hand through her hair, whispering in her ear that it would be alright.

She slowly calmed. She pulled herself together and started shooting out ideas about what they could do. Briar was still hugging her to him, not wanting to let go. It seemed that neither did she.

Suddenly Sandry seemed to have an idea. She reached into her work bag and pulled out a thread. She commanded everyone to take a lump and put something of themselves in it. Briar obeyed, pouring his heart and soul in, but being careful to bury the parts about Sandry. He didn't want the others to know that he was softening up.

They worked magic. Briar felt himself being drained, his energy flowing away. Then a bright light came from nowhere. Sandry screamed. Briar grabbed her hand, letting her know he was there.

" Thank You" she whispered to him.

" I'll always be here" he replied, knowing that he always would.