The Serpens Order

Chapter 1

The beginning of the end

Alexis Malfoy stood at platform nine and three quarters next to her twin brother Scorpius. Their parents emerged from the stone wall behind them a few seconds later. Her father was pulling both hers and Score's suitcases behind them, and her mother was rushing forward to hug them. Even though both her parents looked truly sorry to say goodbye to their kids for such a long time, Alexis couldn't help noticing how relieved they looked. She'd been really worried about them for the last months, always being uptight and her father going away on "business trips" all the frigging time. Her mother pulled her into a tight hug.

"You'll behave now won't you?" She murmured into Alexis hair.

"Mum, is she ever going to behave normally?" Scorpius snorted beside her.

"Shut up!" She hissed at her brother, but only answered her mother with a smirk and a quiet 'Don't hold your breath'

Her mother stood up to examine her two children, it was quite funny that none of them had gotten her looks. Both she and her brother had pale blonde hair, even though hers was long and wavy and her brothers short and stubby. Pale skin and the lean face and pointed nose. The biggest difference was that she had inherited her father smoky grey eyes and he their mothers blue ones. And of course, her brother was taller then she was, and a few minutes elder then her, two facts he never let her forget.

When her father put one arm around her mothers shoulders she saw his eyes fixating on something further down the platform. She followed his gaze to see a big family standing huddled together. A black haired man nodded, and she saw her father nod back in the corner of her eye before he turned away to talk to Scorpius. She however eyed the man a few more moments, before his eyes turned on her and she turned away swiftly. She knew who he was, he was Harry Potter. The man who killed Voldemort and he and her father had hated each other back when they where I the same year at Hogwarts. If he was here, that meant he had children that was going to Hogwarts to, well that wasn't going to be too fun.

"Alexis?" He fathers voice reached her ears and she snapped back to reality.

"Yeah?" She asked, and put on an innocent smile, knowing what was coming.

"Don't blow anything up" Her father laughed and pulled her into a tight hug before saying goodbye and then beckoning them onto the train. Both she and Scorpius hung out a window waving to their parents until they where out of sight. Then they tried to find some of their friends, well not Alexis friends, she'd just had to put out with them since they where her family's friends. And bickering all the way down to the train they finally found a compartment containing some of them.

Just before she was about to close the door behind her she heard a familiar voice behind her, it was Preston Flint. A bulky third year Slytherin that she hated, and he hated her just as much back. She was a little scared that he wouldn't let her be at Hogwarts, away from all adult eyes.

"Hi Alex" Estelle Zabini exclaimed and the dark haired girl pulled Alexis down beside her. The compartment was pretty crowded, next to Estella sat Ash Montague, and in front of them was Isidore Nott and now Scorpius. Score, Ash and Isidore had been best friends as long as she could remember. And she and Estelle, well they weren't close but they managed.

"Score did you know that Harry Potters son is starting this year at Hogwarts?" Isidore exclaimed, the boy was tall and scrawny with dirty blonde hair.

"Saw his family at the platform" Score answered his friend, slouching against the seat in a uncaring manor. Beside her Estelle beamed at him, and Alexis rolled her eyes.

"Bet his a prat" Ash said, leaning against the wall beside the window. He had a slight sunburn and his brown hair was ruffled. As usual he was wearing his trademark smirk, and blinked at Alexis once when her brother didn't see. She pouted back at him.

"Don't be so judging" She frowned at the others, and they all laughed at her.

"Score, I am pretty sure your sister won't be in slytherin" Ash noted.

"I bet one galleon that she's in Hufflepuff" Isidore joined in.

"Nah, Ravenclaw" Estella laughed and poked Alexis in the side.

"Don't you guys now my sister at all? Especially you Ash, she's the closest a person can get to the devil himself. She's devious enough to be in slytherin alright"

"Hey! I'm not devious" She exclaimed and reached forward to slap her brother in the back of his head. But he squirmed away and she was caught around the waist by Ash instead who pulled her back into the seat, where Estella had stolen her seat so that she could lean against the wall, so she was caught next to Ash. She frowned and smacked Ash at the arm instead.


"You're such a baby"

"You hit hard"

"No I don't"

"Shut it guys" Isidore rolled his eyes and they both sank down into the seat with grumpy faces.

The rest of the train ride and boat ride went in similar fashion, and she could feel the pain in her stomach growing when they got closer to the school. She didn't know which house she wanted to be in, she wouldn't mind getting away from the others, but Hufflepuff? She knew she wouldn't fit in there, and not Ravenclaw either. And Gryffindor, well, that would just be really really strange.

So she was practically jumping on the spot when the first years where lined up outside the great hall, and when she walked in she tried not to look at all the people. She knew that once her name had been called out in front to the entire hall, her chances of making friends outside slytherin would be impossible, people was way to judgmental.

She watched with narrowed eyes as Estelle, Ash and Isidore got sorted into slytherin. And closed her eyes as they called Scorpius name. She was well aware that the hall went suspiciously silent, and opened one eye to squint at her brother. He seemed oblivious to the attention, or he was just ignoring it. Either way he was wearing a confident smirk as he sank down on the chair and the hat was placed on his head. A few moments later the hat shouted.


The Slytherin table cheered as her brother slouched down next to a very exited Estelle, who immediately tried to engage him in conversation, but he waved her away. Apparently keeping focus on Alexis.

"Alexis Malfoy"

Well she'd officially passed the point of no return, she felt all eyes on her as she walked over to the chair and sank down reluctantly. The hat sank down over her eyes as it was placed on her head.

"Another Malfoy I see, yes yes, you would do excellent in slytherin, just like your brother. But I sense something different, the way of acting before thinking twice and a strong sense of right and wrong. And do I sense a little rebel?

She kept her eyes shut, and didn't breathe.


The hall had gone dead silent in the same moment as her heart had stopped working properly, in a dazed condition she was pushed towards the Gryffindor table, where one of the older students started clapping, and the others followed, all of them looking utterly stunned.

She didn't look anyone in the eyes as she sank down next to a tall, bronze haired boy with tanned skin. He didn't make a fuzz about trying not to stare at her. And she kept staring down at her hands.

"James Potter"

Her head shot up hearing the name, and she followed the boy with her eyes when he sunk down on the chair, he had jet black extremely unruly hair, green eyes, a slight sunburn and was wearing a similar look that her brother had done.


The table broke into applause and cheers, she clapped her hands too reluctantly, and her eyes widened when he slid down in front of her, high fiving the bronze haired boy next to her.

"Great going James!" He shouted to the other boy.

"Just following your lead mate" The other boy grinned back. And then settled down the table, waving to a few people further down, then she felt his eyes fixating upon her, and then making its way over to the boy beside her. She tried to ignore them as they started to gesticulating at each other during the ceremony, glancing back at her all the time. They didn't stop until professor McGonagall held her speech, and then the food appeared before them.

Alexis eyed the food sadly, she wasn't hungry at all, this had not turned out the way she wanted, there was no way she was going to fit in here.

"Hello, my name is Megan Smith. What's yours?" The girl beside her attempted to engage her in conversation, Alexis looked at the short brown haired girl.

"Alexis Malfoy, she extended her hand and the other girl shook it happily.

"I'm muggleborn, so I don't know anyone, do you know many here? Where do you come from? Are your family wizards?" The girl, Megan spoke very quickly but yet keeping her exited smile on. Well at least that explained why she wasn't giving her odd locks like the others around her. She didn't know about her family since she was muggleborn.

"Well, hum… my family are wizards, and well I kinda know some people, none in this house though" She said smiling, choosing her words carefully as she felt the others watching here, especially the dark haired boy James in front of her.

"Oh great, then I'm not the only one" She said happily, and turned to the girl in front of her, who also had been looking at Alexis.

"You then?" Megan asked pointedly and with a broad smile.

"Courtney Wood" The girl smiled and extended her hand to the other girl. And Megan turned her eyes on to the dark haired boy.

"I'm James Potter" He grinned and also shook hands with her. While Courtney's eyes darted between Alexis and James.

"And I'm Fred Weasley" The bronze haired boy beside Alexis said. And she felt like flopping of her chair. Was she surrounded by people who hated her name?

Courtney's eyes widened even more, and Alexis could practically see the wheels in her head spinning.

James on the other hand seemed to look between her and Megan, who had now engaged Alexis in a conversation about when she first found out she was a witch. After ignoring the stares she finally got enough after a while.

"Stop staring at me will you!" She hissed at the boy. Who narrowed his eyes.

"I'm not staring"

"Yes you are"

"Well, just making sure you wont jump the muggleborn any moment" He answered fiercely. And she felt her eyes widen.

"You think my family is judgmental? Look at yourself" She spat back.

"Ey mate, cool it down" The boy next to her, Fred said.

"But she…"

"She's in Gryffindor, she can't be all bad" Fred said, giving her a slight smile, she smiled back gratefully. "And she hasn't tried to kill her yet, even if she babbles worse then grandma Molly" He whispered to the other boy, who snorted.

"What?" She said looking confused, before realizing who it was sitting beside her.

"Your dad is George Weasley?" She asked.

"Yep, any problem?" He answered cocking an eyebrow.

"No, just that I love his store, Weasleys wizard wheezes, use his products on my brother all the time" She grinned at the thought of her brothers tongue growing into the size of a pineapple.

"Really?" Both boys looked surprised.


"You don't look like the type"

"Well you don't know me do you?" She retorted.

"Well…" They didn't seem to have a good answer to that so both boys shrugged their shoulders and returned to their food. And she knew she'd won the argument. Smiling she also began eating, feeling a little better then before.

"Hey Malfoy" She almost dropped her fork when she hard Preston Flint's voice behind her. She swallowed once before putting on a bored expression and turned around.

"Why Flint, Why? You just made me loose my appetite" She snarled, knowing she was going to pay for it later. And right she was, his expression faded into anger and he seemed to have to contain himself not to jump her right there and then.

"Well, At least I didn't dishonor my family by being sorted into Gryffindor" He hissed through gritted teeth and leaned forward hovering over her in a threatening way. She had to keep herself from gulping loudly. He was big.

"You manage that fine only by existing" She snapped back.

"You…" He started but stopped talking as an older students came up behind him.

"Beat it Flint" A guy, maybe a seventh year said, he had dark blue tousled hair, lean, but she could se he wasn't to mess with.

"Lupin" Preston muttered as he went past him, sending Alexis an angry glance before turning his back on her.

"Hey Teddy!" James exclaimed from behind her to the older guy.

"Hi James, Fred" The guy nodded towards the boys and then turned his gaze on her and extending his hand.

"Ted Lupin, I'm one of the Gryffindor prefects, just wanted to tell you that you're smart to stay away from Flint, he likes to make trouble"

"Alexis Malfoy" She answered "And I know" She managed a slight smile.

"Oh" The guy seemed to understand. And for once she didn't get the usual glance like she got when people heard her name.

"Well then, James, your mum told me to keep an eye on you, and Fred, your mum told me to keep an eye on you, even though your father seemed to think it would be unnecessarily" Ted smirked at the two boys, that both went slightly red but still grinned back.

"No worried Teddy, you know us" James grinned.

"Unfortunately" Ted answered and walked away shaking his head.

She suppressed a laugh and kept eating, already forgetting about her encounter with Flint.

"What's with you and that guy?" Megan asked from beside her. And Alex saw James and Fred listening from the corner of her eye.

"Well, our families know each other, so we've grown up hating each other" She answered lightly.

"Oh, that can't be fun, he's like… big" Megan gave a funny expression that caused Alexis into laughter.

"And dumb" She said "One time this summer I pushed him off his broom and into a lake, I think he still hates me for that" Alexis finished slightly worried. Megan laughed, probably imaging the big guy splashing into the water.

"Totally worth a week of being grounded" Alexis smiled. "But of course I am grounded most of the time" She narrowed her eyes in a thinking pose.

"Know the feeling" Fred grunted from beside her, making James snort in laughter.

"No kidding mate!"

Later that night Alexis was happier then she'd been in a long time. She shared room with both Megan and Courtney, and another girl, who had first been acting very coldly around her. But accepting her fast when Courtney had said that she was okay and seen she was already close friends with Megan. And she felt strangely…okay when she fell asleep to Megan's silent snores.

The next morning she made her way down to breakfast together with Megan and Courtney. She and Courtney in a deep conversation about flying, witch they had tried to explain to a very bewildered Megan the night before. They slouched down at the table where James, Fred and two other boys in their first year she'd gotten to know last night, Brian Finnigan and Aaron White.

Beside her Fred made a gagging noise and James followed his gaze and wrinkled his nose.

"Do they have to do that in public?" He said, with a lightly disgusted voice. And Alexis saw Ted Lupin standing by the door, snogging a gorgeous girl with golden blonde hair.

"Naaw" All the girls exclaimed while the guys looked horrified.

"No, that's our cousin" Fred waved his hand dismissively at the couple.

"Which one of them?"

"The girl, that's Victorie, she's also a seventh year. Teddy's a friend of the family" James explained.

"Oh" Alexis smiled.

"Nooo! We've got Flying and Potions with the slytherin!" Fred exclaimed from beside her and then sent her an glance. She looked down at her schedule.

"I've got Charms with them too" She stated, not really caring. Since she knew many of them. Charms was the only lesson she didn't have with the rest of the group.

"I've got Astronomy with them too" James frowned, and Brian said that he too had that.

"Is flying really safe?" Megan asked worriedly from beside her.

"You'll do great, we have our first lesson today" She patted her friend on the shoulder.

"We should get going to Transfiguration" Courtney said and picked up her school bag, swinging it over her shoulder. They all followed her and walked up towards the class, walking last in line she waved absent mindedly towards the slytherin table where she saw Estelle and Scorpius.

Transfiguration was great, but boring. Next up was charms, where she finally had some time to talk with Estelle, as they sat next to each other. Ash kept bugging her the whole lesson about her being a friends with James and Fred so Isidore had to kick him under the bench to make him shut up as the teacher walked by. Making Ash scowl at him for the rest of the lesson. Alexis was slightly worried about the fact that Scorpius and James where having Astronomy together now, she was rather sure that they would not get along very well.

After lunch they where having their first flying lesson, and she wasn't nervous at all, since she already had her own broom and was an excellent flyer. But sadly enough, first years weren't allowed to ride their own brooms during the lesson, so they had to use the school's brooms. And by just taking a look at the old things she could tell they where bad.

Her suspicions was proven right when she saw James and Scorpius scowl at each other the moment they entered the pitch. She felt a bit unsure, standing between Fred and James, she looked over at Megan who was eyeing the broom with great fright, and leaned over to Fred.

"Keep an eye on Megan can you?"

"Sure" Fred grinned and walked over to help Megan. Alexis made her way over to her brother. But didn't have time to talk to him before the teacher arrived and started shouting out instructions. In the end of the lesson when some of them where allowed up in the air, she zoomed up next to Scorpius.

"What did you do?"

"What do you mean?"

"To James?"

"Oh him, why do you hang with him anyway? Its just stupid!" He stopped suddenly, hovering in the air.

"Why?" She sighed.

"Its just the way he has that smug look on his ugly face, like he thinks he owns the world. Okay his father killed you know who, but he is just a nobody." Score glanced up to where James where doing a loop in the air.

"Look at him showing off!" Scorpius snapped.


"Look I don't like him okay!" He brother zoomed off to Ash. Alexis couldn't help but think that he did have a point, James did act like he knew more and better then everyone else. But he was still a nice person, even if he could be a bit of a showoff. She frowned as Scorpius "accidentally" knocked into James broom and how James hit him back when the teacher looked away. Both the boys departed from each other scowling. She ignored them and flew down to Megan, who was hovering unsteadily on her broom not far from the ground. Glancing over at some of the other Slytherin's, who where sniggering at her behind the teachers back. Alexis scowled at them, she knew that James could handle her brother. But Megan was not up for the accusing and teasing stares from the other Slytherin's. She turned her broom so that she blocked their view, and helped Megan through the rest of the class.

The whole first month seemed to go by in a similar manner, she and Scorpius didn't talk much, not that she was really surprised about that, they never had much in common anyway. She found herself rather found of both James and Fred, since they shared the same sense of pranks and didn't have anything against breaking the rules. But there was one cloud on her rather clear sky, and that was Preston Flint, and he was in fact in this second closing up behind her in the otherwise empty corridor. She cried out when he caught her arm in a strong grip and pressed her up against the stone wall.

"Get off me you creep" She cried and tried to push him away from her. But the guy was both older and bigger and she didn't have much of a chance against him.

"You are a blood traitor you know that don't you?" Preston leaned closer and pushed her harder into the wall.

"Don't be stupid, no one cares about that anymore" She exclaimed to the boy, knowing that was not entirely true.

"You have know idea do you? My father tells me everything, to make sure I'm prepared. Maybe your parents don't care enough, wouldn't surprise me, a Malfoy in Gryffindor, what a disgrace to your family" He hissed menacingly.

"What are you talking about Flint?" She hissed back with a shaky voice, still pushing him away with all her might. Starting to feel scared by now.

"Feeling scared now aren't you? without Potter or Weasley to protect you?" He grinned meanly "I'm talking about a new era stupid girl, my dad says that the dark is rising again. And that we'd better join in before its too late"

She stopped struggling, was he mental? Yes, he had to be mental.

"Are you scared of two first year boys?" She taunted him instead, knowing that wasn't a smart thing to do, but being a Malfoy she didn't do the smart thing very often. And she wasn't going to just let him bully her into begging him to let go that easily. Even if her shoulders and throat where beginning to hurt badly and probably would bruise.

"I'm not scared" He slammed her into the wall again, making her head spin, but she felt his grip loosen, and wrenched out of his grip before he had time to react. But before she was out of reach he caught her arm again, gripping it tightly, she turned around and placed one well aimed hit right on his nose. And he tipped backwards in astonishment, clutching his nose.

"You damn Malfoys…" Before she had time do duck or sprint away he had hit her right across the face. She stumbled back in shock rather then pain, clutching her cheek in a similar way he was clutching his nose.

"You mudblood lover" He gritted his teeth, staring at her angrily. She took the opportunity to snatch her bag that she had dropped in the commotion and hauled it up over her shoulder.

"Stay away from me!" She shouted while she sprinted down the corridor, away from Flint. She was already late to class, but she didn't care, tears begun floating down her cheeks in a steady phase, she couldn't stop it even if she wanted to. Her mind was spinning, what did he mean by the dark is rising? Voldemort had been killed, Harry Potter had killed him! She darted into one of the girls bathrooms, praying it would be empty. She dropped her bag on the floor and splashed some water in her face, trying to cover up the fact that she'd been crying. She didn't cry, it was just something she didn't do. She turned her head to the side and stared at her face in horror, a bruise was already creeping up her cheek. And looking at her shoulder it was also starting to bruise, just like her arm where he'd caught her. She combed her hair out over her face to cover it up, and rolled down the sleeves of her robes. She couldn't tell anyone, then Flint would think she was a tattler and the one she told would also be in danger. She just had to avoid him, apparently he didn't seem to dare to do anything as long as she had company, and she was growing closer to James and Fred day by day. She spun around when the door opened behind her, and scooped up her bag as a Hufflepuff girl gave her an odd glance, and swooped past her at the way out. She hurried to her charm class, and sank down next to Estelle in the back of the classroom, and murmured a quick sorry to the teacher who took five points from Gryffindor for being late. She tried not to show how distressed she felt and looked down at the bench for the rest of the lesson until Estelle sent her a note.

What's up with you? - E

Nothing, got caught up - A

She scribbled back hastily and threw Estelle an reassuring smile. She didn't push the matter, probably didn't really care enough.

On the way out Ash ran up beside her, lounging one arm around her shoulders, an annoying habit he'd started since they started school. She peered up at him, not bothering to shove off his arm any more.

"What do you want Ash?" She cocked her eyebrow at him and he grinned.

"Can't a guy talk to his favorite girl?" He exclaimed and waved his free hand in the air, sounding very melodramatic.

"Ehm… no" She answered, keeping her hair down in front of her face.

"Why where you late?" He had stopped in his tracks now, looking more serious.

"Well, that's really none of your business is there?" She snapped and pushed his arm off, and storming up the stairs to the Gryffindor tower, she went straight through the common room without looking around. And fell down on her bed in the dormitory.

That's where Megan found her some hours later.

"There you are, we've been looking all over for you" She exclaimed while bouncing down next to Alexis.

"Here I am" She muttered back darkly.

"I think James and Fred are a bit worried about you…"

"Hm" Megan turned to look at her, and suddenly yelped in surprise.

"Your face!"

Alexis brought one hand up to shield her side, forgetting that the bruise was there, but wincing in pain when she touched it.

"I…I went into a door" She lied to the other girl. Megan made a face showing that she didn't believe that at all, but still letting it go. She could be pretty tactful sometimes that girl.

"You don't want to talk about it?"


"You know that the rest will ask questions, and Fred and James won't let it go"

"I know, I'm planning to stay up here for the next days" She muttered. And Megan rolled her eyes.

"Don't be stupid, just put some makeup on it" Megan crawled off the bed and went to fetch something in her bag.

"Do you think it ill work?" Alexis asked wearily as she joined the other girl in the bathroom.

"Sure, stand still" Megan placed out the makeup, and Alexis tried not to twitch in pain. This way she didn't have to face all the questions.

"Thanks" She said softly when Megan was done covering up her bruise.

"No worries, but I still reckon you should tell someone"

Alexis waved her off, when Courtney entered the room.

"Alex! Where have you been?"

"Here" She even managed a smile.

"Well, its dinner time, come on" The two girls followed Courtney down the stairs to the common room.

"Oi, Alex!" Fred shouted from an armchair and jumped of hurrying up next to her and swung an arm around her shoulder. "Where have you been?"

"Got an headache" She lied, and sent Megan a warning glance. Before James appeared on her other side and the five of them went down to the great hall.

When she entered she looked over t the Slytherin table immediately, where Preston was staring back at her with hate in his eyes. His nose was bruised, and he hadn't tried to cover it up.

"What happened to him?" James narrowed his eyes beside her, sending the older student a glance.

"Probably gotten into fight, he deserves it though" Fred stated. But Alexis didn't answer, in front of her Megan had overheard the conversation and looked over at Preston too. And she could see the other girl putting two and two together until the look of realization hit her face. And she stared at Alexis, who shook her head violently to the shorter girl. Who frowned but kept her mouth shut.

The next day it was Saturday, but she went up before the other girls anyway, to put on some more makeup to hide the now larger and darker bruise. She didn't want anyone else to find out. She dressed in a long armed black jersey, to cover her arms. And took up her History of Magic book, and went down to the common room to study for the upcoming test. She knew that the moment Fred and James joined her, not much work would be done.

Sitting by the fire in the empty common room was actually kind of nice, but she didn't read much, it was way too boring. When Megan and Courtney came down later she joined them for breakfast.

"Don't they ever wake up!" She exclaimed to her friends as she waited for Fred and James. Who where supposed to meet her to go to the library and study.

"Nah, they don't really" Brian grinned from beside Courtney, who beamed at him. Megan and Alexis shared a knowing glance, that Aaron picked up on and laughed at the girls. And when Brian turned to his friend he only dunked him in the back, leaving Brian with a confused look on his face.

Then she heard two familiar voices coming through the door, bickering the cousins made their way over to the table, thumping down beside them. Since this was normal behavior from the James and Fred nobody asked what they where arguing about, and the moment they started eating, they seemed to have forgotten that they where in an argument.

"Are you done soon?" She frowned at them, and Fred answered by chewing extra loudly, making a point that food was always most important. Megan beside him sent him a slightly disgusted look, before she and Courtney left the table with Brian and Aaron.

"C'mon" She frowned "The test is tomorrow, we got to study"

"You sound like aunt Hermione" Fred grunted but did stand up from the table. And she hurried the boys up the stairs to the library where she finally sank down into one of the chairs. With a lump of books in front of her.

"Oh joy" She muttered sarcastically and rolled up her sleeves to pick one up. She didn't notice that James eyes had suddenly fixated upon her arm. And she was surprised when he suddenly grasped it, and didn't have the time to withdraw it before he turned it over to reveal the dark bruise.

"Alexis, what the hell is that?" He asked with a stony expression, and Fred's eyes widened in horror when he leaned over to look at it.

"Its nothing, I fell the other day" She said, and tucked her jersey down over her arm that James now had released.

"You don't get a bruise like that from falling" Fred pressed, snatching the book away from her when she attempted to start reading.

"Who did this to you?" James asked sternly, not taking his eyes off her.

"No one! I told you" She snapped angrily.

"You're lying" James was looking utterly flustered and Fred was matching his expression.

"Its none of your business" She hissed, gathered her things and fled out of the room.

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