This story just reached 333 reviews, which I think is kind of cool and thought I'd take the opportunity to update this authors note.

I've started a new story, it's not going to be as long as this one and it's slightly… darker. More passion and more secrets. Only this time, I thought I'd write from Victoire Weasley's point of view, I've never actually liked her but somehow I found her interesting. Point being, she's not an entirely good person, which makes the story so much more interesting.

Okay, so it's about Victoire, and how she witnesses something at the beginning of her sixth year, it brings her into a dark secret. It all gets out of hand when someone is killed, killed because of her.

But she's not the only one with secrets, Teddy, who's always been her best friend and always stayed by her side, he suddenly withdraws. She doesn't understand why, angry with him, she might push him to the limit.

I don't even know how its going to end. (As usual when I'm writing a story.)

Okay now I'm done advertising my own story, well, almost. It's called Beyond Salvation and I think that if you like this one, you'll like that one too.

Now I'm done.