A/N: Written when I was about fourteen years-old after reading Don't Die, My Love.

I remember you on nights like this.

The world is sleeping,

the Sandman's kiss.

I remember you when in quiet, at dawn.

When I feel like I am moving on.

And it breaks my heart, because I

leave you behind.

But I promise, you're always on my mind.

I see you in the morning light.

As strongly as I did in the dead of night.

You're in my heart, you're on my mind.

You're never ever hard to find.

I remember you in every flower.

In every second, on the hour.

In every breath, in every sigh.

In every teardrop passing by.

Every time I fall asleep,

I remember you and slowly weep.

Drenching you in salty tears,

begging for those long gone years.

I remember you on silent bleachers.

The way you felt, your facial features.

I remember you in times like this.

Whenever I breathe, I reminisce.