This was written after I finished reading 'Always and Forever' many years ago. Reposting it under my new account.

There is a lonely path I've walked,
Laying there the tears I've cried.
Remembering you my dearest friend
Wishing you had never died.

I never had a single moment,
Where I thought you wouldn't be.
I never imagined a future without you,
I always pictured you right beside me.

I've watched the clock as it leaves you behind,
I've watched the world as it slowly forgets,
I've felt you slipping away from me
Sinking into the past as the sun slowly sets.

Sometimes I forget your voice,
And your beautiful laugh,
Like a golden heart that's been broken,
And somehow lost the other half.

I don't know where to find you
You said you'd always be there
You weren't supposed to leave me
Without the other half my heart cant

Sometimes I can feel you
And sometimes you are gone
Like the shore in the summer,
The sand still warm from where the sun has shone.

At the end of the path in this garden of stone
Where I left you in darkness
In the ground all alone.

I sit and I talk to you
But you never answer
It's eating me up, like I've made house
For your cancer.

I'm sorry you can't come, with me through
No matter how much I beg, steal or borrow.
Of all the things I have bought of all the things
That I own,
I would give it all up to erase that crumbling stone.

So that you could be here, so that I could be there,
I'd give it all up for a moment, I swear.
Its feels like I'm broken,
It feels so damn cold,
These words left unspoken
Your story untold.

Now I walk back down the path
And the strength I can't find,
To hold back the tears as I leave you behind.