I feel like I need an explanation, because things spiraled into craziness too quickly and I really couldn't have stopped it all if I had wanted to. So this is my memoir; the story for the hurt or the betrayed, the cheated on, and the vengeful young lady that's just like you. This is my first hand account.

I'm not sure where to begin, because I could begin in a lot of places, maybe I should start with saying I had known him since elementary school, or that I trusted him and knew him well. But maybe those two go hand in hand. I mean I never ever ever ever expected Sai to cheat on me, that just wasn't him. He was a calm reserved guy, a rarity, he was against that sort of thing.

Then again I was probably mistaking all that from his probable indifference. He was sort of indifferent to everything, part of me feels ashamed of the relationship I was in in the first place. I mean it was Sai, one drunken kiss and a small confession of interest in one another and we sort of were expected to date. I mean best friends turned lovers, it was a common theme in literature and movies.

Why couldn't that be us?

I don't resent it so much now, after all of what has happened. Sure my life would be different, I'd experience different things and perhaps be happy, in a different way, in a safer more content way.

Still happy none the less, satisfied with my relationship and the safety it brought. The comfort that safety truly brings.

Then again, it wasn't as safe as I thought it had been. I mean Sai cheated on me.

Yes, he cheated, and the worst part was I didn't hear it through the grape vine.

The worst part was that I saw it, with my own eyes.

My reaction to that was probably the most important part of my story, I admit now, that I was acting very rashly. But I was hurt, I was betrayed, I had my idealistic, romanticized, fairy tale mind set broken too quickly, and out of no where.

If you're a girl and you've been in the situation I'm sure you can relate.

But, I'm happy now. Happier then I was before it all. Sai really wasn't worth it in the end. He was second-best.

I needed my first-rate prince charming.

I'll explain what happened exactly, without any exaggerations, because really I don't want to make him into a monster or anything, what he did was wrong and hurtful and-whoa I should just get on with it.

Right sorry about that, I'm getting carried away.

Now it was about four in the afternoon, and I had just left Ino's house, she had been gushing over this new guy she met when she was at the mall. I'd meant to leave at five to go meet Sai for an early dinner date but Ino had gotten a phone call and I had decided it be best to split.

If I would have waited for her to finish chatting on the phone I'd have ended up late. Sai hated when people ran late, it was one of his pet peeves.

So as I was driving I debated what to do, should I go home and then have to drive all the way back out downtown through rush hour traffic, or should I just stick around? I decided I'd stop at the mall, because I had a pair of jeans in the back of my car I wanted to return anyway.

I walked into the mall and right away I spotted a couple standing together at Dido's, getting two big soft pretzels.

Not just a couple, but Sai the other half of my couple. Holding hands with a slutty red-head whose shorts were much too short. Her black framed glasses were sliding down her huge nose. They were practically sledding down that mountain, because did I mention she was ghostly pale? Like snow.

Yeah, that pale.

It was sickening, not just her looks, but the fact that Sai chose a fat, trashy cow to replace me and break my heart with.

A year and a half relationship and he had stooped so low. Of course I'm not the type of girl to jump to conclusions so quickly, for a few seconds I stood their wondering what Sai was doing with this girl. Was she a family member he had forgot to mention had come to town?

Then he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, with a kiss that you would never ever give a family member.

I pulled my phone out and dialed his number immediately. The guy standing 20 feet away from me pulled away from the girl and slipped his hand into his pocket, to bring out a cellphone. He answered.


"Sai, what are you up to?" I asked with a much too cheery tone.

"Studying in the library for that Botany test tomorrow."

"Oh of course you are. How could I forget you had a big test. Well I don't feel bad about canceling on dinner than, Ino's having some drama and she needs me there for her. You don't mind do you?"

I watched Sai as he held his phone to his ear, his other hand playing with that slut's hair. "Sure, that's fine. I guess I'll see you Thursday then?"


"I'm going out of town to visit my parents tomorrow afternoon, I'll be gone till Thursday." Oh how I doubted he was really visiting his parents at that point.

"Oh alright then. See you Thursday."

"Love you."

I hung up, still glaring at Sai and his stupid stupid lying head. I rationalized that running over there and kicking him in the balls was not at all the way to deal with the situation. Besides, Sai and his whore started walking away and I didn't want to follow them and see what they did on their little date.

What was that annoying noise? Oh, the phone was ringing. I groaned and rolled over on the couch. I'd let it ring. I didn't want to talk to anyone, anyway.

"Hello, this is Sakura Haruno. I can't get to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep!" Oh no, what if it's Sai? I did not want to hear his voice lying to me. How many times had he lied to me before? Leaving cute voice mails when he was away, when he was really with her. How many of my phone calls had he answered when he was with her? She had to know he had a girlfriend. I bet they sat around and laughed it up, making fun of my naivety and stupid stupid obliviousness.

"Sakura! Where the hell are you? You missed class today, did you know that? It was just a dumb lecture though, I took notes so you can just copy them...Seriously, where are you? I'm going to come searching for your dead body if you don't-" Ugh, just the pig.


"-answer. Hey where were you today?"

"Bawling my eyes out in my apartment."

"What? Why? What happened?" Protective mode activated.

"I went to the mall yesterday and I saw Sai, with another girl. He was kissing another girl, Ino! He's been cheating on me!" I flopped back down on the couch.

"What?" Ino shouted into the phone. "That son-of-a-bitch! Have you confronted him yet?"

"No, he's going on a trip tonight anyway. He won't be back until Thursday." I sat up on the couch and started flipping through my mail on the coffee table.

"Good! Perfect! We can figure out a good way to get revenge on him now!" I opened up the Best Buy ad.

"Ino, I don't think I could come up with something good enough. I cannot believe he would do something like this to me. I thought I knew him. I've known him since we were kids! I...I've been dating him for a year and half!" I sunk into the couch again and squeezed my eyes shut. A day full of tears was enough. I didn't need to give Sai the satisfaction of how hurt I was.

"Sakura, that's exactly why you need to get revenge on him! Key his car! Trash his apartment! Do you still have a key? Spray paint 'Cheater' on his walls! Something, woman!" Ino shrieked. I could hear her banging things around in her own apartment. Noises that sounded like cabinets opening and closing.

"Right, that's so generic." I looked down at the coffee table again and leaned forward. The movie Easy A had just come out on DVD... "Ino, I think I just got an idea. You've read The Scarlet Letter, right?"

"Ugh! That horrible book we had to read junior year? I spark-noted it. Why?"

"I have an idea..."

And then there was revenge...

Breaking and entering does not constitute and breaking and entering when you have a key and are the owner's girlfriend.

I leaned over Sai's desk with an iron and about 13 more iron-ons. The heaps of his clothes were on the floor next to me. I kept throwing each one into the pile after I had ironed on the big, red letter A. I let it cool for a minute, peeled off the transfer paper, and threw it with the others. Then went back to work on defacing another item of clothing.

Everything, pants, shirts, boxers. I even put one on the suit he had hanging up in the back of his closet.

In the Scarlet Letter, Hester had to were a red letter A on all her clothing so everyone knew she had committed adultery. I was forcing the same punishment onto Sai.

"What are you doing?"

I spun around to find a guy watching me from the doorway of Sai's bedroom. My eyes raked him up and down. Slightly taller than Sai, onyx eyes, black hair that spiked in the back and came down in bangs that framed his face. He looked a little like Sai, only more...something.

Maybe it was the dark gray shirt or the black skinny jeans. His style was definitely much different from Sai's clean cut look. Mystery boy was much more rocker.

Much sexier too.

"I'm..." I looked at the pile of clothes on the floor. "What are you doing here?" Sexy-man smirked at me.

"I live here."

I did not just come into the wrong apartment and deface someone else's property, did I? I looked around the room and remembered the key that let me in. "No, Sai lives here."

Sexy-man's chin tilted up and regarded me carefully. "Oh, right. I see." He sighed. "You're which one? Sakura?" He shook his head. I thought back and vaguely remembered Sai saying something about getting a roommate. Then my thoughts bounced to a different thought. Had Sai ever brought the red-haired cow here before? Did she have a key too?

I narrowed my eyes. "Yes, I am." He stepped into the room, slowly. His hands were shoved in the pockets of his jeans. He walked up to me and stared down at the pile of clothes.

He smirked again. "I take it you found out."


"Whoa, even the suit, huh? Remind me not to mess with you."

"Shame you can't pass that information on to Sai." I murmured.

He blinked at me and then looked me up and down. I shifted my weight from foot to foot, uncomfortable under his gaze. "If it makes a difference, I don't see why he did it."

I almost blurted out, "Neither do I." But I stopped myself when I realized the hidden meaning behind what he was saying.

Sexy-man thought I was sexy.

I laughed and crossed my arms. "Well it's a shame your friends with him or I'd make a pass at you."

"Oh no, I'm not friends with Sai. He's my cousin. In fact, I hate him." I bit my lip, another idea forming in my head and I watched his eyes flick down to my mouth and then back up to my eyes.

"That changes the situation then doesn't it?" It was my turn to smirk. I stepped forward and pressed myself against him. "What's your name?"


"Hm, Sasuke." I tilted my face up. "I like that name." Our lips melted together before I could continue.