I woke with a start. What could have possibly awakened me from such a wonderful dream? Whoever it was is going to pay for it. I slowly got out of bed and slid into my black skinny jeans jeans. "Johnny?" I tentatively called.

Johnny, Will and I all live in one house. We decided to move in together after the whole city fiasco. We decide we were going to help each other get back to our lives. I was fine until my extraordinary girl decided to dump me after an extraordinary fight. Will was still pissed and depressed about Heather leaving but he went back to normal. But lately he has been drinking more. Whatshername decided to show up on our doorstep to basically say fuck off one more time. That pissed Johnny off but I think he's fine now.

As for that damn noise that woke me? I found it when I entered the kitchen. Will was standing in front of the fridge with a broken beer bottle on the ground. He was staring at it with wide eyes. "Will.." I calmly approached him and laid my hand on his back. " Hey, Will. Man it's okay I'll clean it up."

He began to shake his head back in forth. " No, no it's not okay! I broke it and now it's on the floor!..." he trailed off and looked at the fridge. I creased my brow in confusion as he walked up to it and unzipped his pants.

He was peeing on the fridge.

I moaned in frustration. "Johnny! He's drunk again!"

Now in the past Will has gotten injured while being drunk. He has broken a beer bottle and stepped on it. He has run through a glass door. He has broken his wrist falling down the steps and all these times Johnny took care of it. That's how it works. I find him drunk and Johnny takes care of it.

I heard a very loud "oh Fuck!" from Johnny's room. About ten seconds later Johnny came practically leaping down the steps. When he's saw that Will was not screaming in pain or on the floor he slowed down."Tunny, what the he-" he saw Will peeing on the fridge. A smirk spread on his face but it soon turned into a smile. "How long has he been doing this?"

I explained everything that happened. He has never ever peed while drunk on some object that is not meant to be peed on. " He just started to pee on the fridge."

We kindly let Will finish peeing on the fridge that HE would have to clean up. When he was done, Johnny grabbed Will and spun him around. " Hey. Will, wake the fuck up okay? You are drunk. Go to sleep."

I was pissed at him. I was so pissed off at Will by this point. I had been holding it in all week. I finally let go but it probably wasn't the best thing to do while he was drunk. "Will. Look at me. This is why Heather left your sorry butt. Cause you don't care about anything but drugs and alcohol! Not your family! Not your friends! When I was in the war I didn't get one letter from you! Only from Johnny! Maybe it was good that Heather left you! To make you finally realize that you need to pay attention to the things you have and not the things you want. Heather was damn right to leave you."

Johnny was staring at me with an open mouth. He was shocked and I didn't blame him. Heck I was shocked that I said all that. Will, on the other hand, just stood there. Johnny still had his hands on his shoulders. He turned his attention to Will. "Will?..."

Will began to tremble, which meant either he was going to cry or kill me. Johnny couldn't hold Will back when he decided to jump after me. I saw stars and that was the last thing I remembered, before blacking out.