Title: Ten Crack Pairings
Words: 337
Genre: Ostensibly romance; some are arguably gen
Rating: T
Char/Pairs: Pretty much everyone, and then some.
Summary: Ten one-sentence crack pairing fics.

Note: Some are crackier than others, some are one-sided crushes, and some could be simply be friendship fics depending on how you interpret them. Also one is kinda rapey, so continue with that in mind.

This was written for one of the "winter break" prompts for Avatar 500. This option included taking ten one-word prompts from a list and writing a sentence for each.


Jun ran a finger along the bent, blackened metal prosthesis and thought that they would have made a good team—even just once.


On the morning that Hakoda and Ursa were wed, their respective sons skipped the ceremony and instead got into the dirtiest, bloodiest, no-holds-barred fistfight that they could, because actually talking about their feelings on the matter would have been unmanly.


Upon seeing the wanted poster, Jee knew exactly who this so-called "Blue Spirit" was—though he wouldn't have guessed if he hadn't already known that the prince was a master of several forms of swordsmanship.


The day that Momo discovered a particular pentapus' preference for lychee nuts was an awkward one for everyone else.


Sokka was smitten, of course, but the flash of white hair drew Katara's eyes as well, and she was surprised to find that she couldn't look away.


Jet made a show of being hurt by Katara's hostility, but when she wasn't looking, he let his eyes drift past her to an oblivious Sokka—same as all the others... the handsome ones were always uninterested.


She was the perfect spoils of war, a beautiful Southern pearl to adorn the bed of a king... except on the night of the full moon, when she was locked away behind bars and chains and three doors in the bunker beneath the royal palace, only to return when the sun was well above the horizon.


An earthbender was supposed to be brash, tough, aggressive, fearless... not a sheltered intellectual who had been taught that developing his talent was beneath his station—there was only one person who had ever offered to teach him, so Kuei headed to Gaoling to accept Toph's challenge as soon as he could manage.


Aang beamed from ear to ear when Mai devoured every last fruit pie that he made from scratch just for her.


"I thought your pigtails were silly at first, but I suppose they're tolerable... oh, there's my brother, would you like to help me bury him in the sand?"