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It was snowing outside now. There was no hope, Rukia was dead. Ichigo Kurosaki was shocked at the murder he had just witnessed. The woman he loved had just passed away; he had the feeling of being the last one on the earth.

"RUKIA! I didn't mean anything I had said to you, I am so sorry." Orihime sat on the ground crying, her head in her arms. All the regret came to her in those moments. That's when she collapsed.

Ichigo ran over to Orihime and started shouting for her to wake up. So many things were going on at that time. He had lost track of what the hollow had been up to. Ichigo turned around only to face what seemed like, to be his doom.

"You poor soul reaper. The love of your life has just been killed and anyone that was left to comfort you in your pain just passed out…Poor Ichigo." The hollow said sarcastically

"How dare you take the lives of innocent people, you are a horrible creature!" Ichigo ran up to the Hollow quickly finding out how tall he actually was compared to Ichigos height.

"Well it doesn't look like you cared that much about that pretty young soul reaper! What was her name? Sukia, Mukia, Lukia, Oh that's right RUKIA!" The hollow started laughing at his evil joke

"YOU BASTARD! I swear I WILL kill you if it's the last thing I do!"

"You shouldn't have said that, look you have made me mad! You do certainly look like a tasty treat!"

-Ichigo and the hungry hollow continue fighting-

-5 minutes elapse-

Kon looks over from the corner of the street, where he has been hiding. He looks to see Orihime laying on the ground very still…Ichigo and that maniac hollow still fighting, and Rukia swiftly walking over to him.

"RUKIA!I thought you were dead!" Kon said loudly, but so only Rukia could hear

"Kon be quiet. They don't know I am still alive." Rukia whispered

Rukia walked to the corner of the street and went around so she could not be seen. Kon was still around the corner looking at all of the commotion. Rukia grabbed Kon's neck and dragged him behind the corner.

"You idiot! What are you going to do if that hollow sees you and comes over to find that he now has another tasty treat! Don't be stupid!" Rukia lectured

"Yes your hine-ASS!" Kon sassed

"Now Kon, is that any way to speak to a lady?"

"No mad-DAMN!"

"Oh just shut your trap before he find us!"

-5 more minutes go by-

The hollow quickly spares a bit of time between his fight with Ichigo to look over to see that the beautiful soul reaper, is no longer at her resting (death) spot.

"WHAT THE HELL! Where is that stupid soul reaper?" The hollow announces surprised that he didn't kill her after all.

Ichigo just stands looking surprised. The hollow suddenly spot something moving behind the corner of the street a few yards away. Meanwhile Rukia and kon are scheming up a plan. It was too late; the hollow was right beside them grinning evilly.

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