Hey guys! Sorry, I bet this isn't the update you've been waiting for. I have something to share with you and I just couldn't wait till I posted the next installment of this story (which, fear not, is coming. I know it's been a month since I last updated but I'll be sure to have the next chapter out soon).

For the last few months (like, since November) my friend and beta joker to the thief and I have been collaborating on a puckrachel drabble meme prompt fill and we just posted it here on FF . net. It's basically a role reversal kind of story, with Rachel being the residents badass, queen of all things fabulous and evil, and Noah being the misunderstood, artsy loser. I know there are some similar stories out there, but trust me here, you don't wanna miss ours. We did (and continue to do) some serious work on it. We worked the characters backgrounds before we even started to write, we painstakingly selected the songs we'll feature, we have an extremely detailed timeline (six. pages. long.). Everything that goes into this fic, we've discussed endlessly until we're both positive it's perfect. Each of us writes a chapter or a particular scene, send it to the other for additional editing, and then back again for the final touches. It's a lot of work but I'd never have so much fun writing and I'd really appreciate it if you guys give it a shot. I promise you will not be disappointed :)

So look us up! We're the joker and the queen and our fic 'the planets bend between us' is out there and waiting for you!