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Chapter 1

Maka Albarn was known to be kind, smart, and brave.

Generous and clever, Maka seemed to get the best out of all situations, making her a highly respected person. Despite this, Maka was somewhat of an anti-social person, preferring to spend summer afternoons reading. She tended to be bored with her life, and didn't appear to be interested in romance.

Maka seemed to be the only person who actually tried while doing things in all of Death City. Others were too carefree. She wondered why people didn't or couldn't take things seriously.

Maka sat down on her couch, and listened to music from her I-pod. She liked listening to dark music, which didn't mirror her personality.

Bored with listening to the same music everyday, Maka decided she would buy a new book, not considering the amount of books she had already.

Groaning, she got off her feet and looked outside to see the weather; sunny. Maka was not deceived; the weather in Death City tended to change frequently, so she brought a sweater in case of weather change.

Yawning, Maka's cat Blair noticed Maka beginning to leave. "Maka, where are you going nya~?" The cat mewed drowsily.

"I'm going to buy a book. Have nothing to read," Maka replied impatiently.

Blair tilted her head in confusion. "What about that book you just bought?"

"I read it."

"Already? You just got it like three days ago!"

"That's enough time for me to finish it."

Blair stared at Maka. Shrugging, she replied, "Okay, Maka-chan. Have fun," She muttered quietly.

Maka sighed. Bringing her purse, Maka began walking to the nearest bookstore.

Blair watched Maka leave. "Maka is so anti-social…" She murmured.…

Maka entered the bookstore softly, as they were similar to libraries.

"Good morning, Maka!" said the cashier, Kim. Due to Maka's considerable amount of visits to bookstores she made, Kim remembered Maka's name and the two became friends.

"Hi, Kim," Maka replied.

"I suppose you're here to buy another book, right?"

"…Yeah, I guess. I have nothing else to do, anyway."

Kim smiled at her. "If you don't mind, can I recommend a book for you?


Kim's grin widened. "Here you go." She said, handing a book to Maka. The title read, The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. Maka had heard of the book, but never bothered to buy it.

"It's a pretty good book," Kim suggested. "I think you'll like it."

Maka smiled. "Thanks, Kim. I think I will." She was happy that Kim helped her find books. Maka often spent of couple hours searching for books, but when Kim recommended a book, she was positive it was a good story.

Kim giggled. "Okay, then. You want to buy it?" The obvious answer came.


Kim checked its price on the cashier. "All right…. It's $16.00." Maka scanned through her purse, searching for money. Eventually, she found a 20 dollar bill.

"You got change?" Maka asked.


Maka handed Kim the money, and received the book. "Bye, Kim," She said, as she began to leave the store.

"Bye, Maka!" Said Kim brightly.


Maka started walking home, looking at her book once more. "The Last Song," she muttered. "Sounds like a romantic book." She said bitterly.

Maka strongly disliked reading novels about a romance, due to her father's womanizing ways. He was unable to keep one relationship for a long period of time, and thus, resulting in her parent's divorce. It took them long enough. She thought miserably. I have no idea why women are attracted to him. He's just a stupid player.

Pushing the thought away, she glanced at the book once more. I'll probably read it anyway. I told Kim I would.

Maka glanced up from her book and noticed her location. It had a huge amount of alleys, like how most of Death City consists of, but something didn't seem right. It didn't appear familiar.

She groaned in annoyance. How can I be so goddamn stupid? She berated herself. Now I'm lost. Sighing, she figured it'd be best to search for help rather than just stand there and think rude things about her self.

Looking around, she began to notice there wasn't anyone near her. It was empty, like an abandoned or forbidden area. Maybe it really was a forbidden area. Shuddering, she decided to find directions quickly.

Maka looked around for a bit, but was unable to find anyone who didn't seem suspicious. Sighing, she decided to turn back from where she came from.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm. Maka turned her head around. "Huh-"

She froze as she felt a gun pointed at her head and hands covering her eyes. She trembled in shock.

"Give me your purse," a harsh raspy voice whispered into her ears. Maka was unsure of how to react. If she made a sudden movement, she'd be screwed. She slowly reached for her purse, which was safely inside of her jacket sleeve.

"Hurry up," the man demanded harshly, clicking his gun. Maka continued going on slowly, but sped up somewhat. Maka suddenly decided not for him to steal her purse; either way, the man would probably kill her nonetheless. She slowly headed for her new book instead.

"Maka…." She murmured quietly. "What?" The man rasped.

"CHOP!" She exclaimed, hitting the man on the head with her book, with her full strength. The man stumbled down onto his feet, dropping the gun in the process. Maka began to sprint away, into the nearest alley.

"Damn it," The man cursed. He began walking away, while Maka hid under the shadows, panting heavily.

"Shit," She cursed. "I thought I was screwed." Muttering, she decided to continue walking down the alley. About to take a step, she heard someone cough. Alarmed, she turned toward the direction where she heard it.

"Who's there?" She demanded. At this point, she had lost her patience with the stalkers. It was already dark, and she simply wanted to return to her apartment. She couldn't quite determine who was there, as it was incredibly dark.

The voice chuckled darkly, making Maka uneasy. "No one's here. Now go away." The voice spat.

Maka began adjusting to the dark, and started walking towards the person. "I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what you're doing here." She replied angrily. "It's annoying, being stal—

She stopped walking abruptly, noticing the figure of the person more clearly now. It was a male, who looked around her age. He was covered in blood, and more flowing from him.

He chuckled darkly. "Don't like what you see, eh?" He murmured. Maka attempted not to stare, but it was impossible to turn away. The sight of it was terrifying and awkward. He looked extremely injured.

"Jesus—what happened to you!" She exclaimed in sheer horror, rushing over to his side.

The boy grimaced. "Go away. This isn't your concern." He growled.

"It is now," Maka retorted.

"Just go away. Or they'll get you too-"

The boy collapsed onto her lap. Maka's eyes widened, and she began to panic. What would she do? She didn't have anything here right now to heal him. Looking down at him, she noticed he was probably going to die if he didn't get any help soon.

Maka took off her jacket and wrapped it around his stomach in an attempt to stop the bleeding. It helped, only somewhat.

Her medical supplies were only at her house. She'd have to go there in order to-

No. No. She was not going to drag this person to her house. She didn't even know him. Maybe he was apart of a gang. He'd kill her if he got the chance, probably.

She flashed another glance at him. She felt sorrowful looking at him. He didn't seem harmful, but it was difficult to tell much about him, due to the darkness and blood covering his body.

Noticing a headband on him, she examined it carefully, seeing some words inscribed onto it. "So..ul. Soul." She exclaimed out loud. That's his name, probably.

Sighing heavily, she lifted up him and put his arm around her shoulder, carrying him. Looking around for a clue to find her apartment, she noticed a sign that said clearly, " Maple Drive" and realized that 6 blocks away, was her apartment. Maka groaned.

Well, Soul, you should thank me for being so nice.


1. I've never read The Last Song. I've seen the movie, though, so I decided to use it as Maka's new book. I also decided to make Maka use it as her weapon for 'Maka Chop' 8D

2. 'Maple Drive' is just some random title I used. Don't think that I live there. :D

Well, yeah. I'm probably gonna finish this, but IDK. 8D I do have inspiration for what's gonna happen next tho 8P

Also, Maka and Soul in this are like, 17 – 18 years old. (Haven't decided on either one of those yet XD) So I wouldn't say Maka still has a flat chest. LMAO

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