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Chapter 2

Maka continued dragging Soul to her home. It was extremely unpleasant for her, and she vowed she'd give him a lecture on how nice she was to do this all for him. Remembering how Soul said not to help him, she wondered why. Perhaps he was too proud of himself, and didn't want help from a girl.

Shrugging, she continued walking with Soul's arm over her shoulder.

Eventually, Maka found herself in front of her apartment. "Crap, Soul. You got blood all over me…" She pouted faintly. Soul grunted. Maka sighed. "We'd better get inside…"

Soul mumbled softly, remembering how that girl wanted to help him. What could that stupid girl possibly understand? She didn't know anything about him, and he didn't know anything about her in return. So why would she attempt to help him?

This is so not cool…I can't even wake up and see if I'm okay. I feel okay, though.

He remembered what happened before the girl came across him….How he was brutally beaten….

Soul jolted out of his sleep, panting heavily. He came to realization how the pain was gone, and sighed, rubbing the back of his head. The experience is over...

His eyes began to widen at his location. He looked around, noticing that he was in a bed, in an unfamiliar room.

What the hell… Where am I?

Soul frowned. It was as if the whole experience with the injuries was a dream, or something. It wasn't cool at all.

Noticing how he felt no pain, he examined his body. He saw all his wounds were wrapped with bandages neatly. Even the large injury on his stomach was healed. All his clothes were changed—before, he was wearing a leather jacket and an orange T-shirt, with light brown pants, and a black headband with his name imprinted on it. Now, he was wearing a plain white shirt and blue shorts.

Soul narrowed his eyes. The room he was in was faded pink, and it was somewhat small. There was a round desk and several posters of actresses and actors. It was like a girl's room—


Hell no.

Did that mean that the stupid girl saved him?

Soul groaned. It was embarrassing to know that a girl who was somewhat petite decided to drag a stranger to her home. Why did she, though? Most girls would be terrified at the sight of a severely injured person. Yet, the girl didn't really seem afraid.

Soul felt unease jab at him. The girl was now involved in what happened to him. Now she'd probably face the consequences he did. Guilt flushed over him, but he attempted to shove it away.

I should get out.

Stumbling to his feet, Soul found it difficult to stand, let alone walk. Enduring the pain that prickled onto him, he began leave the girl's room.

He continued walking, and soon left her room. He then stopped briefly, noticing the atmosphere of the home.

There was a dark pink sofa positioned in front of a television. The walls were sheer pale yellow, and despite its dullness, it seemed to be freshly painted. There were about 3 dozens of books placed neatly onto a pale brown shelf, and all books seeming to be used. They were organized by size. Everything about the apartment seemed to be tidy and clean. Soul was impressed someone could manage all of this.

He quickly shook his head, returning to the main subject; he needed to leave. Heading towards the door, he began reaching out for the doorknob.

"Where are you going nya~?"

Soul quickly turned around, noticing a small black cat with a witch hat in front of him.

Crap. A talking cat? What the hell?

"I…uh…" Soul began, uncertain what to say. Damn it! What should I say? "I…have to go….do something…important," he replied at last, hoping the cat would buy it.

The cat didn't look convinced, nor was she in doubt. "Well, it has to wait nya~! You were really bloody. You can't be feeling better already; she just treated you!"


Soul shrugged. "I feel better now, okay? Now let me leave," He told her curtly. The cat glared at his ungratefulness, and Soul attempted not to flinch under her gaze.

The cat opened her mouth to protest, but shut it quickly. Oddly, the cat smirked faintly. "Okay, then. Go, if you want. But, I think you should bring your clothes nya. They were washed due to the immense amount of blood stains." The cat flicked her tail towards the direction of a door, which, he presumed was the bathroom. Soul, startled by her sudden decision to allow him to leave, shrugged and began heading towards the door she told him to go through.

Impatient, he opened the door quickly, not looking up. As soon as he did, he froze, his face turning into a shade of crimson.

In front of him, stood a blonde girl with large olive green eyes, staring at him in shock.

And she was wearing nothing but a bath towel.


He began stuttering uncontrollably, not because of the sight of the girl, but because he was extremely embarrassed that he'd walked in on someone. Seriously, did that cat purposely lead him to a half naked female? That stupid cat…

"Uh...uh….." He stammered, desperately attempting to explain what happened. The girl narrowed her eyes in fury, blushing immensely. "What were you thinking…." She stated harshly, grabbing a nearby book, "….Idiot!" she spat, throwing the book directly onto Soul's head. He stumbled to the ground, moaning in pain.

This girl's definitely something.

Enraged, Soul quickly got back onto his feet. "What was that for?" He shouted.

"You're the one who walked in on me!" the girl retorted.

"How was I supposed to know you just took a bath?"

"Um, I don't know, how about knocking?"

"How about getting a lock?" He remarked.

"I live alone. I don't need a lock."

"Oh, I see, so you're a hermit." Soul remarked, smirking.

The girl shook her fist furiously. "You jerk!" She exclaimed, grabbing another book and hitting him on his head once more. Soul rubbed it in pain. This girl can't be the person who saved me….She's so violent.

For a few minutes, the pair exchanged glares. Eventually, the girl sighed. "I don't have time for this. Get out of the bathroom, so I can change into my clothes. Unless, you want to see me naked," She muttered.

Soul left the bathroom, grunting. He glared at the cat, who was giggling softly. "Why didn't you tell me?" He snarled at the cat.

The cat sneered, and chuckled softly. "You should've been more grateful that we helped you nya~!" she spat, walking away. Soul, mentally, did a facepalm.

"Now that you're done changing, tell me what's going on." Soul demanded after the girl had changed into her clothes.

"I could be asking the same question, Soul." the girl mumbled, heading down to sit on her couch.

Soul stared at her. "How do you know my name?"

The girl smirked. She stood up and took out Soul's headband from the bathroom, and flung it at him. "If you don't want people to know your name, you shouldn't wear headbands that explicitly say your name." She said mockingly.

Soul narrowed his eyes. "Haha," he laughed sarcastically, picking up his headband and placing it on his head. "Since you're so smart, you might as well say your name."

"Maka. Maka Albarn." She replied dully.

Maka, huh? Well, the name seems to suit her.

"You still didn't answer my question," Soul reminded her. "Why am I here?"

Maka shrugged. "I found you pretty beat up. I took pity on you, and decided to bring you to my apartment. You had the most unusual wounds," Maka said, proclaiming the last sentence in question. She looked at Soul, implying that she was inquiring to what happened to him.

Soul shifted nervously. "I did? Well… uh…Thanks for helping me out," he chuckled uncertainly, attempting to change the subject. Maka frowned in return.

"Soul, tell me what's up."

"Is that really any of your business?"

"No, it's not. But, you'd better tell me anyway," Maka insisted. Soul groaned.

"Seriously, you're stubborn," He said tartly. Maka sighed.

"I know I'm prying. But just tell me. I still didn't forgive you for walking in on me!" She reminded Soul. He immediately blushed and turned away.

"Can we just pretend that never happened?" Soul said quietly.

"Just Tell me already," Maka pouted.

Soul sighed. It'd be useless arguing with a girl who saved his life. He'd best tell her; besides, if he didn't, she'd be unaware of the dangers she had gotten herself into.

" you know about the Evans family of musicians?"

"Yea. What about them?"

Soul hesitated, finding himself growing weaker than ever. It's the same pain coming back…. He thought miserably. Maka noticed his hesitation, and looked at him worriedly.

"Soul, are you okay?" Maka asked.

"Yeah…" Soul lied. Maka frowned. Sighing, she stood up and walked over to Soul, who was sitting on one of her chairs, and lifted him up in the same fashion she did before.

"What the hell…?" Soul mumbled.

Maka sighed. "I can see you're not healed yet. You should get some more sleep, and then you can tell me." She said firmly, heading towards her room, with Soul's arm still over her shoulder.

"Thanks, but I don't need your help." Soul insisted.

"Yes, you do," Maka retorted.

Soul felt confusion and a desire to ask a million questions to her. "Why are you helping me?" he asked wearily.

Maka was silent for a moment. Eventually, she looked at Soul, gaze intensifying.

"Because I trust you." She murmured.


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