Harry Potter stood on the Malfoy's doorstep, unsure whether he really wanted to ring the doorbell or not. The former Gryffindor was dressed in his court suit, briefcase in hand. The brunette had traded in his glasses for contacts, as well. He straightened his tie, taking a deep breath.

'It's just business. You're only summoning him to court,' he thought with relief. His next thought, however, wasn't so joyous: 'You're also representing him. No one else would take his case, so they kicked it over to you.'

Pulling himself together, Harry rang the doorbell, his hand shaking. A little boy opened the door—Harry hadn't known Draco had a child with Pansy. Of course, the last time Harry had seen Draco, Draco had been cheating on the Gryffindor with Pansy. Stooping down to the little boy, Harry plastered on his award-winning smile and spoke. "Well, hey there, buddy. Is your daddy home?"

Draco stalked to the front door, his face stony. He might as well get it over with.

"Run along now, kiddo. Draco, a word?"

"Hello, Harry," the former Slytherin spat out from between clenched teeth.

"Good afternoon, Draco. Cute son you have there. Tell me, is anyone at home to take care of him for a while?"

"No. Why? What do you want, Harry?" he asked exhaustedly, running a hand through his blonde hair.

"You're being summoned to court. If you have no one to take care of your son, he will be in court custody, meaning I will be his temporary guardian while you are in court. Any questions?" Harry asked matter-of-factly.

"Just one. Why am I being summoned?"

"I think you know why, Draco. Let's not play games."

"It's because of that massacre? But I'm innocent! Just because it was a Death Eater, that doesn't necessarily mean I did it!"

"I'll go get your son. He told me his name was Scorpius…?"

"Yes. I have another question for you, Harry."

"What is it, Draco?" Harry asked with a sigh.

"How can you take care of Scorpius if you have no children of your own?"

"I have children, Malfoy. I have a boy and two girls."

"Who's the mother?"

"I don't see how that pertains to you, Draco, or to this case," Harry retorted, stalking into the mansion.

A few hours later, the blonde and the brunette were sitting in an interrogation room. Harry's kids, Albus, Lily, and Valarie, as well as Scorpius, were with the sitter for the evening.

"Draco, let me ask you one last time: did you or did you not massacre those 57 people in broad daylight?"

"I didn't. I told you: I was at home that evening."

"People saw you! Just that alone is more damning than the story that you were at home alone that night. You can't live in your lie forever, Draco."

"I was at home. I was with Scorpius. Bring him in and question him, too, if it will make you feel better."

"I refuse to bring your son into this. I've seen what the court does to little kids. I refuse to have children testify against their parents unless it is vitally necessary."

Draco smiled gratefully at the man; it meant, at the very least, that Scorpius would be safe, in some sense of the word. "Thank you, Harry," he murmured.

"For what?"

"For not bringing my son into this. He's had a hard life already, what with his mother dying and all."

"Pansy died? I'm sorry, Draco."

"I never had Pansy to begin with. What you saw…what you walked in on, that wasn't what it looked like."

"It looked like you were cheating on me with her. And besides, you're getting off the point," Harry replied, smiling wistfully.

"I'm telling you, I didn't have anything to do with that massacre! I was at home, with Scorpius. He was sick that night. I would never go anywhere without him, and if I was doing the Dark Lord's work, which I wasn't, I wouldn't have brought him along. Harry, I'm not a Death Eater anymore. It's been…hard, getting away from the Dark Lord."

"Where do you usually take him when you are doing the Dark Lord's work, then?"

"He usually stays with Blaise."

"I thought you said you didn't do the Dark Lord's work anymore, Draco." It was a statement, a contradiction.

"I don't. I've turned away from that lifestyle. I haven't done the Dark Lord's work in six years."


"You don't believe me, do you? You think I did it. Harry, Scorpius had a fever that night. I was with him all day." Draco said, his voice rising in desperation.

"I never said I didn't believe you, Draco," Harry responded coolly, his voice level. After all, he did have to defend the former Slytherin.

"Harry, Scorpius is my world. Surely you know how that is. You have three kids of your own." Draco pled, a tear rolling down his face. He knew he couldn't do this without his son, but he was refusing to admit his weakness.

"I do. I have to give a report to the Minister. If I find you to be a fit parent, you will get your son back. Do you mind coming over tonight? I know it isn't very professional of me, but maybe if I see you interact with your boy, and my kids, maybe we can start building a solid case for you, beginning with reuniting you with Scorpius," Harry volunteered, smiling slightly at the blonde.

The sigh of relief that came from Draco was audible; Harry could tell that a great weight had been lifted from the man's shoulders. "Thank you, Harry. Thank you so much," he smiled.

"I'll see you at six. The kids will have eaten, and I can observe you," Harry said.

"Harry? I have another question. How old are your kids?" Draco asked, curiosity lining his face and outlining his features.

"Albus is seventeen, about to leave Hogwarts. Ginny and I adopted him, shortly after we were married. We weren't sure how long the war would go on, how much longer I would be around. We wanted to make sure the Potter name would survive. Lily is ten, going to Hogwarts next year. She keeps asking about Ginny, but I think she knows. She's always trying to be grown up, like Albus. Valarie…Valarie is two. She's the youngest, the last child Ginny and I had together," Harry replied, smiling as he described his children.

"Is Albus…is he good with the others?" Draco asked.

"Albus is the one that helps me with them, especially Lily. When she gets too curious about her mother, or why I'm single, he takes her to go play with him."

"Why…why are you single? I mean, you're Harry Potter, for Merlin's sake!"

"I left Ginny when I realized I wasn't into her. Or any females, for that matter. Albus knows that we got divorced, is aware that his mother is out walking the streets living in whatever cardboard box looks the most inviting for the evening. I think he also knows I'm gay, but I haven't officially told him." Harry realized that he was rambling, but it'd been so long since he'd had an actual conversation with someone about his family and home life that it didn't matter who it was with.

"Bloody…you're gay, Potter?" Draco asked in amazement, not wanting to believe the words.

Harry blushed, looking down at his hands. "Er…yeah. Yeah I am. Well, I'll see you at six, Draco." Harry replied, standing.

"Harry? Why…why do you have custody of the kids?" Draco asked softly, knowing that he was crossing the line from profession to highly personal without a backwards glance. Fortunately for him, however, Harry simply smiled wistfully at the blonde.

"The Minister ordered it. He saw how bad Ginny was. I'm surprised she didn't go back to the burrow. But, that is enough personal conversation for this place. Here's my address. Six o'clock, Draco." Harry intoned, scribbling down the location of his flat before walking out of the interrogation room.