Well, here it is, the M-rated alternative ending...

You have no idea how awkward it was to write this xD (or maybe you do...) I haven't got much experience with writing these scenes, especially when it comes to such complex characters as Booth and Brennan. They have so much history together and it's difficult to make the story 'fit' the characters.

However, I tried, and I really, really hope I succeeded.


"I don't think two people will even fit into that bag, Bones." He eyed the sleeping bag in question; it was large enough to fit Brennan with some room to spare, but he seriously doubted two people could sleep in it without being completely intertwined. And no matter how much he liked her, or rather because of it, he wasn't willing to sleep like that.

"Well, there is only one way to find out, isn't there?" He swallowed. She was right. His face tightened as he imagined what their sleeping arrangement could lead to in the end.

"Surely the idea of sharing a sleeping bag with me is not that revolting?" she asked, hurt evident in her voice, and he realized how she must have interpreted his look.

"Bones, no, God no. You don't know…" he swallowed again. "I want to. You have no idea how much I want to. But – it's – I'm not sure it's a good idea. I'm trying to stop this, Bones. I've been trying for a while now, ever since … But it's just - Please help me?" He sounded nervous, afraid he'd said too much too soon, but his fear was somewhat quelled when she leant forward and took his hand in hers.

"Booth." She waited until he was looking at her before she continued. "I believe you are referring to me turning you down when you professed your love for me." He winced almost instinctively and she gripped his hand just a little tighter. "I…" it was rare to hear her stumble; he watched her as she tried to find the words. "I have been thinking about that night and…" she took a deep breath. "I am starting to realize that maybe, I was wrong."

Silence followed her words. Booth was staring at her, unable to stop himself. She had just told him what he'd hoped she would, giving them a second chance. He'd thought he'd jump at the chance.

But now, it seemed so much more complicated than that. He couldn't think of anything to say, of how to respond to that statement. He just continued looking at her, feeling like an idiot but not really caring.

"Booth." Again, she didn't continue until she had his attention. "This is very confusing for me. I am not sure how my feelings can be defined and I have no idea how this will affect our partnership, but… I don't want to have any regrets, Booth. I… I care for you a lot and if there was anyone to do this with, it would be you, but… I'm afraid." He was startled to see a sheen of tears in her eyes. "I was afraid that night, Booth, I didn't… I mean, I – this frightens me."

A tear rolled down her cheek when she said that and he reached forward and slowly wiped it away, looking at her as he did so. She took a sudden, startled breath and he was moved by the naked emotion he could see in her eyes.

"This frightens me," she repeated. "This… How you make me feel when you touch me. The look in your eyes sometimes… I am not familiar with it, Booth. I don't know how to respond to it." She was pleading with him to understand, but then, he thought, she'd never have to plead for that. He knew exactly what she meant.

"I understand it's scary," he finally opened his mouth. "God, baby, it's terrifying. There are so many things that could happen, that could go wrong… I'm scared shitless here – it, it was terrifying to tell you that I wanted more, it was – But it's us we're talking about. We'd work, I just… I just know we will. C'mon Bones, don't you think we will?" He was pleading himself then, desperate to make her see that they wouldn't mess it up.

She shook her head quickly, a shimmer of the old Brennan shining through. "You don't know that," she said, frustrated. "I envy your blind trust… but I'm not like that, Booth, I can't just… just think it's going to be okay, I need to know."

He regarded for a moment, hand still on her face, and she looked back at him. There were so many things he saw in her eyes, and it almost physically hurt to know she had these doubts. He wished he could make her see…

Suddenly, he leant forward and placed his lips on hers. He felt her tense, but her lips were soft and delicious and suddenly he never wanted to let go. He kissed her softly at first, trying to stay composed (although, he reflected later, that had been a lost cause the moment his lips touched hers), but when he felt her respond he could no longer contain himself. She opened her mouth and their tongues touched, and he didn't know how he'd survived so long without this feeling, how he'd coped… He crushed her to him and she moaned in response, kissing him with renewed vigour until they ran out of breath, until they simply had to break apart.

They stared at each other, trying to catch their breath. Her face was beautifully flushed and suddenly, he knew just how to convince her.

"Your pupils are dilated, your breathing is shallow and labored, your face is flushed, your heart rate has increased… Tell me that kiss didn't affect you, Bones. Tell me those aren't hard facts."

He knew she couldn't deny the effect their kiss had had on her –and on him – and so she stared at him helplessly, trying to put her thoughts into words.

"That just proves our physical attraction, Booth, it doesn't –"

"No," he cut her off. "No, Bones, that proves our love. You don't feel like that with somebody you don't love. You may be attracted to each other, but… this feeling now, it's love, Bones. You gotta believe me on this. It's love."

He could see the conflicted emotions within her; knew she wanted to believe him. That knowledge alone made him feel a little more confident.

"Maybe you're right. We can't predict what it'll be like in a year, or five, or… thirty, but the important thing is we try, Bones. If you stop trying, you might as well stop living."

With a jolt, she seemed to come to a realization – and in that moment, in that movement, he knew he had won. Before he could process the thought, however, she'd flung herself at him and she was kissing him again and he couldn't think at all except for more. The feeling of her lips moving against his was pure ecstasy and he thought this was how drug addicts would feel when they got a shot: an exhilarating rush of relief and desire and love and so many things he'd come to associate solely with her.

His hand tangled in her hair as he tugged her closer, circling her waist with his other hand. He could feel the delicious curves of her body as she was pressed against him, her breasts forming a wonderful contrast with his hard upper body.

Her hands slipped under the shirt he'd hastily put on again after the massage and the feeling of those hands on his back nearly undid him; taking a moment to breathe, he moved his lips to the side of her neck and kissed her there, short, soft kisses that made her moan. The noises she made went straight to his groin and he shifted, trying to find some relief. Her skin was supple and so soft; she smelled vaguely like apricots, but mostly like herself, his amazing, wonderful Bones, whose hands were moving up and down his spine and making him shiver, whose breathy moans drove him crazy, his Bones…

"Booth – ah…" she was panting and that name from her lips made him come down to earth, stopping just before he reached the point of no return. He forced himself to pull back, breaking contact with her skin to look at her.

"Are you -" his voice was husky and he scraped his throat in a futile attempt to talk. She seemed to think he was done talking, though, because she pulled him back to her and whispered "You make me feel so good, Booth".

Warning bells went off in the back of his head even as he continued kissing and sucking her skin. There were reasons why they shouldn't do this – he knew there were – but as she started tugging on his shirt, he couldn't think of a single one. His mind was muddled with bolts of electricity as her hands brushed his skin over and over again.

Finally, he broke away again. Panting heavily, he gently released her hands from the hem of his shirt and moved them in front of him.

"We gotta be sure about this," he told her in a low voice. "If we continue... I don't think I can stop."

Her eyes darkened impossibly at his words. "I don't want you to stop," she answered, and her voice was low and husky – a certain part of him responded heavily to her voice. There was a little, nagging voice in his brain telling him to think about this, to stop for a moment, but a far more overwhelming part of him ached to be connected to her again, to feel her divine body against him and to, for once, not care about the consequences.

His lips touched hers again and this time, he eased her down until she lay flat, her lower body still in the sleeping bag. In a flash, he saw an image like in a dream: them, rolling around in bed, his hands roaming her back. But then she tugged on his shirt more insistently and the image vanished. He wasted no time in taking his shirt off. The coldness surprised him and he shivered. Without a word, Brennan held up the sleeping bag and he crawled inside, closing his eyes at the feeling of their lower bodies touching, a magic touch even with the layers of clothing they were both wearing. She reached out again and he followed her hand with dark eyes, unsure of what she wanted to do. Her intent became clear when the tent was suddenly plunged in darkness. He groped blindly for her hand and stopped her with a kiss before she could protest.

"I want to see you," he murmured into her hair. He felt the muscles of her face contract in a smile and suddenly, there was some light again, although it was still quite dark.

He pulled back from her and her eyes shot to his chest, taking him in.

"You have excellent muscle definition, Booth," she told him, touching his chest hesitantly. He closed his eyes as she brushed over his nipples. He'd never known he could be so sensitive to a woman's touch…

As he opened his eyes, they connected with hers and she raised her arms in silence. He nodded once and took off her sweater, revealing inch by tantalizing inch of bare, flat stomach. She was beautifully toned and he'd always known she'd look like that, but still the sight of it took his breath away.

Then her sweater was off and he was left to stare at her breasts, encased in a modest black bra. She was beautiful and as he finally dragged his eyes higher he knew that, despite the fact that she had never been insecure about her body, she felt beautiful, too. Making her feel beautiful –loved – was a powerful drug and it propelled him to touch her stomach with one finger, slowly sliding upwards through the valley between her breasts before he reached her chin, and he kissed her again. Their upper bodies, mostly naked now, touched as their mouths connected and he moaned at the wonderful feeling.

"God, Bones…" he rasped, spanning her hips with his hands.

She took off her own bra, then arched beneath him. "Touch me," she whispered, and he did, entranced by the look of pure wonder in her eyes. Her nipples were erect and he bent down and took one in his mouth, skillfully tracing the outline until she quivered beneath him, her little breathy moans spurring him on. He switched to her other breast and his hand involuntarily moved downwards until he was pressing against her womanhood through her sweatpants. The contact made her buck against his hand and, distracted as he was by her body, he almost lost it when she massaged his bulge through his pants. Suddenly he knew he needed her now, and she seemed to come to the same realization as she deftly undid his belt with one hand, brushing his lower stomach as she did so. There was no room to take off his pants and so instead they pooled around his feet. He tugged hers down, too, inadvertently brushing her sex as he did so. She gasped and wriggled, increasing the friction.

"Booth…" her voice was so breathtakingly beautiful and he was distracted by the mewling sounds she made as she undulated against his hand. He knew instantly that he'd never heard a sweeter sound, the evidence of her need for him.

"Booth," she growled, a little more insistently, and he realized she was very impatient. Still, he looked at her, silently asking her a question. In her eyes, he could see nothing but need and trust and without any words he knew he'd gotten his answer. Slowly, his hand moved beneath her underwear until he cupped her, and she pressed up against him urgently. "I need you," she moaned breathlessly, and suddenly her own hand was in his shorts and she was touching him. His eyes rolled back in his head, the movement of her hand nearly too much.

She was soaked through and he slid a finger against her, desperate for her touch. She felt silky and heavenly, everything he'd ever dreamt off, and he slid her panties down her legs as she did with his boxers. There wasn't any room for slow revelations; they were constricted by the sleeping bag which made moving rather hard, and he was pressed against her body as he touched her, her nipple brushing his arm. Her hand was pumping him and he thought that if she didn't stop soon, he would come before they'd even reached the best part – she moaned loudly and he silenced her with a kiss, mindful of the silence of the night. God, her hand was moving so expertly, swiping his head and moving down again in one swooping motion, and finally he extracted an arm to stop her.

"You're – you don't…" he couldn't form complete sentences but she seemed to understand anyway. She grabbed his hand and slowly sucked his fingers, tasting her own juices. The movement was downright erotic and it went straight to his pulsating hardness. Swallowing, she brought their lower bodies together and they both moaned at the heady feeling. He paused for a moment – was she on the pill? – but she laid a finger against his lips. "I'm safe… I trust you, Booth," she whispered and the words were his undoing.

He slid into her and they both cried out in pleasure as they were finally joined. Her silken softness encased him and he stilled for a moment, trying not to explode. She was impossibly tight and her inconsistent moans were driving him higher and higher until he was fairly sure he was seeing stars.

She began undulating against him and he almost came at the very feeling. "Ah… Bones…" he wasn't sure which way was up anymore as he moved in her. She moved with him as if they were one, creating a rhythm that seemed to have been made just for them.

"Booth…" her moans were getting louder and he moved an arm downwards, touching her in time with his thrusts. She felt illegally good and he knew he wouldn't, couldn't, last, but judging by the sounds she was making, neither could she.

"Bones… I…" It was becoming difficult to maintain a rhythm; he wanted desperately to pound into her, to make her forget everything she knew.

"Let go," she whispered between moans, and her words were the trigger. He started moving faster, sliding into her deeper and deeper until she was mumbling incoherent words, getting louder until he kissed her again, swallowing her moans.

"I'm – ah – Booth," she was beyond words, but he somehow knew what she meant anyway and sped up his movements even more, jerking irregularly inside her. He felt her start to contract around him and, trying to prolong the experience, slowed down despite the primal instinct to piston inside of her. She cried out, her body caught in tremors.

"Look… at me…" she opened her beautiful eyes and it was both their undoing. She spasmed and her muscles pulled him in, triggering his own release. She was crying out loud, convulsing around him, and he lost himself in bliss, her warmth surrounding him, her moans in his ears…

Slowly, they came back down. She was breathing heavily, a flush spreading across her chest and face. She looked beautiful, relaxed and… happy.

"That was making love," he broke the silence once his voice has returned to him.

"Wow," was all she said. "That – Booth – That was – "

He slowly pulled out of her and reached up for a kiss. "It was," he confirmed.

He wanted to tell her that he loved her, that she was amazing, but she looked adorable sleepy and he knew it would have to wait until a later time.

He turned on his side, reached out and flung an arm around her hips. She snuggled in closer and he could already feel the beginnings of renewed arousal as they spooned – but once was enough for tonight, no matter how much he wanted… more.

"Good night, Bones," he whispered into her hair.

She didn't reply, and, thinking she was already asleep, he closed his eyes and was gone in minutes.

Unaware that, beside him, Brennan was staring into the darkness, eyes wide open, amazed at what had happened.

Until she slowly fell asleep, too.

And they both slept with smiles on their faces.

This was so weird to write. There are probably a few errors in there, but let's just blame it on English not being my native language, shall we?

If you were wondering, I think it is possible to make love in a sleeping bag... I mean, I've shared a one-person sleeping bag before, although I definitely didn't do what Booth and Brennan did here, and I had an awful night because it was really cold and the sleeping bag wouldn't zip up anymore - and of course, I was on the outside... so let's just pretend the sleeping bag in this question is bigger xD

I forgot to give some credit in the last chapter. This story was partially inspired by the story "Venturing into the Unknown" by Nothing But Bones, which is an absolutely amazing story you definitely need to check out. I hope she (he?) won't mind me using part of the concept, I honestly forgot to mention it earlier...

Mostly, though, I wanted to write a Bones story that wasn't incredibly angsty. And try for a bit of romance...

Did I succeed? Please tell me. Reviews are drugs and I need a fix!