I am chained to a wall in the count's castle, not a sentence I thought I would ever use in my lifetime, presently he is ranting to his brides about Anna Valerious and her kin. I'm just glad he didn't notice me yet, in all honesty, he scared me to death. Suddenly he's standing right in front of me. He puts a finger under my chin, his eyes meeting my glare. You must be wondering why I'm here in the first place, well, let me explain. The day had started out like normal: Carl was playing around with one of his inventions, the Cardinal was overseeing details to my brother's next case, my brother was out fighting evil monsters, and I was reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. Van Helsing came in and straight to me, taking my hand he leads me over to Carl. Carl grabs a burlap sack and throws it to Van Helsing then precedes to fill it with all the things you need to kill vampires. Everyone here knew of my brother's newest assignment and my brother had just found out about it.

He would travel to Transylvania to help Princess Anna and her brother Velkan to kill Count Dracula—a Vampire who wanted the Valerious line ended and ended quickly. If he succeeded, all of the Valerious family would be trapped in purgatory. "Why can't I have one of those," Van asks, pointing to the newly forged swords and making Carl raise an eyebrow.

"You've never gone after vampires have you," the friar asks.

"Vampires, gargoyles, warlocks, they're all the same. Best when cooked well-done."

"They are not all the same," Carl protests. "A vampire is nothing like a warlock!"

"Yeah, Carl's granny could kill a warlock," I say nodding, earning a brief grin from my brother. That old lady was strong for someone pushing eighty.

"You two haven't even been out of the Abby, how can you know about vampires?"

"Well, unlike you brother-dear, we read," I say, handing him a cross bow that Carl had recently finished. "It's gas propelled." Carl goes over to a glass oven. "Carl not the Glycerin forty-eight again," I moan, backing up and plugging my ears with my fingers. He ignores me and sticks his pinky in and then flicks some of it on the floor. The small drop explodes in contact and all the other men glare and yell at Carl. I turn Carl around with a glare, pulling him back over to my brother with an irritated grumble. The man's obsessed with getting the Glycerin forty-eight used for something other than scaring the others in the Abby.

"The air in here is thick with envy," Carl says confidently.

"Yeah, sure it is."

"Now this is more like it," Van Helsing says, holding up the cross bow and gaining back our attention.

"It's capable of catapulting arrows at rapid succession," Carl starts.

"Just pull the trigger and hold on," we finish together. Since I already know Cardinal Jinette wants Carl and me to go with Van Helsing to Transylvania I leave to go pack; he knew I wouldn't have such a bad reaction as Carl and had told me in advance so that I could be ready. I go straight to my room and pull out a small duffel bag and pack it with dresses, my hairbrush, toothbrush, and a couple books. A few minutes later Carl is at my door.

"Can you believe we're going to Transylvania," Carl asks nervously.

"Yup and I can't wait." We walk over to the ship we'll be taking and say goodbye to the cardinal. "Why does it have to be a ship," I moan, turning pale. I can't stand ships because I get extremely sick.

"Could've been a horse," my brother teases. I shudder and walk reluctantly on the ship.