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Chapter Eighteen

Spike's new position in the Watcher's Council was proving to be a challenging one. Some of the Slayers were a little in awe of this so called famous vampire and others badly wanted to beat him. He was moving quickly from city to city. The nomadic existence reminded him of his days with Dru, although it was considerably more boring and less bloody. He moved every couple of weeks. He had been in Miami, San Francisco and New York so far. His next stop was Cleveland and he was going to hook up with Gunn and Faith. He was looking forward to meeting with his friends once more, before he had to leave for South America. Through contact with Rupert, Spike was keeping tabs on the goings on back in the U.K. Dawn was also in touch regularly with him via email. He had been given a laptop by the Council before he left and he was getting used to using it. Two weeks ago, Dawn had told him that Buffy had a little girl. That news was like a knife in the heart. It was his own fault; he just had to ask. More fool him. It was a reminder as to why he had left. The revelation, although expected, was still a punch in the guts and he was glad he wasn't around to witness Peaches playing at Daddy. Spike was still waiting for the news that Angel had moved into his old home. Spike wasn't kidding himself that it was her love for him that was preventing her from making a fresh start with Angel. It was her pride and nothing else. It would happen eventually he figured. Raising a kid on your own would be tough and Peaches was nothing if persistent. She would give in eventually. In the meantime he was trying to move on, but it was difficult. Spike put his whole being into loving someone. There were only two women he had deeply loved in his life time. He thought he loved Cecily once, but he knew now that it was an infatuation compared to the two real loves of his life. He had loved Dru through thick and then, but she had never really loved him in the same way. He thought Buffy was different. Maybe, she did really love him, but in the end Angel had waltzed in with a heartbeat and she had jumped his bones. The pain of the betrayal was still fresh, although the space had helped with the pain. He had gotten past the initial sleepless nights and the binge drinking. He was feeling like himself again.

Spike was waiting in the airport, after stepping off the plane. He was dying for a fag after the flight. He had been sitting next to a woman with a snivelling brat. The child had spent most of the flight whinging about this and that. You would think the Watcher's Council to stoop to giving first class tickets instead of economy. He might bend the Watcher's ear about that. He was interrupted from his thoughts by a clap on the back. He whirled around to see Gunn standing there.

"Hey fangboy." Gunn grinned at him.

"Hullo, Charlie," Spike replied with a smile of his own. "Good to see you."

"You're looking more together than the last time I saw you."

Spike raised a brow. "I reckon getting out of the home country helped." Of course, what he meant was getting away from Buffy.

Gunn clapped him on the back again. "From what you told me, you're better off out of the whole thing, man."

"Yeah- the whole epic love story of Peaches and Buffy has no room for anyone else."

Gunn gave him a pitying look and Spike squirmed. "I don't want to talk about Buffy. Let's just drop my luggage and go have a drink, mate."

"You're the boss," Charlie said. "The car's out front."

Spike and Gunn made their way towards the car. Gunn had offered to let him stay with him, but Spike had declined as the Council were paying for a hotel, and unlike the air travel the hotels were pretty good. Gunn insisted on picking him up at the airport, then dropping him at the hotel with his luggage before having a few bevies in the hotel bar. When they arrived at the car, the vampire loaded his hand luggage and small suitcase in the boot.

"You travel light?" Gunn said.

"Vampire, Charlie." Spike shrugged. "Besides, my laptop has all the files I need and I only need a couple of changes of clothes."

"I'd never had you down for a technology freak. If I remember correctly you used to scream blue murder when it came to using modern technology."

"That's not true. I could always use computers."

"Remember when Angel gave you the cell for the first time?"

Spike laughed. "That was a bloody piece of shit. It wasn't my fault the buggerin' thing didn't work right."

"Yeah, Yeah," Gunn muttered as he started the engine.

"Are you mocking me, boy?"

"What do you think, Blondie?"

It felt good to have somebody to banter with once more. In the places he had been visiting, he'd been a stranger, an interloper. Here he was back among friends.

Once Spike had checked in and dropped his belongings, he had a shower. Gunn was waiting for him downstairs in the lobby when he finally came down.

Gunn handed him a pint. "So, how are you getting on with your new job? Never imagined you would be the one to give into the suits."

"I'm not a suit!" Spike protested.

"Could have fooled me," Gunn said.

Spike snorted. "You're one to talk, Charlie-Boy. Remember back in the bowels of evil at Wolfram and Hart?"

"Well, that was Evil Inc. I had some excuse. You're being suited by the good guys; nobody's ever going take you seriously anymore."

"Unfortunately, that happened a long time ago when the government saw fit to pop a chip in my head. Then I fell in with the damn scoobies and my reputation was shot to hell."

The pair burst into laughter.

Once Spike recovered, he asked, "Is Faith coming?"

Gunn nodded. "She's out patrolling but she said she will meet us later. Now, drink up and let's go to somewhere with a bit more life than this place. It's dead."

Spike was free until the following night, when he had to report to the local Slayer unit. He was free to enjoy himself and he fully intended to do so.

Spike and Gunn found a nice bar, which happened to be showing a football game. They sat across from the big screen and had a good view of the game. By the time Faith caught up with the two men, Gunn was very drunk. Gunn almost toppled over his chair when he heard Faith's voice greet them. Spike chuckled as Gunn righted himself. Faith pulled up a seat and plopped herself down beside them.

Spike put his arm around her. "Hullo, Faith. Good to see you."

"Good to see you too, Blondie," she said. "I see I have a lot of drinking to do to catch up."

Spike snorted, "Somehow, I don't think Charlie's going to last much longer, pet."

"Probably not," she said with a laugh.

"I'm fine," Gunn protested.

"This round's on me," Spike said. "What's your poison, pet?" he asked Faith.

"Surprise me," she replied, a glint in her eye.

Spike walked over to the bar. The pretty barmaid behind the counter caught his eye. She was petite, dark haired and had a nice smile.

"What can I get you?" she asked.

He winked at her. "I suspect you could get me in a whole load of trouble, sweetheart, but I'll settle for three brandies."

"Trouble? I don't know about that. I could certainly get you those drinks, though."

She flashed him a wide smile before turning around and getting the drinks. She came back with his drinks and showed him the bill.

"Keep the change, pet," he said, pulling out a wad of notes.

"Thanks," she said. "The name's Amy."

He picked up the bill and popped it into his pocket. "Nice to meet you, Amy. I'm Spike."

He wasn't sure if the bint was giving him the come on or just the usual flirting that was expected in a bar like this. Still, it was good to know he had it in him to make an impression on a beautiful woman. He walked back to the table, where Gunn and Faith were sitting side by side now. They looked to be sitting very close together and Spike was suddenly wondering if he was missing something. He put the glasses down on the table.

"You're getting lucky tonight if you want to," Faith said. "That waitress has been watching you since you left the bar."

"She has?" Spike asked.

He turned back to the bar and sure enough she was looking right at him. She blushed before giving him a wave and turning away. He put his hand in his pocket and saw she had written her number on the back of the bill. He grinned. Yeah – he still had it.

To be continued…..