The Ipod Shuffle Challenge.

Summery: Just what it says on the tin, an Ipod Shuffle Challenge!

Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama or any of the songs mentioned in this.

A Note: Well, well! My first story of 2011! How exciting, now, I've wanted to do The Ipod Shuffle Challenge for ages, and I saw NeverGoesToSleep's Duncan/Gwen version of the challenge, and it reminded me of when I wanted to do something like this so…here we go!

Ok, so the basic rules of the Ipod Shuffle Challenge are as follows:

1) Pick any fandom/couple/character/whatever that you like.

2) Turn on your Ipod/Itunes/whatever you use your music for and put it on shuffle.

3)You have to write a short ficlet about your selected choice, you can't change the song, that is cheating!

4) You must complete the ficlet by the time that the song had ended.

5) Repeat until you have done ten!

Simple, right? So I've chosen Bridgette/Geoff for my said couple (Who would have guessed!) And off we go!

Some of these relate to the show, while some of these are just messed up ideas my brain churned out while listening to the songs that came on.

I hope you all enjoy!

1) One Night Only – Beyonce (Dreamgirls)

The fire burned deeply inside the young blonde girl's heart, the fiery feeling erupted inside of her, disturbing her usual calm self and causing her to shake and shiver at the sight in front of her.

Sure enough, in front of her was her boyfriend, and he was pretty much naked. Aside from his boxers that were still draped around his lower area.

This was the first time that Bridgette had ever seen Geoff like this, it was hypnotizing, his body was gorgeous, it was like a Greek god had reincarnated himself in Geoff's body, causing everything to fall for his luck.

Geoff caught Bridgette staring at him and smiled playfully at her, "What's up, Babe?" He asked coyly.

Bridgette immediately jumped up and pounced on him, "We've got one night only" She chanted as she kissed him firmly on the lips.

2) Kiss the Girl – Ashley Tisdale.

It was the High School dance, an event where young teens go and plan to have the time of their lives, Geoff was no exception, he had been looking forward to this all week, and now it was here.

Why was he looking forward to this? Well, it was the night that he was going to make a move on his crush, Bridgette.

She was dressed in a sea green dress and dancing with a few of her friends, he nervously clenched his fists as he watched her every movement, she was graceful, magnificent even.

He was shaking with nerves, however he wasn't going to back out, he had backed out several times, and today was not a day to fail.

He paused when he saw that Bridgette had stopped dancing and was walking over to him with a smile on her face.

'It's now or never' Geoff thought to himself as he started walking and met with, with a swift movement he cupped her face to his.

He kissed her.

They pulled away soon after; Bridgette looked surprised, she gasped slightly and covered her mouth.

"Wow…Geoff, what was that about?"

"I don't know, but I think I love you, Bridge".

Bridgette smiled, "Took your time!" She giggled.

3) I Miss You – Miley Cyrus.

Bridgette wasn't sure how long it had been since that fateful day, a nasty accident and a brush with death had created the worst day of her life and sent everything she lived for into a spiralling pit of disaster.

Right now she stood in front of a grey tombstone, in the middle of a graveyard; it belonged to her late husband, Geoff.

She closed her eyes and sighed, none of this was supposed to happen; it was a car crash, not his fault. It was some drunken driver that collided with them and sent their car into a spin, causing it to crash into a nearby tree.

Geoff was pronounced dead at the scene while Bridgette survived, with a concussion.

She rubbed a hand through her blonde hair and winced slightly, the pain was still there on a mark on her head and a mark in her heart.

It had corrupted her life, still he couldn't help but feel a tiny bit happy about this, Geoff was in a better place now, away from this hurtful, cruel world.

Still, she missed him.

She bent down and met the grey stone in front of her and placed her hand on it.

"I miss you, Geoff" She whispered as she let more tears run down her face.

She moved forward and her lips connected with the stone, "So much" She mumbled.

4) 4 Minutes – Madonna ft Justin Timberlake.

The swift sound of heels brushed the midnight ground as a blonde haired female stormed towards the large gates in front of her.

She flicked back a long piece of blonde hair and looked up in front of her, the big gates towered over her, she wasn't afraid, this was just another day in her business of an assassin.

She flinched slightly when she heard someone move in front of her, she whipped out her small black gun and held it in front of her for protection.

"I warn you" She called out to the person, "I'm armed".

"Good to hear…me too" The voice replied.

Bridgette lowered her gun when she heard a voice; it was one that she recognized.

Sure enough out of the shadows in front of her, strode out a figure.

"Nice night for a fight" Geoff said to her as he walked over to her, Bridgette was surprised to see that he was also pointing a gun to her.

"Lower your gun, Geoff. We're not fighting each other" Bridgette mumbled as she stuffed her own gun back into her pocket.

Geoff sniggered, "Alright then, Babe".

"Don't call me that" Bridgette sniffed, "I'm not your babe, not here at least".

Geoff let out a low whistle, "You can use that talk tonight in bed".

Bridgette rolled her eyes, "In you dreams".

5) Nothing's as Good as You – Sugababes.

Bridgette looked over at Geoff with a small smile on her face, "Hey…do you remember the day we met?"

Geoff smiled, "Of course, it was back on that shitty island, you climbed of that boat with your surfboard in your hand and I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you".

"I remember" Giggled Bridgette, "You were flirting with me from the word go".

"I was not!" Geoff protested as he pouted at Bridgette, who let out a small laugh.

"You were, if I remember correctly you were the one that started talking to me" Bridgette told him while tapping his nose lovingly.

"Hey? Can you blame me?" Geoff asked her as he rubbed her arm delicately, "I was in love the moment I saw you, any problems?"

"Not one" Bridgette whispered as she snuggled up to Geoff as rested her head on his muscular arm, "I love you, Geoff".

"I love you too, Bridgette".

6) Ice Ice Baby – Glee Cast.

"Geoff! Can you turn that song off?" Bridgette moaned as Geoff started dancing slightly embarrassingly to 'Ice Ice Baby' by Vanilla Ice.

"No way! This is a classic" Geoff protested as he turned it up.

"I hate it!" Bridgette cried out as she stuffed her fingers in her ears.

Geoff gawped at her and turned the song off, "What? Why?"

Bridgette looked at him and removed her fingers from her ears, "Why? It just reminds me of bad things ok?"

"What, like bad memories?" Geoff asked as he sat next to her, "Tell me, what is it?"

Bridgette bit her lip, "You won't like it?"

"I don't care".

Bridgette sighed, "It…it just reminds me of Yukon".

Geoff caught on straight away, "Oh…right…Alejandro.

"No, not that…the kiss" Bridgette mumbled again covering up her face with her hands.

"With Alejandro?"

"No!" Bridgette snapped, "The pole!"

Geoff paused and looked at her, "Wait a minute you hate this song because it reminds you of the fact you kissed a pole?"

Bridgette slowly nodded and Geoff started to howl with laughter, "It's not funny!" Bridgette screamed at him as she threw a pillow at him.

"Sorry, I can't help it!" Geoff wailed as he tried to control his laughter, but failed miserably; Bridgette however sighed and covered up her ears once more as Geoff turned on the song again.

7) Kiss From a Rose –Seal.

Its enchanting, being in a relationship, Geoff could tell you that from his experiences, however in his life and through his few relationships with girls he had to say that he had never met a girl like Bridgette before.

He was his one true love, to be honest he never though in his life that he would ever of found the girl of his dreams, yet she was in front of him, resting on his chest fast asleep.

Geoff's thought were then taken to the night before, last night they were brought together and entwined in love, it was amazing and Geoff had thought of nothing but that since he woke up.

He looked down and the stirring beauty as she moved around a bit and then sighed contently and she got comfortable once more.

Things hadn't been easy for the two, love had not been kind and things took a turn for the worse, first Geoff went a little off the rails when fame got to his head and then Bridgette had a run in with another man and ended up kissing him, purely by accident of course.

Still, he knew that despite all the problems they had they would always be together, his love with Bridgette was powerful, pleasurable, but painful.

Painful just because he knew that there were people out there that were out to get them both, people like Alejandro and Blaineley.

Still he knew that if their love was strong enough nothing would get in the way of them both, in fact everything that happened between them in the past was merely a test.

Bridgette was like a rose, a delicate rose that needed to be taken care of, and Geoff knew that he was the man to do that.

He bent down and kissed her blonde hair before taking in her natural scent, she even smelled like a beautiful rose…

8) Slave 4 U – Heather Morris (Glee Cast)

Bridgette eyed the building in front of her, it was large and had bright lights coming out from it and loud music from it too, a club.

She had been brought here by her friends who were desperate to go in there and see for themselves in the club was that wonderful, she had heard rumours from the girls at school that this was amazing, she just hoped it was good.

She walked into the building, after having her ID checked and making sure she was over the age to get in, she advanced inside, of course she had a fake ID since she was only 17.

She looked around, all around her were people dancing, in groups or in couples, occasionally she saw couples that were grinding against each other, she sniffed disapprovingly at it, she thought it was disgusting.

To be honest she hated the look of this place, all the girls looked like sluts, the guys looked like players, it was stupid, something she would never be caught dead at.

She wished she listened to her parents when they told her not to go near this place.

She turned on her heel ready to leave when someone grabbed her arm; she spun around to see a handsome blonde boy who looked just as surprised as she did.

"Erm…are you leaving?" He asked nervously, "I wanted to know if I could get you a drink?"

Bridgette frowned, "I was leaving, but maybe you could buy me a coffee or something?"

The boy smiled, "I'd love to…this place isn't really my scene, I mean I love parties but not this kind of party".

Bridgette nodded, "Same".

The two left the club and walked down the road to a small all night café close by, as the boy held the door open for her Bridgette looked at him and paused, "What's your name?"

"Geoff" The boy replied with a smile on his face, "And yours?"


"Cute name" Geoff smiled at her again and led her inside.

9) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich – Lady GaGa.

"So, baby, what do you want to do tonight?" Geoff asked as he sat next to Bridgette, "How about a movie or something".

Bridgette sighed, "Geoff, I would love to but I've not got a dime to my name".

Geoff looked at Bridgette, "What? How come?"

"I spent the last of my wage money on that party of yours last week" Bridgette explained, "And I'm surprised you're asking to go out? What about all the damage repairs you had to fork out for the things that were broken".

Geoff sighed, "True, I have nothing too".

The two sat in silence for a moment while they both prayed that someone outside would suddenly burst in and hand them both dollar bills worth of money so that they could go out.

"So…what can we do for free?" Bridgette asked.

Geoff raised his eyebrows, "Well, we're both beautiful, not necessarily rich…and I'm kind of feeling dirty" He whispered the last part into Bridgette's ear making her shiver.

"Want to go upstairs?"

"I'd love to!"

10) Serious – Gwen Stefani.

Bridgette felt the warmth of her boyfriends hand entwined with hers; she was currently lying on her bed with a wet flannel over her head taking steady breaths.

"How are you feeling?" Geoff asked her as he rubbed her hand.

"Alright" Bridgette mumbled as she coughed a little bit.

Last night Bridgette had been up all night coughing and soon that coughing turned into something worse, Bridgette went from bad to worse as she found herself being sick every few minutes and couldn't move without vomiting.

They had called the doctor for her and she was diagnosed with food poisoning, Bridgette was very upset and had to be placed on bed rest for a few days, partly because she could barely move and was in no fit state to go outside.

As soon as Geoff found out he was by her side and held her hair back whenever she was sick and looked after her, he was genuinely worried about his girlfriend and knew she needed cheering up after her day from hell.

"Hey…do you think you don't have food poisoning?" Geoff asked.

Bridgette frowned, "Geoff, the doctor said I did".

"Yeah, but maybe what if it was something like…sickness because you missed me?" Geoff suggested smiling at her.

Bridgette groaned, "Geoff, now is not the time for that".

Geoff rolled his eyes, "I know, baby, I just wanted to cheer you up"

"I know you did".

Geoff rubbed her arm and kissed her forehead, "Bridge, I love you, I really hope you get better soon, because I really want to take you out to celebrate the fact your better".

Bridgette opened her eyes and looked at Geoff, "Geoff, do you think this is serious?"

"No you'll get better in a few days, trust me".

"No, not this" Bridgette told him, "I meant us, like our relationship? Do you think it's serious?"

Geoff nodded, "I do…I'm madly in love with you, like I don't know what I would do without you, I adore you and I worship the ground you walk on, my life would be pretty crap without you, I love you Schmoopy-Schmoo".

Bridgette tried to smile, but instead she gulped loudly, she jumped off her bed and sprinted towards the bathroom, Geoff paused when he heard the loud retching coming from Bridgette, he looked around the room slightly ashamed in himself.

"Was it something I said?" He whimpered as he went to sort Bridgette out.

Wow! That was a struggle and a half! Don't get me wrong it was fun because I've never done something like this before! I tell you what though, I nearly died when 'Ice, Ice Baby' came on! It was a worst case scenario for me but I knew that something stupid was going to come on like that! I blame my Ipod!

So, let me know what you thought of that, what were your favourites?

Also, since I enjoyed doing this so much there might be another chapter to this? Hypothetically if I did carry on, what couple would you like to see next?