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1) Shadow of The Day – Linkin Park.

The news hit Geoff like a bullet, those few words had sent his world into a downward spiral and it hurt like mad.

He never expected anything like this to happen, never. He always assumed that Bridgette was a happy girl, someone who would never even consider doing what she did.

Those few words echoed around his brain, he couldn't concentrate on what was happening now, for he was in shock about what had happened.

The policeman's words spun around his head like a haunting merry-go-round.

Your girlfriend killed herself.

Geoff soon started crying, he had never excepted Bridgette to do this, she was happy, right? She was his girlfriend, so she should have been happy, Geoff spoilt her rotten and treated her well, he knew to leave her alone when she said 'no' and he loved her and told her that.

It turns out she died of an overdose, just of household drugs, nothing major.

Now, he stood outside her house which was now a crime scene, a coroner walked out and sympathetically tapped Geoff on the shoulder.

"You should look at this, son" The man said to him, handing Geoff a crumpled letter, then he walked away.

Geoff sighed and unravelled the letter and looked at it, the writing was scrawled out but yet understandable, it read:

'I'm so sorry, Geoff, I had to go away, and this was the only way possible'

'The sun will set for you'.

Geoff broke down into floods of tears and dropped the letter into a rain puddle close by…

"No" He whispered, "The sun will set for you…Bridgette".

2) Outside Looking In - Jordan Pruitt.

Bridgette took a deep breath in, she was standing outside a new school, her third school this year, her family were always moving because of her father's job, she didn't mind it; it was just going to a new school every couple of months that killed her.

Something was different about this school though, the people were cruel, they whispered about her, claiming that she was a bad girl that had been kicked out of her old schools for being a dirty whore in their words.

Bridgette knew that if they knew her real story then there would be more to her that meets the eye.

They didn't even give her a chance before they started judging her.

Bridgette sighed as she stuffed her books into her locker, she hated this, however it was just another few months before her father would announce a sudden move again.

"You know you don't look like a bad-ass".

Bridgette jumped at these words; she spun around and saw a boy in a cowboy hat smiling at her.

"Just sayin', You look alright!" The boy said with a smile.

"That's because those are rumours" Bridgette mumbled.

"Really?" The boy gasped, "Well, I can understand that, you look cool!"

Bridgette smiled, "Thanks…I'm Bridgette by the way".

"Cute name" The boy smiled, "I'm Geoff, where's your next class?"

"Algebra" Bridgette mumbled looking at her schedule.

"Awesome!" Geoff cried out, "Me too, come on I'll show you the way!"

Bridgette smiled as Geoff led her through the halls and couldn't help but smirk at the girls who were glaring at her as she left.

3) Dreams – Alysha.

"Geoff, what do you dream about?" Bridgette asked one day.

They were both lying on the grass outside of Geoff's home, it was a nice day so they didn't want to be inside at this point, Bridgette was leaning on Geoff's chest when she asked this question.

"Um…like at night or just in general?" Geoff asked.


Geoff pursed his lips as he thought about this, "Well…I guess last night I dreamt about getting chased by a guy dressed up as a giant carrot".

Bridgette scoffed loudly, "I'm being serious here, Geoff! What do you dream about, like the future…nothing?"

Geoff wrinkled up his nose slightly, "You're gonna think its dumb".

"I never do" Bridgette replied as she leant up slightly.

"Ok…well I guess when I'm not dreaming about random men chasing me in vegetable suits, I'm dreaming about the future" Geoff said slowly.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, like, once I had this awesome dream where we were married, we had a couple of kids…it was amazing" Geoff told her as he smiled up at her.

Bridgette was a little speechless at this; she gasped slowly and then looked down at her hand that was entwined with Geoff's.

"You think it's dumb" Geoff mumbled as he looked a little hurt.

"No I don't" Bridgette said kindly, "It's actually the sweetest thing that I have ever heard you say…I didn't know you dreamt about things like that".

"Nearly every night I do" Geoff said kindly, "And when I don't dream about then I think about it, like my future with you and stuff…if there is one".

"Oh trust me" Bridgette said as she snuggled back down on his chest, "There is one!"

4) Under My Skin – Gin Wigmore.

"You're actually insane, Geoff!" Bridgette cried out as Geoff grabbed both of her arms and pulled her towards the pool.

"No I'm not; you just need to loosen up a little bit!" Geoff cried out as he pushed Bridgette into the pool fully clothed at that.

Bridgette re-submerged gasping for air, "That was not funny!" She screamed at him, while Geoff smirked and jumped in after Bridgette.

"Why?" Geoff asked as he wiped Bridgette's hair out of her eyes, "I just did it too!"

"Yes, because you're a fool!"

"Yeah, I am…for you!" Geoff said with a smile.

Bridgette rolled her eyes, yet she smiled too, Geoff was incredibly goofy and liked to mess around a lot, hence the pool experience she was now facing. Yet, he was probably the most spontaneous, lovely boy she had ever met in her life.

"Geoff, you are the most stupidest guy I have ever met".

"Hey! That's not-."

"But I love you all the same for it" Bridgette said before leaning in and kissing his cheek a few times.

"You're under my skin, and there you'll stay" She whispered kindly.

Geoff giggled, "Can I get under something else too?" He said while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oh for the love of God!" Bridgette growled as she splashed a laughing Geoff with the water.

5) Love Is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar

That was it, it was done. Bridgette had ended a three year relationship with her ex boyfriend that she had loved for ages.

However love became a fine line when she caught him in bed with a girl from her Spanish Class.

It was a simple mistake on her behalf, being in the wrong place and the wrong time. Meaning she had gone over to surprise him at his house and on her way through the hallway she found the girl's thong that had seemingly been ripped off her behind.

Bridgette immediately called it quits, she screamed, shouted and yelled at him, hoping it would make things better, yet it didn't.

However after a few days her aching heart healed, it was bizarre but soon gave Bridgette the edge knowing that this guy wasn't her true love, he was just a fling, in fact now that she realized it, it was three years of her life wasted.

She was annoyed, partly because of the fact that she had given her all to this guy and he threw it away, however after the break up Bridgette found herself listening to powerful songs written by women who had obviously had their hearts broken too and it gave her a sort of power knowing that she was better off.

Now, as she walked down the road listening to Pat Benatar's 'Love is a Battlefield' she felt empowered and ready to face the world of scorn at school who all knew that she had been treated on.

She was fine however, she knew that she would survive, it was only matter of time before people started talking about this, at least she came off as the innocent one in all this.

Bridgette was too involved with choosing the next song on her Ipod she didn't see who was in front of her and walked straight into someone.

She looked up and realized it was Geoff, someone from her school who she spoke to every now and then; he smiled kindly at her and helped her back up.

"You alright there, Bridge?" He asked as she found her feet.

"Just fine" Bridgette replied, "Hey, you going to school?"

Geoff nodded, "Look, I heard that you broke up with your boyfriend, that sucks!"

"Yeah…it does" Bridgette mumbled. "I should have seen it coming though".

Geoff shrugged his shoulders, "Still, sorry about that…but that's kind of a good thing I guess".

Bridgette cocked her head to the right, "How so?"

"Well…it means now I can ask you to go out for coffee with me, something I've wanted to do for three years" Geoff said gently.

Bridgette smiled, "I'd really like that".

6) Dancing Through Life – The Cast Of Wicked.

"Geoff, you got to be a bit more serious about this" Bridgette mumbled, they were both in Bridgette's bed room studying, well, Bridgette was, Geoff was messing around.

"Why, babe?" He asked, "It's just another set of exams that don't mean anything, it's just a way for teachers to bully us, it's just a waste of time".

"It's not" Bridgette said as she sat up from her bed, "It's so teachers can see where we are and if they're doing a good job in teaching us".

"Meaning it's a waste of time!" Geoff replied, he leant back on Bridgette's bed and pressed his chest up against her back, "Look, I have a fun idea, how about we drop the studying and we go out, have some fun? I know someone who is throwing a party in town tonight how about we go?"

"No" Bridgette mumbled, "I don't know about you but I want to do well on this test tomorrow".

Geoff scoffed loudly, "Alright…stuck up!"

Bridgette glared at Geoff, "What did you just call me?"

"Stuck up" Geoff repeated, "Come out with me tonight and maybe you won't be".

Bridgette rolled her eyes, "Geoff. I can't I have to study…jeez, I'm a nerd aren't I?"

Geoff laughed loudly, "Come out with me and you won't be" He said as he kissed the top of her head several times.

Bridgette sighed in defeat, "Alright" She moaned as Geoff excitedly pulled her off the bed, "Get ready, I'll be over in a few hours to get you and we can party!" He cried out while fist pumping in the air as he left the room.

Bridgette sighed, "Now, what have I gotten myself into?" She mumbled.

Still, a night out with Geoff did seem like a good idea, he was a party animal and when she did go out with him to parties she had the best nights of her life.

This was just going to be another amazing night, and there was no problem with that.

Bridgette got showered and dressed up in a short blue dress. She fluffed her hair, which was down for once, a few times and pulled on a pair of silver heels.

She looked into the mirror and smiled, she looked beautiful, tonight really was going to be a good night, she could feel it in her bones.

Her phone started vibrating, singling her to leave to go meet Geoff in his car downstairs, she ran down the stairs and into Geoff's car, he smiled at her happily and then when he realized what she was wearing his eyes bulged out of his head.

"Babe…you look hot!" Geoff cried out happily, "Seriously hot!"

Bridgette smiled, "Thank you, and you looked perfect too".

"No way! You're the one that's perfect" Geoff said while leaning over and kissing Bridgette on the lips.

Bridgette smiled, "Hey, I've been wondering, why were you so desperate to get out tonight?" She asked as Geoff started driving away from Bridgette's house.

"Because school work is boring!"

"But there is another reason…right?"

Geoff bit his lower lip, "Yeah. I guess there is, I just wanted to have fun tonight, do you ever get that urge to go out and dance your troubles away?"

Bridgette slowly nodded, "Yeah…all the time".

"Well, that's what I felt tonight, I mean I could have gone by myself and let you stuffy but…I wanted to be with you tonight" Geoff told her.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah Babe, I love you so much and I wanted you to have fun with me tonight" Geoff said happily.

Bridgette smiled, "Aww, Geoff that's so sweet!" she said as she sidled close to him, as humanly possible as the car would allow it.

Geoff smiled happily to himself, "You're my girl and I wanted to have a party with you tonight, it's going to be amazing. And if you want I can drop you back early so you can study?"

Bridgette scoffed, "You know what? Screw that test! I'm going to let my hair down and party with the most perfect boyfriend in the entire world!"

"Oh really?" Geoff said happily, "SO I am perfect?"


"And you also have your hair down, you never have your hair down" Geoff noted.

"Yeah…I wanted a change, does it look ok?" Bridgette nervously asked while she ran a finger through her hair.

"It looks…perfect" Geoff laughed, "We've used that word a lot tonight".

"Yeah…but it's a nice word" Bridgette said.

"True that!" Geoff said as he pulled into the house where the party was, there were already a load of cars there and booming music playing, "Now, let's dance!"

"Yeah, let's go!"

Geoff jumped out of the car and grabbed Bridgette's hand and led her into the house, for another amazing night in love with each other.

7) Dog Days Are Over – Glee Cast.

Happiness hit her like a train on a track.

The words echoed around Bridgette's head like a buzzing bee, something amazing just happened in her life, she had finally got a long term boyfriend after waiting for so long.

It all happened when she applied to go on Total Drama Island, there she met Geoff, a guy that she thought was a tool to begin with but ended up falling for his boyish charm.

He fell just as hard and Bridgette knew it when she saw the clay bowl hid under her pillows one day.

It was playful banter between the two, flirting here and there but nothing major, until Bridgette got voted off.

She was able to see Geoff on a TV screen at Playa Des Losers, and she saw that Geoff was hurting without her, and it hurt her too.

But then that fateful day finally arrived, when he was voted off the island and arrived at the resort, Bridgette was the first to greet him and Geoff had been planning this day for as long as Bridgette had been kicked off for.

He grabbed hold of her and picked her up bridal style, a little surprised by this Bridgette gasped, Geoff just smiled and placed his lips against hers, it was a long passionate kiss that sunk both Geoff and Bridgette into a world of love.

It was exciting and gave them both a buzz, Bridgette wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled Geoff closer to her, Geoff's tongue explored every inch of her mouth with love until he pulled away.

"What was that for?" Bridgette playful asked as she stoked her blonde hair.

"Well, that was the kiss that I meant to give you when you left…but because I'm an ass I didn't…so I made it extra long this time, was it ok?" Geoff asked.

Bridgette's reply was another long kiss on the lips, when she pulled away she stroked his cheek and jaw line, "It was wonderful" She whispered.

Geoff didn't care that he lost out on the money, he has Bridgette, and she in his eyes was worth all the money in the world.

8) Lucky Ones – Bif Naked.

The rain pelted down hard on the two, they were both hiding under a shelter they had constructed out of destroyed debris.

It was painful, the town they had lived in was put under danger after a war had broken out, bombs had been thrown down onto the small town and blowing it to pieces.

It shouldn't have happened, the town was innocent, it was a fight thanks to the big boys in the government and the little town was hugely affected.

The young blonde couple hid as sirens blared out, they couldn't sleep, they were too afraid, it was a horrible thing to go through and they were both shaking in fear.

Geoff pressed down onto Bridgette's body, protecting her from any more damage.

"Are you ok?" Geoff asked.

Bridgette weakly nodded, "I'm scared" She whispered.

"Me too" Geoff admitted, "But we're going to get out of this alive…ok?"

"Alright" Bridgette nodded.

"The two stayed in silence for another two minutes, Geoff breathed a sigh of relief and poked his head out of the shelter.

"Hey…Babe, I think it's clear!" Geoff cried out happily.

He spoke too soon, for high above their heads flew a plane, dropping another bomb, it fell towards them and with a bang, it threw them both from their hiding place, and against the cold floor with a thud.

They were dying now, they both knew it, blood was pouring out of their bodies and they were slowly getting weaker.

Knowing that it was probably his final moments with Bridgette, Geoff slowly reached his hand out and clasped her into his.

"I…Love…You" He weakly gasped.

Bridgette slowly nodded, "I…love you…too…Geoff".

And with that, they both breathed their last breaths and were carried to the heavens above; their innocent lives had been taken far too cruelly…

9) Another One Bites the Dust – The Cast of Glee.

Being voted off was hard.

During Total Drama Island it was difficult, hearing your heart beating in your throat when you waited for your name to be called out to make sure that you were safe, then that small gooey treat suddenly became your life for the next few months.

It was tough when you got voted off, just to see that marshmallow that was supposed to be yours fly straight past your head and into the hands of another, it was like seeing death.

Neither Geoff or Bridgette had expected to go through that again, however when they were forced to compete in Total Drama Action, they realized it was all coming again.

It had been hard enough to be separated on the Island they weren't sure if they could face another dreaded ceremony, they had pretty much been in each others arms for the whole two days they were there. But when they sat down for the 'Gilded Chris Awards', they both knew that they were in for another nail biting experience.

That came straight away, when everyone was being thrown an award, leaving three behind, three, meaning two were going to go home.

Both Geoff and Bridgette were shaking through this, yet they felt oddly calm when they both realized that their hands were clung hold to one another as if to say no matter what happens they would always love each other.

They were both shocked yet happy when LeShawna's name was called out though, announced that they were both going home, yet they were hurt, they were meant to be liked by these people!

But at least they had each other, right?

10) All Summer Long – Kid Rock.

"This summer is going to be awesome!"

Geoff cheered loudly while pumping his fists into the air, today was the start of summer vacation for both Bridgette and Geoff, and Bridgette had convinced her family in letting her stay with Geoff for a few months.

So, she jumped on the first bus out of her home town and rode for a good two hours before arriving in Geoff's town, he greeted her instantly and drove her home to meet his family, and then it was off to the beach.

Geoff chatted non stop to Bridgette as he drove them to the beach, there was going to be a party down there and Geoff was eager to go, Bridgette was just as excited, partly to spend time with Geoff but to meet his friends too.

She soon found that Geoff's friends were just like him, they loved to party and were very chilled out, they also spoke very highly of Geoff and everyone there looked very happy upon his arrival, despite that they also made Bridgette feel incredibly welcome.

"Turn the music up!" He cried out loudly as the sun soon set and a bonfire was lit, they danced, drank and socialized for hours after that.

It was now the early hours of the morning, the party was still in full swing however Geoff and Bridgette had broken away from the party and sat down on the warm sand, Bridgette was lying of Geoff's chest and listened to the waves splashing against the shore in front of them.

"Tonight has been great" She whispered while snuggling closer to Geoff.

"Well, it's just getting started! We're going to be down here for a while, is that cool?" Geoff asked.

"That's fine with me!"

Geoff then let out a loud sigh, Bridgette looked up and him and saw that he looked a little sad, "What's up?"

"Well…I was just thinking about the end of summer, you know when school starts again and when…you have to go" Geoff mumbled, pulling his cowboy hat over his eyes slightly.

"Oh, Geoff" Bridgette said gently as she pushed his hat off and saw his eyes were misty, like he was ready to cry, "It's the first day of summer vacation, we're going to be together for a very long time, we just have to enjoy it while we can".

Geoff immediately smiled at this, "That's true" He sat up and pulled Bridgette into a big hug, "I love you so much, babe".

"I love you too Schmoopy-Boo" Bridgette said kindly, she moved closer to him and his lips met her and they started one of their infamous make out sessions, exploring each others mouths and running their hands all over each others bodies.

Yes, this summer was truly going to be amazing, they had to make sure of that.

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