Kendo Spirit: Of Afternoon Days and Tender Love

Chapter 1: Another Ambitious Idea

A/N: Konnichiwa! It's time for a special addition to my Kendo Spirit fanfic, Kendo Spirit: Of Afternoon Days and Tender Love. This fanfic is pretty much my first official Romance fanfic (Kendo Spirit was Humor/General genre with hints of Romance) plus this is a Tama X Yuji oriented fanfic! (A special 2011 treat for my long-time readers and fans)

Quick heads up is that you don't have to read Kendo Spirit to understand this fanfic. (Consider this fanfic as a side-dish to Kendo Spirit even though it has no relationship with the main storyline.) This fanfic will be a collection of one-shots that can be read in a non-chronological order.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Bamboo Blade belongs to Masahiro Totsuka and Aguri Igarashi.

In Class 2-A Math, something is steaming…

"Since we haven't gone through Ptolemy's theorem, I will outline the important points as it'll appear in the mid-terms." Yamada-sensei informed the class as he scribbled a triangle on the board. "Now if you've forgotten how to find sine, cosine and tangent, Fermat will be crying in his grave." The students rolled their eyes while Yamada-sensei continued to scribble figures on the board.

"Heh… at least I already went through this stuff…" Kirino whispered to herself happily, "then I can start day-dreaming again…" She flipped through her notebook and noticed a doodle of Tamaki and Yuji on the front cover. Oh yeah! I did this during free block at the end of math…

"Man I really, really want to see those two together!" Kirino sighed as she doodled on the front cover of her math exercise book. "If only they actually realize what is going on, then it'll be more interesting…"

"CHIBA!" Yamada-sensei called, "Tell me what's the cosine of this triangle using Ptolemy's theorem." Oh crap, was I daydreaming again? Kirino panicked as she quickly scanned the board. Yabai! Did I just miss that many notes for this unit? Suddenly a piece of chalk was flying through the classroom and darted into Kirino's open mouth.

"CHIBA! THIS IS THE THIRD TIME!" Yamada-sensei snapped, "You need to pay attention to this stuff as this will appear in your mid-terms!" Kirino coughed violently, the chalky smoke spewing from her mouth. And this is the third time I have chalk aimed into my mouth again… Kirino thought miserably as she quickly scribbled all the notes into her notebook.

Meanwhile, in class 3-A History…

"During the Heian Period, we have studied important figures ranging from the Fujiwara clan to Emperor Kammu." Kojirou-sensei drew a diagram on the board. "We've already learned how the Fujiwara clan influenced the imperial family through intermarriage and how the Heian Period changed." Why am I teaching history today? Kojirou thought miserably as he continued to fill in the diagram. It's supposed to be my prep block, not teaching block! Luckily I did pretty well in history back in my lively high-school days…

"Ano sensei, why are you here?" A student asked, "Don't you belong in the Politics and Economics wing?" A vein popped on Kojirou's forehead as he added points to the Fujiwara Clan box in the diagram.

"If I were you Hirano-san, I would write all of this down since it'll be on the test tomorrow." Kojirou calmly said and turned towards the class. "I know I don't usually teach History but Takahashi-sensei is away on sabbatical leave until the end of this term." The whole class groaned as a red haired girl raised her hand. Oh god, this better not be one of your fanatical questions, Saya… Kojirou stared at the wall.

"Ano, Kojirou-sensei, does that mean Takahashi sensei is on maternity leave?" Saya asked. The whole class burst into laughter as Kojirou banged his head on the teacher's desk. How in the world Takahashi-sempai survives this? Kojirou thought angrily as he flipped through the history book.

"Kuwahara-san! Name three important figures in the Heian Period." Kojirou snapped. You better give me some face, Saya… Kojirou thought miserably.

"Eto…. Abe no Seimei, Lady Murasaki and Fujiwara Keiji." Saya happily answered. The whole class was dead silent before it erupted to another fit of laughter. Kojirou stared at Saya with his mouth wide open.

"How on earth did you get those answers?" Kojirou tightened his grip on the textbook, "I know that those people are famous during that period but how on earth did Fujiwara Keiji fit into this?"

"Ano, wasn't it the Fujiwara clan who was dominating Japan?" Saya asked while she scratched her head, "I mean, as long as the person is a Fujiwara, it doesn't matter who…" At this point, Kojirou grip tightened so hard that the textbook was about to crumple.

"KUWAHARA SAYAKO!" Kojirou fumed as he slammed the textbook on the desk, "Go and take a walk. NOW!" Saya quickly jumped from her seat and dashed out of the classroom.

"Ano sensei, Saya's technically correct…" Another student raised his hand. Kojirou glared at the student as he went towards the board.

"Do you want to take a walk too, Saitama-san?" Kojirou asked coldly. The whole class stayed quiet for the rest of the block. Takahashi-sempai, please come back as soon as possible… Kojirou thought as he continued to scribble down more notes.

Recess is only 15 minutes today…

"Heee…that was a painful history class…" Saya crumpled in a seat at the cafeteria. "Of all the people, why does it have to be Kojirou-sensei teaching us?" Kirino tilted her head in confusion.

"Apparently, Takahashi-sensei is taking a maternity leave until the end of the term…" Saya said and scratched her head, "or was it puberty leave? Something that ended with leave…" Ano Saya, Takahashi-sensei is a male so why should he take a maternity leave? Kirino chuckled as she passed her water bottle towards her friend.

"You mean sabbatical leave, Saya-chan." Kirino grinned as Saya rolled her eyes, "I'm thankful that the chalk schools use these days are made from eggshell…"

"Did Yamada-sensei aim another chalk into your mouth?" Saya asked. Kirino nodded miserably and pulled out her notebook.

"I was day-dreaming and probably talking to myself and then Yamada-sensei lectured me…" Kirino pouted but grinned widely at her notebook, "Remember this from last week?" Saya squint her eyes at the notebook.

"Remember the names of the Shinsengumi members…" Saya raised an eyebrow, "You're already on the Meiji Period in history class?" Kirino took a peek at her notebook and laughed.

"No not that, I meant the doodle!" Kirino pointed at the girl and boy doodle with hearts all over it. "Remember when we tried to convince Tama-chan and Yuji-kun to GO OUT?" As Kirino stressed the last two words, Saya face lit up.

"Oh! When Yuji took Tama-chan to the amusement park only to find it closed?" Saya excitedly asked. "Are you thinking of what I'm thinking?" Kirino grinned even wider and nodded her head.

"Hai, I already came up with some ideas for this to work." Kirino cheerfully announced while staring at the clock. "Class is about to start in 10 minutes so why don't we discuss later tonight?" Saya nodded her head eagerly as she pushed her chair in.

"Hai hai," Saya replied, "How about at your place?" Kirino nodded as the two girls walked out of the cafeteria filled with wild, never-ending thoughts.

In Class 1-B History class...

"Hey Yuji, did you finish the Edo Period worksheets?" Azuma asked as she frantically pulled out her notebook, "I didn't understand the significance of the Shimabara Rebellion..." Yuji looked up from his notebook and smiled.

"Since we have around 10 minutes, I think I can quickly summarize it for you," Yuji smiled as he flipped through his notebook. As soon as he got to the Shimabara Rebellion section, he felt a slight breeze and shivered. It can't be this cold when the heater is on, Yuji thought as he scanned through his notes, yapari someone is definitely talking about me… He stole a quick glance at Tamaki who was seated two desks away from him.

"Ano, Yuji-san?" Azuma asked, "Is there something wrong?" Yuji blinked twice before he returned his attention to Azuma.

"Nandemonai desu," Yuji smiled as he laid down his notebook on the desk, "Nothing wrong. Let's start with what triggered the rebellion…" Ahh… if only I could sit next to Tama-chan this class… A familiar person walked into the classroom early as he wrote out the class planner.

"Ano, why are you here, Kojirou-sensei?" Tamaki asked as Kojirou turned around, "I thought you teach Politics and Economics…" Why does every student in Takahashi-sempai's history class ask the same question? Kojirou stared at the ceiling before he turned towards the board. Kami-sama, I hope this class will be a million times better than Saya's class…

A/N: Ehhh….. I didn't think this would be another one of my crazy ideas… What do you think? Like how this is going? Since this is a fairly straight-forward theme for me, I will try my very hardest to update this fanfic once a week. I hope I didn't do too badly in writing for the Romance genre.

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Notes: I didn't really research on how the classroom numbers in Japanese High schools work so if I made any errors; feel free to let me know! The math sensei didn't have a name in the original manga and anime so I decided to call him Yamada-sensei. (History sensei didn't exist therefore I made Takahashi-sensei up)

Quick FYI, Abe no Seimei is an onmyouji, Lady Murasaki is the author of Genji Monogatari and Fujiwara Keiji is a seiyuu . (I did do some quick history research since I'm a history freak so surprise! :3)