Chapter 2: Enforcing the Plan

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Last night at around 8 pm…

"You know, I think that they should have gotten together for a while now!" Kirino said into her keitai as she drew circles on her notebook. "It's kind of tiring to wait for something to happen…"

"Of course they should!" Saya replied, "It's so frustrating and irritating that they don't realize that there's something between the two of them!"

"Well I guess that's what you call life?" Kirino sighed and leaned against her chair. "I mean, it's not like everyone would realize that their relationship is more than just friends…"

"Then we should make them realize that!" Saya yelled into the keitai and punched the air. "Just like those romance stories about how a girl and a guy denying their love until the very last minute. When the girl gets into a tight situation, the guy will come and save her. In the end, both of them will be walking hand in hand as the sun sets in the distance…" Ano Saya, your story-writing has been a bit too… rusty. Kirino sighed as she drew a heart around Tamaki and Yuji's name in her notebook.

"It's been what? More than five months?" Kirino "Apparently, both Tama-chan and Yuji-san have known each other in elementary school."

"Ehhh? Honto ni? Is that true?" Saya excitedly yelled through the keitai. "Aww! That's so cute! I wonder if they still think about their elementary school days."

"Um I don't think it's gonna be that simple…" Kirino cut through Saya's excitement.

"Eh? What do you mean, Kirino-chan?" Saya asked in disbelief as she crumpled another piece of paper.

"Well…what I heard from Yuji was that Tama-chan saved him from some bullies…" Kirino said as she put her pen down. "I guess that ends your career as a fortune teller?"

"Eh? Not the other way round?" Saya balanced the keitai between her ear and shoulder while she prepared a clean sheet of paper.

"No… even though Tama-chan saved him, she told him to stop being a wimp and left." Kirino giggled as she picked up the pen and twirled it. "Yuji told me that he got a scar from where Tama-chan deflected the rock…"

"Aww… That's just like Tama-chan…" Saya sighed as she carefully aligned her ruler on the page. "Man, if only we can change her personality…" Kirino giggled as she drew a quick doodle of Tama-chan and Yuji in her notebook.

"Nee… Saya-chan." Kirino said, "Remember that idea we came up last year on how to make kendo fun?

"Of course I remembered!" Saya laughed as she wrote her name on the page. "That was when the dojo had a lot of members…" Saya paused as she dropped her pen on the page.

"Hey, Kirino." Saya spoke through the keitai, "Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

"Hmmm?" Kirino asked, "You wanted to use that plan?"

"What? Oh you mean that thing we planned at the beginning of the year in case we managed to recruit Tama-chan?" Saya asked as a grin began to widen on her face.

"Yeah, that one."Kirino nodded in agreement. "Why don't we get it prepared for tomorrow? We have practice afterschool…"

"Yooossh!" Saya suddenly stood up, letting the chair crash on the floor. "Chi-Kuwa Greatest Plan is about to start cooking!" Haaahh…. Saya hasn't changed at all… Kirino smiled as she closed her keitai and fell on her bed. Well… let's see how things turn out tomorrow…

At the kendo dojo…

"Can I have everyone gather around here!" Kojirou called his kendo club to come over, "Since it's the new year, we should have our first meeting today." The whole dojo nodded as the gathered around Koujirou and sat in a circle.

"Ano sensei, what are we doing? A séance?" Dan-kun raised his hand. Kojirou shot an icy glare at Dan-kun as he dropped a stack of papers in the middle of the circle.

"After playing against my sempai's school, I think it'll be a good practice if we continue to attend practice matches against other schools." Kojirou began as he straightened the pile of paper. "I believe that this year's team is going to do really well. If we continue to improve our kendo skills, then I will consider signing the team to compete in the prefecture competition in the winter."

"So an official match?" Miya-miya asked uncertainly, "I don't think I'm prepared…" Saya laughed and slapped Miya-miya's back.

"No worries, you're improving a lot!" Saya grinned, "Besides that, I'm sure you'll do… uh…" Miya-miya glared daggers at Saya, a huge black aura engulfed around her. Saya quickly jumped away from Miya-miya and ran towards Kirino. Dakara, you shouldn't bother Miya-miya, Kirino sighed.

"You'll be lots of practice matches with other school. In fact," Kojirou pulled another pile of paper from the stack, "I'll be setting up another kendo training camp alongside with my sempai's team. That'll be during the fall season."

"Besides that, we'll need to set up some goals during the next few weeks," Kojirou brushed dust off his sleeves, "That way we can push ourselves to the next level." Kirino nodded in agreement and grinned widely.

"Yep so that we can work hard and let our pride and sweat flow in our bodies!" Kirino pumped her fist into the air. Ano, Kirino that's really disgusting… Kojirou thought as he handed out the forms.

"By the way, I'll be taking over Takahashi-sensei's history classes until summer break," Kojirou handed the last package to Tamaki, "Takahashi-sensei is on a sabbatical leave so please don't cause any trouble for me." I thought Kojirou-sensei teaching Economics was bad enough…The whole kendo group groaned loudly all at once.

"With that note, if you need any help with history, you can ask anytime during practice." Kojirou slid the dojo door open, "Although I may not look like it, I actually excelled in History way better than Economics."

"Ehh… I thought I could get away from Kojirou-sensei for once…" Yuji folded the paper packages and slipped them into his bag. "Man… this is gonna be a pain for the rest of the year…"

"Oh yeah, I just remembered…" Kirino pulled out two envelopes from her bag, "Tama-chan and Yuji-kun didn't do their required weekly activities…" Tamaki raised an eyebrow.

"What weekly activities?" Yuji asked as he noticed a shiny gleam in Saya's eyes. I have a really bad feeling about this… Yuji thought miserably.

"Ho ho, you didn't complete your required weekly activities and you call yourself kendo practitioners?" Saya exclaimed in shock, "That is against the rules of conduct…" Miya-miya slammed her shinai at Saya's face.

"Stop making trash up," Miya-miya glared at the latter. "If you're talking about THAT, I've already completed it." She dropped the shinai and left the dojo.

"Oh you mean that log book?" Azuma said as she fumbled with the package, "I think I already complete that too…"

"Ehh? What do you mean?" Yuji asked as Saya grinned evily.

"Heh heh, I guess we forgot to mention it to you two…" Saya began as she handed the envelopes to Tamaki and Yuji. "Why don't we have Kirino do the explanations?" Kirino nodded as she held up a booklet.

"All members of the kendo club not only have to practice kendo, but also complete the weekly activities log." Kirino said as she pointed at the booklet. "At the end of each week, you will draw a slip of paper from the hat. This paper indicates which activity you'll be doing this week."

"But… what happens if we don't have time to do it?" Yuji asked as he pointed at the booklet, "I don't think I'll be able to complete a week's worth of activities!" Plus I don't see the point of doing this… Yuji grumbled as Saya wagged her index finger.

"All you really need is at least 2-3 days worth." Saya stated with a smirk. "Besides, I think that you should be able to finish it up in no time!"

"So, do I have to do this?" Tamaki asked nonchalantly.

"YES." Everyone except for Yuji replied in unison.

"Oh." Tamaki slowly got up, "Okay." Kirino smiled as she held up a hat filled with pieces of paper.

"Why don't you pick something from the hat?" Kirino grinned as Tamaki stared at Yuji.

"How about Yuji-kun?" Tamaki asked as she folded her package. Why me? Yuji thought as he dug his hand into the hat and retrieved a piece of paper.

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Japanese Terms:

Honto ni? – Really? or Is that true?

Keitaicell phone