Title: Good Man In A Storm
Author: Gina
Pairing: Callie/ Arizona, Callie/George
Rating: NC17(later chapters)
Summary: AU Calzona. George breaks Callie's heart and leaves her alone and broken. Can Arizona restore her faith in love and be her good man in a storm. Set somewhere around season 4.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fiction, nor do I have any rights in regards to them. All characters belong to ABC and Shonda Rhimes.

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Callie's POV

As I drove to the Archfield hotel after my grueling 48 hour shift at the hospital all I could think of was my husband George and the news I had to tell him. We hadn't seen each other in almost 3 days due to our conflicting shifts and schedules. The last 6 months have been dreamlike for me…..marrying my McDreamy and winning the chief resident position. However my dream had turned a bit sour lately…..the chief resident position was a lot harder to handle than I thought it would be and George and I had been out of sync more often than I would like to admit. But tonight she hoped would change that…..she planned to tell him the news after she made him his favorite ham and cheese omelet for dinner with a glass of red wine.

For the first time in weeks I found myself smiling as I handed over my car keys to the hotel valet. I had a bounce in my step as I took the elevator to our room. I couldn't wait to move out of the hotel and get a house of our own….but with the news I had to tell George I was confident getting a house would be our next step.

I opened the door and called out "Hey sweetie…..I am home."

I saw him standing in the balcony talking on the phone. I quickly approached him and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips with a smile. He smiled back and then gently pushed me away to continue talking on the phone.

"Ok Iz. Sounds good. See you in a bit."He smiled and hung up.

My mood was in serious danger of plummeting at the mention of her name but I was determined to not let her ruin this night for me so I managed to shrug my irritation aside.

"Hey Callie. How was work?" he asked after hanging up. Suddenly I started feeling nervous…..I knew what I wanted to tell him was good news but I couldn't help but be a little nervous of his reaction.

He must have noticed my deer caught in headlights expression because he immediately asked "Callie..what's wrong? Did you get fired or something?" He knew I was having a hellish time with the chief resident thing so I couldn't fault him for coming to that conclusion.

"No unfortunately not. Sometimes I think that might be a relief." I gave a small laugh. I loved being a surgeon but recently I had been having a tough time with all the administrative duties that were an integral part of being chief resident.

"Are you sick…" he asked looking a little worried now.

"No…..no…I'm not…" I rushed to reassure him. "It's actually good news and I really hope you think so too…..I'm pregnant." I looked at him expectantly.

There was an endless silence in the room as I could hear my own heart pounding and his quickened breathing as he held me. He suddenly wrenched away and looked at me with quiet desperation "You are not serious are you Callie?"

"Yes I am."

Something in his face turned to ice and I felt panic rise in my chest. "Are you sure?" he asked in an expressionless tone.

"Absolutely." I nodded my head.

"I am sorry Callie. This is rotten luck." He said looking a little annoyed.

"I wouldn't really call it luck."I tried to reason with him getting a bit frustrated myself."We did have something to do with it you know."

"Callie you know I don't want kids right now. I don't think we are in a place personally or in my case professionally to burden ourselves with a baby. I had told you this before and I thought that we were on the same page." He paced angrily.

"George please listen to me. We both have good jobs. We have a good life and we will make sure the baby has a good life. We could easily support a child." I pleaded with him tears running down my face.

"It's not about money Callie. It's not fair to bring an unwanted child into our life. It's not right…" he insisted stubbornly.

"But it's not unwanted…..I want this baby more than anything."I whimpered.

"Look Cal …we can argue about this all night but nothing is going to change." "Please just take care of it."

I couldn't believe this man standing in front of me was sweet and kind George O Malley. George O Malley wanted me to abort his baby…..I was in a state of shock.

"George…please…don't make me do this. Don't make me choose between you and the baby. I can't let a stranger scrape my uterus with a scalpel and kill our baby. It's our baby whether you want it or not. I can't kill our baby just because you say so." I sobbed.

"I am not making you do anything…..you are a grown woman and you can decide what's best for you." "I am going to study with Izzie. Hopefully by the time I am back you would have made a decision." He said before leaving the room.

I sank down on the couch shuddering with sobs and closed my eyes hoping that when I opened them again our whole fight would have been a terrible nightmare. I love George dearly….but how do I kill my own baby?

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