Ok, so as many of you might know, one of the things I like to do is find good story ideas that always end up sucking, and I write a story that I hope doesn't suck. That doesn't include all my stories, but stories like Blood King, with Vampire Naruto always end up as yaoi, not in the Elemental nations, or being a twilight knockoff. Many of my stories are based on ideas that are good, but the majority of them still suck. Like, there are Naruto/Digimon stories that are awesome, but the majority I read or horrible. Therefore, when I found out how utterly awful all the stories in this category are, I had to try my hand. I loved this show when it was on, I admit it. So, anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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"OK, listen. I have no idea who you people are, but I am not some spy. I was sitting in on some scientists that were working with some device and there was some kind of accident. That's all I know!" said the girl chained to the chair in a dark room. "Honestly. I don't even know where I am."

"Well, while you may be telling the truth, you have to realize how utterly ridiculous it sounds, Ms…" said a large man with a scarred face and a bandanna covering his head.

"Possible" said the girl. "My name is Kim Possible. You have to believe me; I have no idea what this place even is."

"Well Ms. Possible, you'll soon find out. Until such time that your story can be verified, the Village Council has ordered your arrest. Until we find out the truth, you are a prisoner in this village, and you will do as you are told" said the man, before exiting the interrogation room.

"Why do these kinds of things only happen to me?" asked Kim, completely in shock at what was happening. After she and her friend Ron Stoppable had recovered the stolen Pan-Dimensional Vortex inducer, they were invited to see what exactly it could do by the scientists who created it in the first place. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and she was sucked into some odd inter-dimensional portal, waking up in a prison cell a while later.

Unable to move from the chair she was trapped in, she blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. It didn't help that she had nothing. No fancy gadgets to get her out of trouble. All of her gadgets and tech had apparently been confiscated before her waking up. This time, she was stuck until her captors decided she wasn't a threat.

She sat there for several hours. She would have paced had she been able to get out of the chair. For once, Kim Possible was losing her cool in a major situation. The room was hot, she hadn't eaten anything in possibly twenty-four hours, she was tired, and she was worried about her fate. These people could do anything they wanted to her, and she could do nothing. She had tried to escape, but whoever these people were, they could do things that even she could not, conflicting with her personal motto, "I can do anything." She couldn't do the things these guys were doing.

The door opened and in stepped the scarred man along with a purple haired women in a brown trench coat, skirt, and fish netting over her shirt.

"Well Ms. Possible, the council wishes to see you. You may plead your case to them, but they are the ones who will decide your fate" said the scarred man, releasing her from the chair. At this point, Kim knew there was no point in attempting escape. Her wrists were restrained in something akin to handcuffs, before being led out of the room, through winding hallways until she was eventually brought outside, the light blinding her for a moment. This was her first glance outside, and she was amazed at the place she found herself in. The place looked to be a combination of ancient buildings and modern architecture. Off in the distance, there was a mountain, four massive faces carved in it, reminding her of Mount Rushmore.

It didn't last however, as they eventually arrived at a new building, which she was brought into, and once more led down a series of hallways and corridors, before settling in a massive room, looking almost like a courtroom, where several people were bickering. She realized it was her fate they were arguing about. Once they settled down, the scarred man and the purple-haired woman bowed on their knees, before forcing Kim to do the same.

"Kim Possible, if that is your name…you have been charged with espionage within our village. If you are found guilty, you could be sentenced to life imprisonment, possibly death. You may plead your case before the Honorable councils of The Leaf, before your fate is decided" said a very old looking man who had an air of authority about him, wearing a large hat with a symbol Kim recognized as the Japanese symbol for fire, smoking a pipe. "Do you wish to plead your case before us?"

"Yes…"Honorable councils" she added after dirty looks from most members of the councils. "My name is Kim Possible. I was on a mission for several scientists, trying to recover a stolen device."

"And you believe the device is here?" asked one member with pale white eyes with no pupils. The eyes seemed to bore into her, making her a bit more uncomfortable than she already was.

"No. Me and my partner Ron managed to retrieve it, and the scientists later asked us to a demonstration of what the device could do. Apparently it can create portals to other worlds, and I was pulled in during a lab accident?" replied Kim.

"Do you know what caused this accident?" asked a woman with spiky hair and a red triangle on each cheek.

"I…I don't remember" said Kim. Everything that happened between the activation of the device and her being sucked in was a complete blur.

"Honorable Council if I may, the girl suffered a hit to the head that may have obscured her memory" said the scarred man.

"Thank you Ibiki" replied the aged man with the hat. "Unfortunately, Ms. Possible, your head trauma and slight amnesia makes your story much less plausible."

"But it's true, you have to believe me!" said Kim.

"She also had some burns. They were superficial at best, but still…" said the purple-haired. "Other than that, her physical examination shows that she is otherwise in peak physical condition. She has proven, through a few escape attempts to be resilient, with some skill in Taijutsu, as well as having low chunin level chakra reserves." With that, she handed a file to the old man, as he eyed her appraisingly.

"Lord Hokage, if I may speak" said another older council member.

"Hmm" replied the old man, having been reading her file.

"She's fairly strong while having apparently no prior shinobi training. While training could be dangerous, perhaps she could be of use to this village" said the old woman, standing. "So…I propose that she be married off to Sasuke Uchiha so as to begin repopulating the Uchiha clan. Being as strong as she is without shinobi training is incredible, she would make a fine first wife for the Uchiha."

Kim's eyes widened at this, and she began to struggle. They were talking about breeding her like cattle. However, her restraints and guards kept her down and silent. The old woman's motion was being loved by many in the council. That is of course until a severely bandaged person stood.

"While such an idea has merit Koharu, the Uchiha may have any female in this village. I believe there is a better choice, one that if we don't use could be lost to us forever" he said.

"And what is this better choice Danzo" asked the old woman.

"Yes, I too wish to know of what you think this girl's fate should be" said the old man with the pipe and hat, eyeing the man warily.

"As you all know, the Uchiha were amazing shinobi, but there is a genin in this village who I believe has even greater potential…Naruto Uzumaki." Several eyes widened while several others narrowed. You could tell who was surprised and who was suspicious. "Hear me out" said the man. "We all know of the boy's…condition. He currently has a chakra level even higher than his jonin sensei, bordering on Kage level…without tapping into "its" power. He also has amazing healing ability, and enough hidden talent to overshadow even high-level chunin. The boy learned and mastered the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu in a matter of three hours, something that takes most jonin several months to accomplish. If he were to start a clan, they would be a force to be feared. However, as it is, he will likely never get married because of what he holds. But here, right now, we can get it started. If we pass up this chance, we may never have another." The man then sat down, gaining much agreement from the rest of the council.

The old man sighed. "All in favor of marrying this girl off?" he said, getting a massive uproar of people in favor. "All opposed?" This time there were maybe five or six that voted in the negative. The man sighed again. "The motion carries. Naruto and his team will be getting back from their mission in wave later today. The girl will be brought to my office to wait for her new husband."

Kim was forced up, and was walked through the halls of the building, following the old man from before. Once they got to a nice office type room, the old man dismissed Kim's guards before offering her a seat. She took it hesitantly, before the old man sighed again and began speaking to her.

"I'm sorry about this whole ordeal Ms. Possible. If it were up to me, you would have been released, though you would have been confined to the village. However, you were lucky to have been married off to Naruto rather than the Uchiha. You'll find that Naruto is a bit of a goof, but he's very kind. Whereas the Uchiha would probably use you as nothing more than breeding stock."

"Isn't that the plan anyway?" she asked, obviously irritated.

"Well, in a way, yes, but I think you'll find that Naruto will not exactly follow their guidelines for having children. Knowing him, he will be a perfect gentleman. At least as best he can" replied the man.

"I really just want to go home" said Kim, getting up and looking out the window.

"Well, the fact is, we've never even heard of your home, so for the time being, you are stuck here, and unfortunately, that means you will abide by the rules set by us" said the man. "Like I said, I would rather have had you merely confined to the village, but unfortunately, that's what happens with Democracy. Eventually, everything just becomes a power-struggle between the selfish."

"Democracy works well where I come from…well, better than here I guess" said Kim.

"Well, our whole system was founded on military rule, so when democracy becomes involved, things become harder to control" said the man, before the door opened, revealing three teens around her own age. The first one, the one female of the group, had pink hair and wore a red battle dress. The second one was a boy with black hair wearing grey pants and a blue shirt. The third was something of an oddity to her. He had the biggest smile on his face, and three whisker-like markings adorned each cheek. But his choice of dress was what had her staring. He looked to be wearing a bulky, bright orange jumpsuit. Finally, in walked a man who seemed to be maybe in his late twenties or early thirties. He wore a mask over the lower part of his face and wore a strange outfit with a bulky green vest. All four wore strange headbands with a stylized leaf symbol on them. The two boys wore theirs on their foreheads, while the girl wore hers to keep her hair back. The older man wore his on his forehead also, but his was tilted slightly to cover his left eye, like a makeshift eye patch.

"Team Seven, here with our mission report" said the older man.

"Alright. I understand this mission was upgraded to A-rank?" asked the old man, pulling out his pipe. "If that is the case, you will each receive A-rank pay for your services, as well as the bounty for The Demon of the Bloody Mist." He handed each of them a small bag full of their earnings, while Kakashi handed his detailed report to Sarutobi.

"Well then, everything seems to be in order. There is however one other piece of business to take care of" said the Hokage, standing, indicating Kim, who they had been ignoring up to that point.

"Yesterday, this girl was found in our village. She has no documentation, and claims to be from…a far away place. Unfortunately, she has been taken prisoner of our village, and it has been decided by the council that she be married off" said Sarutobi.

"And what does this have to do with us?" asked Sasuke.

"They chose Naruto to marry her to" said Sarutobi, while thinking "Three…two…one…"

"WHAT?" shouted Naruto.

"Hey, I'm not too thrilled with this arrangement either" said Kim, crossing her arms with an irritated look.

"Old Man, come on. Can they do this? I mean, I'm 16, and she can't be any older than me either" said Naruto.

"They can Naruto, and it's already been decided. Unfortunately, as shinobi you have to abide by their decision. And you are shinobi, which makes you an adult in the eyes of this village" replied Sarutobi. "There is no big ceremony for this kind of thing, we just need some signatures." He pulled out some paperwork, which both Kim and Naruto signed reluctantly. Sarutobi also signed it to make it legal, as well as Naruto's team as witnesses. Once it was stamped with the Hokage's personal seal, Sarutobi addressed the new couple.

"Naruto, perhaps it would be best for you to show Kim around the village. She hasn't eaten in over a day, and you might need to get your apartment cleaned." Naruto's eyes widened, before nodding and forming his hand into a cross-shaped seal, before 10 clones fazed into existence.

"Alright boys, I guess we're bringing a lady home, so go clean up the apartment as best you can" said Naruto, getting nods from his clones.

"Ok, now that was pretty cool" admitted Kim, before Naruto motioned her to follow him. Once they were gone, Kakashi turned to Sarutobi.

"Lord Hokage, I mean no disrespect, but Naruto is right. The council should not have the power to do this" he said, but Sarutobi sighed for the umpteenth time that day.

"They shouldn't have any power at all. The purpose of the council is to advise the village Kage, but the councils of each of the hidden villages are growing more and more powerful. At this point, I feel like I'm nothing more than a figurehead" he said, slumping in his chair.

"Whatever the council says, I am loyal to you alone, Lord Hokage" said Kakashi, disappearing in a blast of smoke.

Sarutobi chuckled. "At least some people are." Dismissing the Anbu in the room, he reached into a secret compartment in his desk, pulling out a small orange book. "I need a vacation" he said, opening to a marked page before beginning to read.

"Well, here we go" said Naruto, opening his door to a now spotless apartment. He had shown Kim around the village and gave her a basic description of how things worked in it. They stopped at Ichiraku ramen, where they ate completely free after the old man Ichiraku heard the story on Kim. While Kim was hungry, she only ended up eating two bowls, while Naruto ate nearly ten by himself, astonishing his new wife.

They walked in and Naruto showed her around a bit. Before she could argue, Naruto made it clear that the bed was hers and he could sleep on the couch. Of course, with as irritated as she was with the whole ordeal, she probably wouldn't have argued anyway. Finding herself exhausted from everything, her mindset shifted from mission mode to that of a normal girl. Her mission mindset was probably the only thing keeping the exhausted, emotionally distressed girl awake, because as soon as she let go, she dropped down on the bed where she promptly fell asleep.

Chapter end

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