Due to my life being extrememly hectic right now, as well as my near infamous inability to focus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support of this story, which I hope to someday continue, or to revamp it into something truly greater than what it is. But sadly, as I was hoping to avoid this, I must at this time place this story on hiatus until further notice. The way it is currently written leaves me less room than you might think to move forward...and that's where you, fellow authors, come in.

HistorianoftheKais produced, some time ago, a story called 'The Shinobi and the Amazon.' A Justice League crossover in which Wonder Girl is put into a similar situation as Kim in this very story. While HotK has claimed inspiration from Ties that Bind, his story takes a whole different direction, and a whole new spin on things. A spin that I like. A spin I want to see more of. And so, I issue a challenge, to any and all takers, to devise new 'Ties that Bind' fics, crossing over Naruto with a variety of different worlds.


The ladies paired with Naruto should not be obscenely older, unless a precedent is set (such as in the series 'Sekirei.') and unlike in mine, I should prefer if Naruto's age isn't altered. Meaning if you want teen Naruto, throw out my mistake and do a Shippuden fic.

The two must be made to marry. You can have a simple marriage such as in this fic, or create a legitimate wedding. However, you must have a viable reason for a legitimate ceremony, such as for political reasons, if you choose to make the worlds interconnected.

Obviously, since the idea is a forced marriage that the two slowly accept over time, learning to actually care for and love one-another, the female in question must be strong enough to be considered an asset to the village, but not strong enough that she could easily escape or kill everyone. In other words, don't nerf the Shinobi.

NO HAREMS! This isn't about the CRA, so I do not want to see ANY other girls getting with Naruto.

The Girls

Now, nobody is requiring you to select from a pre-set list. However, I do have a few suggestions that I would like to see, just as a way to find out how well they would pan out.

Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) – Now, I already have a story with this pairing, and truthfully, it is one of my favorite in all of fanfiction. An easy scenario here is that she becomes stranded during the clone wars, without her lightsaber, and gets captured. In lieu of Ahsoka, however, there is always -

Serra Keto (Star Wars) – Not as well known as Ahsoka, Serra is the apprentice to Jedi Master Cin Drallig, and considered to be his best student. A very capable fighter, but I doubt a match for a few trained Shinobi, she is more of a blank slate than Tano, and is not really used often in fanfiction. In fact, she isn't even listed as a character in the Star Wars cross category. If Serra is picked, I would suggest an identical scenario to the Ahsoka one above.

Azula, Ty Lee, or Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender) – Any one of these girls would be interesting choices for this type of work. Each is capable of fighting, and would be seen as a great asset to the village, but it is highly doubtful that even Azula could fight off Kakashi or Gai. That said, if you choose one of these girls, you may ONLY choose one. Again, Harems are out of the question, though you could, if you want, marry each girl off to a different shinobi, and get more than just Naruto in on this.

X-23 (Marvel Comics) – I don't think this needs any explanation, though I would prefer Evolution-verse, as that was her original incarnation.

Any of the Ponies from MLP (Though they MUST be humanized.) - Why this option? Because it's hilarious, and so so SO malleable in terms of what direction the story could take.

Starfire (Or Blackfire) (Teen Titans) – Yet another that needs no explanation.


If you choose to do any of these, please, contact me, I will offer any help that I can (even if you choose a series/girl I am not familiar with). I am hoping to compile a nice little community of stories. Also, if you so choose, you can revamp this story, altering the circumstances, changing the tone. But for a true revamp, I'd appreciate being asked for permission.

This is really, really important for me, guys, so I'm hoping at least of of you decides to follow through.


Peace to all my Fans

Fan of Fanfics