Kyle's eye twitched as he watched Cartman purr in Stan's ear. It was common knowledge that the fat bastard wasn't gay, but enjoyed breaking up relationships. "Wanna go back to my place?" Cartman asked, ignoring the death glares he was getting and Stan's uncomfortable look.

"No." He stated, giving Kyle a please-help-me look. The Jew huffed and turned around, walking away from the group. Tweek sat on a bench far away from them, feet swinging as they grazed the ground.

"Can I sit here?" Kyle asked quietly. Tweek gave a small twitched and smiled, moving a baseball bat from the seat next to him and onto the floor. Kyle sat and observed his surroundings. The bell had already rung and only a handful of people remained, chatting and laughing as they slowly made their way out of the school gates.

A small hand tapped at his shoulder and he turned around. The blonde was giving him a worried look and tilted his head. "Something wrong?" Tweek asked

"No more than usual. Why are you here anyway?" He replied, quickly changing the subject.

"Craig has detention. I'm waiting."

"And the bat?"

"Had baseball practice."

"Hmm." He didn't try to make conversation, Tweek usually replied with as little words as possible, preferring to listen than speak.

"You're lying."

"What?" Kyle exclaimed, whirling around to face Tweek.

Tweek flinched but continued. "Something's wrong. What is it?"

The blonde met his gaze steadily and with a sigh, Kyle began to explain "It's Cartman, he keeps coming onto Stan, and it's seriously pissing me off."

"You need to stake your claim."


"People don't think you're really dating, just experimenting; show them that he's yours and yours alone."

Tweek was grinning mischievously at Kyle now, he could almost imagine a forked tail popping up and swaying behind him. "Wow, a lot of words Tweek, respect."

"Not kidding."

Looking deep in his eyes, the Jew was surprised to see a deadpan look on Tweek's face. "You're serious?" he asked, baffled.


"What the hell do you know about staking a claim on someone?"

"Ever wonder why Thomas never hangs out with us anymore?" Tweek questioned, standing up. The blonde stuck a pose and made a swinging down motion, like he was bashing someone's head in.

"You didn't!" Kyle exclaimed in surprise. Sure Thomas steered clear of Craig's group (more like Tweek's gang) but he always figured it was because he didn't like them, not because the normally peaceful blonde had threatened him.

"I did." Another thing, Tweek didn't seem sorry. He stated it like it was a fact, not happy but clearly not sad. "He was moving in on what was mine and needed to be put in his place." Still swinging, Tweek turned to him and smirked, teeth glinting. "And I was just the person to do it."

Suddenly, Tweek scowled, looking like an angry care-bear. "I'm not stupid. I know a lot of people think I'm just a silly spaz for them to laugh at and cuddle with, but I'm not. I can think for myself, I can act and I can protect what's mine."

Kyle blinked in shock and slight fear as Tweek stepped forward, forcing the bat into his hands. "No one would blame you." The blonde whispered in his ear and broke away. Craig was walking towards them, looking annoyed. "How was detention?" Tweek asked quietly as he was led away.

Their conversation faded away as Kyle contemplated the bat in his hands, shaking. After a minute or two, he grinned and stood up, shouldering the bat. It was Friday, and Cartman, being Cartman would probably be at home, shoveling down food. Grinning, Kyle took off down the street. Time to go stake his claim.