Thurid Guild is a relatively young man, with a beautiful, relatively young wife, whom he loves a great deal. They have a lovely house and a lovely daughter, and they are wonderfully, deliriously happy and in love.

Certainly, he might have been accused of having affairs with various extremely attractive pretty women at one point or another, but these were mere rumors, and he is faithful to his spouse, extremely faithful indeed.

This is a source of great annoyance to his daughter, who wishes her parents would either fall out of love or move to a house with thicker walls.

A/N: We all portray Guild as so flighty, don't we?

This will not be overly well run, as evidenced by the fact that it's starting a day late, but I'm hoping I won't give up quite so fast if I can convince myself to be a bit less obsessive compulsive over it than I usually am about my calendars.

~Mademise Morte, January 2