Word Count: 253

A/N: This was inspired by the o/s I did for comewhatmay.x who is also an awesome beta and liked this. So if you've read Who Art So Lovely, yes, this is the same character that is referenced in there. Chronoogically, that o/s is in the future, after this fic. This is one of those things that are interlocked o/s. There is no chronology to this so I won't be updating frequently at all. This is just the prologue and the first chapter will be updated within the day.

Disclaimer: Only the Gallant clan is of my own creation. Thanks again to comewhatmay.x.

His name was Gideon Gallant and Chuck Bass hated him. He hated that man as a natural instinct, not understanding truly why or how. But he hated him.

Gideon Gallant was thirty-eight years old.

Two less than Jack.

Chuck didn't understand the thought that entered his mind the first time he saw him. Gideon was one of the most successful music producers in New York City. His empire rivaled Chuck's. For the time being, that was enough to hate him.

He still couldn't understand why he compared him to his uncle.

Chuck Bass hated everything about him. He hated his arrogant air. He hated his money, his wardrobe, and his smugness.

Unnecessary smugness that Chuck couldn't understand. Chuck was in real estate. Gideon was in music.

It was at a gathering of Manhattan's elite that Chuck realized his complete disdain for this man. This unadulterated hatred that made no sense. It was instinct. And just as she walked in, he understood it. Just like the way he couldn't force himself to look away from her or command his heart to stop beating, he loved her. And just like his body and soul refused to let her go, it also refused to tolerate this man.

And it all made sense.

Gideon Gallant was thirty-eight years old.

And Blair Waldorf let him wrap his arm around her waist and kiss her.