There's an entrance nearby, newly activated. There must be a new keeper in that realm.

I was right the keeper is new I know I'll be well looked after in this dungeon, Keeper's dungeon is not advanced enough to attract stronger creatures yet.

Keeper forces me to train how annoying, I prefer the comfort and peace of my lair.

Keeper summons me to fight, heroes have invaded his dungeon.

Typical, the new ones never fortify their walls and trap their entrances properly.

I stand side by side with other beetles as I fight off the invasion.

Keeper likes me for my sturdiness, enemies find me tough to hurt.

Keeper says the Lord of the Land approaches and we must fight him.

Another of those weakling heroes I suppose.

A quick sword swipe and I am cleaved in two ...

It is a stalemate.

Keeper has been at war with a rival for a long time.

They trade blows and fight skirmishes constantly but neither is willing to give up.

I am patrolling a corridor, bored.

An enemy imp runs past, frightened when it sees me.

I expertly freeze it and knock it about a bit, clacking my mandibles at finally having something to entertain me.

I am bored now so I shatter the frozen imp.

Another imp comes running by and I give chase, my freeze out of use still.

An enemy creature attacks me, my freeze still out of use.

The enemy is tough but I am sturdy and can take the punishment.

More enemy creatures come, but Keeper will save me.

Keeper? ...

A new dungeon to be a part of.

I hear someone yell 'EEK COCKROACH'.

There is a flash of light and a crack of thunder ...

I enter into a new dungeon.

I would smile if I could as I see a fly speed past me and then promptly get picked up and dropped back into the portal.

I then frown as I follow the fly.