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Chapter One

The sky thundered above her. Lightning lit up the sky. Rain soaked her to the bones. It was just another day in hell. Bella stared out her window, the thunder storm awakening something inside her.

Bella longed to run outside and dance in the rain. She loved the stormy weather. It reminded her of herself. Cold, dark, and empty.

But even the storm couldn't fill the empty void deep within her heart.

"Bella?" Her father pushed the wooden door open. He smiled and jumped on the bed next to her. "You ok Bells?" He asked sweetly. "I don't know daddy." She returned softly. "Well, tell me what's wrong and I'll fix it." Her father smiled brightly at her.

"I feel like I'm missing something. Like there is this huge part of me that is gone. I don't belong here." A salty tear glided down her cheek, pulling her eyeliner with it. "Of course you belong here. You belong here with me and your mother." He replied lovingly. Bella laughed, her father always made her laugh when she was down in the dumps. "And soon you're gonna graduate and then leave for college, and your mother and I are gonna be those embarrassing parents that drive you there and then blubber like babies when it's time for us to leave." She laughed some more.

"You'll find what's missing. I know you will." He gave a sad smile and departed from her room.

The next day Bella woke refreshed and ready for the new day to come. She put her school uniform on and slung her school bag onto her shoulder.
She ran down the staircase into the kitchen. Her mother stood in front of the stove and her father at the table with newspaper and coffee in hand. "Morning mom," she gave her mom a peck on the cheek. "Good morning sweetheart. You seem to be in a good mood." Her mother observed. "It's a brand new day…and I'm challenging Jessica for 1st period chair." Bella picked her Reese's coffee cup off the counter and delicately sat at the table. "Morning dad." Her father looked up over the paper and smiled. "Good morning. Feeling better?"
Bella nodded and sipped her mocha. "You ready to go?" Her mother asked slipping her shoes on. "Yup. See you later dad." Bella waved bye to her father and grabbed her oboe from the living room. Her mom started the engine and Bella drove to school with her mom, idly chatting about school.

When her mom pulled into Forks High School Bella glanced out the car window. There was a man standing behind Old Oak. He doesn't go to her school that she was sure of. Bella knew everyone at the academy. "I'll see you after school sweetheart." Her mom gave her an awkward hug in the car. Bella glanced back out the window, the man was gone.

Bella entered the academy through the band hall. Her friends gave her hugs and began to tell her about the latest band gossip. But Bella couldn't get her thoughts away from the strange man. His gaze was so intense it had burned. It was actually kinda creepy. "Bella, are you coming?" Angela gave her a pointed look. "Yes," she replied and followed Angela to history class.

School flew by in a blur. Bella had soon forgotten about the strange man, even though she could feel someone watching her all day, and her body was pumping adrenaline by the gallons by the end of the day. Bella went in to the director's office as symphonic band oboe and came out wind ensemble oboe.

Bella ran out to her mother's car eager to tell her the news.

Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock sat in the parlour awaiting the arrival of the news. Mrs. Whitlock attempted to drink her tea but her hands were shaking so much she nearly spilled it everywhere.

The parlour door flew open and Detective Maxwell smiled brightly at the couple. "Did you find her?" Mr. Whitlock stood. "I found her."

Mrs. Whitlock burst into tears. Her long lost daughter had finally been found. "Oh thank God," she cried into her hands. Her husband pulled her off the couch and hugged her tightly. It was the happiest day of their life.

"Maria," Mr. Whitlock waved the servant girl over. "Yes Master Jonathan?" She curtsied lightly in respect. "Go fetch Jasper." Maria immediately left the room in order to find the young master.

"Oh darling, our baby girl can finally come home." Jonathan's wife cried happily. "Yes she can." He kissed her lightly. Jasper waltzed into the room and blanched at the sight of his parents.
"You asked for me father?" Jasper prompted.

"Your mother and I have some very good news." Jasper looked at his parents. His mom had tears running down her face with a huge smile; his dad was holding his mom tightly. "Oh god, are you pregnant?" Jasper asked in horror. "No!" His mom shouted back. His father looked slightly hurt. "Not that that wouldn't be amazing but no. We found your sister."

Bella did her happy dance with her mom and dad in the living room. "I'm so proud of you Bells!" Her dad smiled and hugged her tightly. "You worked so hard sweetheart, I'm proud of you too." Her mother joined in and soon it was a family group hug in the living room.

"How about we get Chipotle to celebrate?" Her dad offered. Bella's face lit up, Chipotle was her favorite restaurant. "Come on, you deserve it." Bella ran to slip her sweatshirt on. Her parents were waiting for her at the door. Bella smiled at her parents. She truly was the luckiest girl to have parents like them.

"Are you serious?" Jasper asked excitedly. "Yes my son. We have found her at last." His mother pulled him in for a hug. "When will I get to meet her?" His father smiled. "Tonight."

Bella and her parents were laughing as they entered their quaint little home. "So then 5 rows of people had to get up and play Chinese fire drill all because a couple of old people were obsessed with sitting in their actual seats, even though there was plenty of seating." Bella held her stomach, she was laughing so hard. Her father's stories of his teenage years were truly the funniest stories she's ever heard. Her mother turned the living room lights on and screamed. Bella immediately ceased laughing and ran to her mother. On the couch was the strange man from this morning.