There she was; my sweet angel. From my spot in the tree I could see her brushing her hair. Oh what I wouldn't give to brush that hair. Her strawberry scented brown locks.

That foolish Prince! He should be worshipping the ground that she walked on! When I get my hands around his vampire neck! Oh I'll strangle him happily! My hands did the motion of what I would do to him, releasing the endorphins into my system.

I watched as she moved into the other room, no doubt heading to the couch. That was my cue to leave. Hopping silently down from the tree, decisions had to be made. Which one was next?

I had a couple blondes, a red head. But which sin? Which sin to use? Maybe pride…

My sweet Isabella had let her guard down to that stupid Prince after she found her friend. I was just trying to show her how I see her…perfect.

I tapped in my code, Isabella's birthdate, taking in the pictures of my love. I decorated my little loft with pictures and trinkets of her, to show her how much I love her when I bring her here.

"Please let us go!" I sauntered forward, it was a blonde one.

"You want to leave?" I grinned down at her. "Alright, you may leave."

I unlocked the cell she was in and stepped inside grabbing her blonde hair in my fist. I drug her out into the make-shift living room, enjoying her screams.

I tossed her pathetic body onto the floor, kicking her stomach when she tried to run. "You said I could leave!" Tears flowed down her pale cheeks, blood gushing from the corners of her mouth.

"I didn't say you could leave alive."