A/N- Yes it may be short but I'm doing my best. I'm trying to get out of my rut and back into the beautiful imagination world I used to live in. So bear with me all.

Jasper gingerly picked Bella up and began walking for the nurse's room. Emmett left to get Alice and Rosalie partially wishing he would run into Edward just so he could kill him himself. Breaking a vampyre bond is the most disgraceful thing a vampyre could do.

A bond between someone and a vampyre is more sacred than marriage. It physically links the two people together and only the vampyre may break the bond. The other person may not leave the vampyre, they won't be able to. The bond draws them to their vampyre.

But once that is broken…the vampyre has the ability to move on…however the other person will most likely die. If they survive it's not life. It's more like the walking dead.

"Babe!" Emmett jogged over to Alice and Rosalie who were splashing water in a fountain. Rosalie looked up and smiled. Emmett picked her up and swung her in circles holding her as close to his body as he could. "I love you so much," and with that he kissed her so passionately his fangs actually grew.

"Are you ok?" Rosalie asked after he finally stopped kissing her. "Edward…he…"

"What happened?!" Alice shrieked standing up.

"He broke their vampyre bond." He whispered so softly he wasn't sure they actually heard him.

"He WHAT?" Alice shrieked again! "I'm going to kill him! And then bring his stupid ass back so I can give him to Aro!"

Rosalie wrapped her arms around Emmett tighter, silently understanding why Emmett had reacted like that.

He had warned what would happen if a vampyre bond was broken when he bonded them. Rosalie nearly sliced her neck just so he would bite her in the first place. She knew that he was the one and was ready for the bond before Emmett had even brought the subject up.

"Will you two stop sucking face and take me to Bella?!"

Emmett cupped Rosalie's porcelain cheek, only focused on her, "I will never break it. I love you."

Rosalie leaned up and gently kissed him in return. "I love you too."

Alice shrieked and stormed off into the nearest hallway intent on blood.

"Come on," Rosalie laced her fingers with Emmett's and took off after Alice.

Edward groaned and rolled to the side to hide his face from the sunlight. Whatever her name was had disappeared and Edward's chest hurt like he was being stabbed with a stake.

He screamed in pain as the stabbing sensation over-took his entire body.

He heard a voice shouting down the hallway and silently prayed they would come to his rescue.

"Let me at him you imbecile!" that was Alice's voice. Who was she angry at? Having Alice angry at you was never a good thing.

His bedroom door swung open and slammed into the wall surely leaving a dent. "EDWARD CULLEN YOU ARE A DEAD VAMPIRE!"

Shit, she was angry at him. "Not now Alice, my head hurts."

"Oh yes right now! How could you?!" Alice proceeded to hit him over and over again with tears falling in the process.

"Alice! What did I do? Stop!" He shielded his face from her hits, his chest still on fire.


Edward went stiff, surrendering to Alice's hits. If he could have paled even more he would have. The bond…completely forgotten in his mind last night.

"Alice knock it off," he weakly shoved her away and stood up, wobbling slightly. He could take the pain, he deserved the pain know that he was aware of what caused it.

"I need to see her."

"Like hell!" It was Rosalie this time. She was worse than Alice.

"Just get out of here Edward, go to the castle with your precious Aro." Even Emmett had turned against him. Edward wasn't going to deny the fact that he completely deserved it but come on! It was one mistake…granted this mistake would very likely cost his wife's life. But still.

"Emmett I have to see her." Emmett understands a bond, maybe he would understand.

Emmett sighed, "You'll never get past Jasper."

"Help me then," it was very close to begging but Prince's never beg.

"I can't Edward." Emmett pulled Rosalie out of the room, heading for the infirmary.

"Mark my words Edward Cullen, go near Bella again and so help me," Alice spit in his direction and left the room following after Emmett and Rosalie. Edward watched her disappear around the corner before his entire world went black.

She had never seen such beautiful flowers. Most surely exotic ones. But what were they doing in Volterra? And the sun, the bright bright sun completely uncharacteristic for this time of year. Where am I Bella thought. Slowly she walked across the dew dropped grass hiding her face from the sun.

"Bella," someone called her name from behind. Slowly she turned around on her toes and came face to face with Jasper.

"Oh Jasper!" Bella flung her arms around his neck, fresh salty tears pouring from her eyes. Jasper slowly held her back periodically strengthening his hold on her.

"My sister," he took in her smell relaxing. "I thought I had lost you."

"What happened Jasper? Where are we?"

Jasper released her from his grasp and sat down against a tree. Bella, feeling weak, curled up on Jasper's lap. "Will Alice be angry?" Her eyes went wide?

Jasper cracked a huge smile for the first time in days, "no sister." Bella nodded and laid her head against him.

Jasper inhaled slowly thinking of what to tell her. "Well…you're safe here Bella. We're…in your dreams."

"We're what?" Bella gave Jasper a look. Jasper chuckled, "perks of being magikal."

"Do I really dream like this? Gross major!"

"No, this is just our meeting place, somewhere beautiful and peaceful. I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to get through to you. You're still…well…in a coma."

"I'm in a what?!" Bella shot up from his lap and her hands flew to her hips.

"Sister please listen to me. You're vampyre bond with Edward is broken. You…we aren't sure if you'll make it."

Bella stared at him like a crazy person. "H-How did it break?"

Jasper shook his head and looked at the ground. "Brother. How. Did. It. Break?"

"Edward slept with another girl."

Bella nodded pretending to accept the information while she turned around and went to the water fall trying to hold in her emotions. She just couldn't. Her shoulders racked with sobs and Bella dropped to her knees in intense pain. "How could he?!"

Jasper gingerly touched her shoulder trying to get her to look at him. "I loved him Jasper," she confessed with watery eyes and a tone bathed in pain.