The Enigma Variations was a piece of music based around a single, unknown, theme. Likewise, this collection of stories have the same theme, and each story is based closely on a song. The difference is that you know the theme; what you don't know is the song. The stories can come from anywhere, have any rating, any characters, any adventure. Feel free to try to guess the song; I'll be glad to tell you if you get it. Clues are embedded in the work. Also, feel free to suggest songs. I'll be glad to try them and see what happens.

Part 3

"Language, Miss Tyler," the Doctor chided with an amused twinkle in his eye. Rose groaned in irritation and flopped back on her pillow. Was it too much to ask he not be there when she wanted nothing more than to drag him down to her level and have her wicked way with him?

The Doctor appeared by her side, a sympathetic anxiety radiating from him. "'M sorry," he muttered. "Does it hurt too much to sleep?" He sat down beside her and put a gentle hand on her thigh, just above the injured knee, and Rose sat there trying to force herself not to vibrate at him.

The Doctor rearranged them carefully so that Rose was cradled against his chest. Rose bet he wouldn't do that if he knew what she was thinking. Then, she had to concentrate on just breathing as his long fingers stroked soothingly through her hair.

"What?" she said, some minutes later. The Doctor had said something but she'd not noticed what it was. She was lost in the bliss of having his hands on her so tenderly.

"Is the pain any better?" the Doctor repeated, his fingers stilling against her scalp. "Is this helping at all?"

"No...yes," she corrected hastily when he seemed about to draw his fingers away from her. "It feels fantastic," she said. "Thanks. I'm not in pain, though, not really. I've just got too much on my mind."

"Oh?" the Doctor questioned. "Well, why don't you tell me? It might help."

Nonononono. "Doubt it," Rose replied flippantly. Then, because he seemed about to move away again, she added, "It's a bit domestic, really." She didn't want him to leave, but she didn't dare let him know what was really on her mind.

The Doctor chuckled deep in his chest. "That's never stopped you before," he said. "Ya made me pick out your nail polish last week."

"I thought they might have a thing about color," she apologized, blushing.

The Doctor just gave her a little squeeze, and Rose relaxed against him, letting the tension in her body leak out even though she still felt like she was going to set him on fire any second. They sat in silence for some long minutes and then the Doctor said, "Ya know, I might can help. Nine hundred years old. Most people think that's old enough ta be wise."

Rose chuckled. "Yeah, well, they don't know you like I do," she said.

"Oi," the Doctor protested, sounding stern and playful at once, "I'll have you know..."

"London Eye," Rose sing-songed softly by way of interruption.

The Time Lord shook his head. Rose could feel it against her hair. "I blame the time traveling," he claimed. "That, and..."

"'Tryin' to save a buncha stupid apes...'" Rose mocked.

"I see what this is," the Doctor said. "Is it pick on the Doctor night, then?"

"When isn't it?" Rose asked, and turned her head to look up at him. He was so close. She didn't blink. She didn't pounce on him, either. She was rather proud of that.

"I get it. I look after you, patch you up when ya manage to get all black an' blue an' beat up, an' how'd'ya pay me back?"

Rose couldn't resist her usual grin, she really couldn't, even if it put her tongue so close to his mouth that she could practically taste the strawberries on his breath. "I got a hole in my new jeans, you know," she said.

"Yeah, well..." The Doctor blinked, then licked his lip. Rose's eyes fixated on that, then flashed back to his eyes that were getting darker with every heart beat. "Thanks to you, I taste like frozen strawberries."

"Do you?" Rose wondered. If that was all the hint of an invite she was going to get, she was going to have to go with it. "Let me try." Her arm snaked back behind his head, fingers curling into the soft, short, tickly hair at his nape. It didn't require the slightest amount of force, however. She just tilted her head back.

The Doctor closed the distance between them. Rose was absolutely certain of that, just as she was certain that he kissed her deeply and with a passion that convinced her this was hardly new for him, either. He might not have wanted her as long as she'd wanted him, but he'd been bottling it up for awhile.

She could tell because his kiss wasn't just a kiss. He nipped at her lower lip, and she willingly opened for him, letting her tongue flick out to taste him, steal his breath, tease his lips. The Doctor reciprocated, brushing at her lips, her tongue, chasing it back into her mouth. He seemed to worship her mouth, taking an obvious delight in deep, heavy kissing, holding her jaw cupped in his hand, the other hand resting tenderly on her thigh. Rose realized he was trying to protect her, even in something like this, and she felt her heart clench with love for him.

This wasn't the sort of kiss that left questions in its wake. This was the intense, thorough sort of kiss that answered questions with every stroke and breath and touch that came with it. This kind of kiss didn't lead to frustration, it led to bodies entwined, hot and naked, writhing in sweat soaked sheets.

"I shouldn't," the Doctor murmured. "I really, really shouldn't."

"Why?" Rose wanted to know. "'Cuz we're so close? We live together? What? 'Cuz those sound like good reasons to do it, to me. This isn't the medicine, you know it's not." She paused and chewed at her lip, smiling as she noticed the Doctor watching the gesture with complete and obvious hunger. "It's not something to do with you being... I mean, we're compatible, right?"

The Doctor looked at her carefully, then took the hand Rose wasn't using to support herself as she leaned against him. He lifted it to kiss, then lowered it slowly, until he was able to easily suggest a new location for it. Since Rose had rather wondered for awhile, and since she was enjoying this very much, she slipped her hand closer willingly, even excitedly.

Touching the Doctor so intimately sent a shock of arousal through her already tortured system and Rose couldn't stop herself moaning out loud. The Doctor answered the sound with a deep, hungry groan of his own. "That feel compatible enough?" he asked rhetorically.

Rose let her hand continue with the explorations. The Doctor had to be uncomfortable, this hard and getting harder. "Feels nice," she said. It did. As near as she could tell through denim, he had a good long length, a nice thick girth, just a bit of a fantasy man, but wasn't that just like him. She tucked her hand in the pocket of his jeans, so she could get a little closer. (Though she was a little surprised they were normal pockets, actually.)

The Doctor trembled at the light, teasing contact. "It does feel nice," he said. "But you're not feelin' well, an' I'd hate ta..." He gasped as she found a new angle and squeezed him tightly. "Hurt you..."

Rose stared at him. "You couldn't hurt me, Doctor. We'll be careful, yeah?" She decided she'd better get canny before the Doctor decided to view that last as a reason not to do anything he so obviously wanted to do. She was burning alive for him. "Endorphins," she murmured in the sexiest tone she could have ever imagined using. She'd never actually tried it before, but thought it sounded pretty good all things considered.

"I don't deserve you," the Doctor said, his eyes bright as he leaned over her. As he turned his head to nip at Rose's ear, and also raised his hand from her thigh to thumb roughly at her nipple, Rose doubted he was completely serious.

Rose's back bowed, bringing her already pebbled nipples into his easier reach. "Yeah, don't deserve you, either," she said absently. "Kiss me."

The Doctor chuckled darkly. "Precious girl," he said, shifting away from her. "Lie back," he murmured, guiding her by her shoulders.

Rose, caught in the spell of his voice and his eyes, complied easily, careful of her bruises as she settled back into the pillows again. "Now kiss me," she ordered.

"Patience." The Doctor stood and flipped the sonic screwdriver at something Rose couldn't see. The result she could see as the air a little bit past the bed seemed to sparkled. "Privacy curtain," the Doctor explained at her questioning look. He was removing his boots as he said this, and Rose wondered how far he'd go in this little strip tease for her.

She watched avidly, all the same, not even bothering to pretend less than total fascination as the leather jacket was draped over a chair. The olive jumper followed it and Rose licked her lips. She felt a nearly painful need to get a taste of his tiny, dark nipples, to place a kiss at his navel, just above the top button of his jeans. The Doctor made an adjustment there and a look of relief appeared on his face. Rose whimpered.

"Problem, love?" the Doctor asked.

"You're over there," she pouted. "I wanna kiss you."

"Hmmm. I wanna kiss you too, taste you everywhere." He grinned wickedly, then reached to trace a single long finger along her thigh, still covered, too much in Rose's opinion, by the little hospital gown she'd been put into earlier. "Bet you taste good, Rose Tyler."

His finger moved ever closer to where she needed him. Rose's hips had absolutely no objection to arching toward him. "Doctor," she pleaded.

"Yes, love?"

"Want you."

"I know, love. I want you, too." He leaned over and kissed her again, at last, this time with tenderness that was so sweet it made her burn. Rose reached for him, running her hands everywhere she could reach.

"You know, this isn't anything like I figured it'd be," Rose said when the Doctor broke the kiss this time. He was busily tracing a trail down her jaw with tiny licks and occasional nips, but her words stopped him cold.

"Not sure whether to be glad you thought this could happen or sorry it's not like you wan..."

Rose cut off the Doctor's worries by reaching up and tugging open his belt buckle. "I sorta figured it'd be something we'd regret somehow. Or at least you. I mean..."

The Doctor went back to kissing, this time letting his mouth drop to the jutting peak of Rose's closest nipple. She gasped as he sucked it through the fabric, then writhed when he nipped sharply at the little pearl. He teased it with his tongue, a strange sensation with rough fabric in the way. By the time he stopped, Rose had forgotten what the Doctor had nipped her for in the first place.

"No regrets, Rose," he said. He seemed to be making a statement, but there was a question in it, as well.

"Not from me," she said firmly, toying with the buttons on his jeans and smirking as she watched him watch her hand. "You sure, come tomorrow, you won't be calling this a mistake and..."

"Come tomorrow, that knee o' yours will be back in the TARDIS, meanin' fixed, and I'll shag you against a bulkhead." He paused when she paused at that statement. "That is, if it's ok..."

The reason Rose had paused was because her insides had turned to boiling jelly and she'd had to catch her breath and her equilibrium - they'd melted. "Fine, but I hope that's not stopping you now."

"Not unless you want..."

"I don't ever want to stop, thanks," Rose said with a determined grin. She reached down and tugged her hospital gown up higher on her thighs. The Doctor's eyes followed her hands, so she raised it slowly. "I'm naked under this thing, you know. And getting sorta lonely down here." The gown was now only covering her modesty by accident, and Rose sat there, toying with the edge.

"Think I said somethin' about tasting you," the Doctor commented.

Rose shivered. His voice... just... sin.

The Doctor's hand covered Rose's much smaller one. She watched, fascinated, as he guided her hands up under the gown, slid her fingers the last few millimeters to the center of her heat, where she was already wet and practically dripping for him. He pushed her fingers close enough, then his eyes shifted from their hidden hands to her widened eyes. Under the gown, his fingers teased her curls, gathering wetness.

The Doctor's smirk was gorgeous and probably the most filthy expression Rose had ever seen on his face. Her hand moved of its own accord, her fingertip tracing the risen bud of her clit. "Lovely," he decided. "Already all lovely and wet for me. I like it."

He stopped what he was doing and Rose screeched protest. The Doctor gave a wicked chuckle and stuck his fingers into his mouth. Rose watched him, couldn't not watch him. Wasn't she supposed to be modest or shy or something? Sex with an alien, right? Supposed to be worried?

She couldn't manage it. "Oh, god," she murmured, unable to keep a coherent train of thought as the Doctor's hand dipped under her gown for another go. "Just... let me... want you so much."

The Doctor just nodded this time and watched her intently as she writhed under his touch. "Rose," he murmured, but whether it was to get her attention or just to say her name, she didn't know.

"God," she breathed. When he pulled away from her again, stopping to tease her nipples with those same skilled fingers, she went back to touching herself. "You do this to me all the time."

The Doctor smirked and jerked open the buttons of his jeans. "Yeah, well, we're prob'ly even, then." He took out his cock and Rose immediately needed him inside her. His hand traced the rigid length gently once, then wrapped a fist around it. Rose watched in awe as his eyes batted closed, his breath came in short gasps, and his hand described a nearly punishing trip up and down his length, exactly as she'd imagined it.

It was even, if she remembered (and she did) the strawberry covered hand he was using. "Doctor, can I..." She broke off when his eyes snapped open again and flashed to her, hungry and nearly feral.

"Need you now," he said softly. "We can always come back to that."

Rose was perfectly happy to go with that course, delighted with it in fact. She just wasn't sure how they were going to do this in this tiny, narrow bed with one member of the couple unable to move her knee.

"Stay still," the Doctor said, then reached for her. Careful maneuvering turned Rose onto her side, the still aching knee protected from taking any of her weight. The Doctor lay down behind her, flipping the tails of her back-tying gown up over her waist. He was pressed tightly and intimately to her, his erection hot and heavy against her bum.

Quite used to the Doctor narrating wars and disasters and random histories of buildings he was about to blow up, Rose wasn't exactly surprised to find him narrating this, either. In fact, she could honestly say that it was quite the most sensual commentary he'd ever done.

"This position's s'posed to be the most intimate," he said. He started kissing the back of her neck, and trailed his hands over her waist, under the gown. Rose pressed back against him, careful not to move her legs, even though all of her instinct was telling her to do it.

Against her ear, punctuated by nips and licks, he continued his dark, sensual whisper. "S'posed to be slow an' comfortable an' make us both last awhile." His lower hand went up to tease her breasts. The completely free hand slipped down between her thighs again, holding her and tormenting her hard little clit at the same time. "Can get to know your body like this."

The Doctor readjusted his position and, with the help of a wriggling, whimpering Rose, slid inside her. Rose gasped. "Plus, you can feel everything so deep like this, can't you?"

Rose groaned and flexed her hips back into the Doctor's body. He felt enormous. She was so wet from fantasizing and foreplay that she was nearly dripping, but in this position, the Doctor's girth was still very nearly too much. She snaked a hand back over his and clutched at the Doctor's hip.

She wanted to open her legs wide and let him pound her into the mattress. She wanted to turn around and ride him until they were both unconscious. She wanted to keep doing what they were doing right this instant, and never, never stop. "You're... good at... mmm... this."

The Doctor's smirk was obvious in his voice and against the skin at her nape. "You feel so good," he whispered. His rhythm was slow and gentle, moving him within her body only the barest amount. Still, it gave them the friction they needed, and then the Doctor started pressing slow circles against her clit with his thumb. "Rose, you can't know... so good!"

Rose was reduced to soft moans in reply, and then she started whispering his name. "Doctor," she gasped, in time to his subtle movements. She found she couldn't stop saying his name, didn't want to stop.

"Yes Rose," he answered her. "Oh, yes, Rose, say my name. Precious girl, d'you like this?"

Rose was losing coherence, and knew good and well that all she was managing was a steady string of "yes yes yes," in time to the cadence of his circling fingers. She was reaching the boiling point, so desperate and hot and full that this slow, comfortable thing just wasn't going to hold her back much longer. "Harder," she begged, "please, want to come, please, Doctor, I need..."

His quiet commentary didn't falter. "Tight, hot... yes, love, soon. Soon, Rose, promise. Stay like this..." He groaned, long and low, and picked up the pace of his fingers. Moments passed, the coiling, boiling, seething tightness inside her building and building to painful need, all the while decorated by the dark timbre of the Doctor's erotic whisper.

"Now, Rose. Come for me, now, Rose. Come..."

Rose couldn't help doing as she was told, couldn't have stopped, didn't want to stop, not at all, not ever, ever again. Everything built and built and then suddenly collapsed under the weight of pleasure. Her internal muscles clenched and grasped, her body shook, her mind imploded.

The Doctor pulled out of her, and Rose could feel it against her bum as he stroked himself, hard and rapidly. He nipped at her shoulder, then seemed to stop himself. With a quiet sound almost like a sob of relief, he decorated her backside with long, chill rivulets of a slightly different texture than she was used to.

For several long moments, there was silence as Rose tried to make the shaking planet hold still underneath her. Finally, she gave up. "So, um. The Universe imploded, I think."

The Doctor gave a merry, full-voiced laugh, as mad as he was, as happy as Rose felt. "Think so, yeah." She felt rather than saw the brilliant grin. "Told you I had the moves."

"I am completely in love with that woman," Jack proclaimed grandly from the driver's seat of the small cart. "I'm going back and seducing her, as soon as I drop you two off, of course." He touched a small button and the electric horse-like things pulling the cart sang out a strange but happy cry.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "She's a bit old for you, lad," he said. Grinning, he added. "Grandola's prob'ly a bit old for me." Rose, who was cuddled up to the Doctor and swathed in blankets, pillows, and his coat in an attempt to keep her warm and from getting bruised again, just laughed.

"I don't care!" Jack announced in a voice so boisterous, the whole crowd could probably hear him. It was high noon here on Vardana V, and the Great Fair was in full swing for the day. People stayed off the cart path, but that didn't stop them running up beside Jack and cheering him on. "Age is of no importance in matters of the heart, Doc." He turned his head to look at the two – or more to the point, their hands clasped at about Rose's waist. "You know that."

"If he doesn't, he oughtta by now," Rose agreed. Jack didn't think there was anything new about them. He'd thought the Doctor and Rose were together from before he'd met them, and had finally made up or something. Rose wasn't sure he even believed they'd been fighting, actually. He'd just always assumed they were together, and Rose had never corrected him. Obviously, the Doctor hadn't either.

"You go back and talk to her, lad," the Doctor said, humoring Jack. "She'll prob'ly be happy ta marry you. Mind, I think ya have ta be completely faithful to her an', if I remember, they reinforce that with some sort of biochemical…"

"Never mind," Jack said immediately.

"You sure?" the Doctor said. "Could give you a cocktail back on the TARDIS that'd let her know you've come courtin'…"

"No, really, it's fine," Jack insisted urgently. "Had this friend got into that exact same trouble once. It wasn't pretty."

"It's no bother, Jack, really. I understand that…"

Rose couldn't help laughing. The Doctor was obviously not going to let Jack off the hook any time soon, and it was pretty funny to watch him. Jack's posture was hunched over the controls for the cart now (and wasn't it the weirdest thing ever, this cart?) and she knew he was trying to think of a way to change the subject.

"How'd you end up like this, anyway, Rosie?" he questioned.

Rose shook her head. "Trying to do handstands," she admitted. "I fell on the Doctor."

Jack seemed to think about that for several long moments. Rose smiled because she didn't think she'd left him any more openings to tease her.

Then again, he was Jack. "Handstands for sex was in the original Kama Sutra, you know," he observed. "Considered a bit advanced, but not impossible…"

"Not sure what you're getting at," the Doctor said. "There's also a position for a woman suspending herself from a door frame, which is considered advanced, so…"

Whatever Jack had been on about, the Doctor's statement had completely derailed him. "Is there really?" he demanded in an awed tone of voice, just as they finally reached the TARDIS.

The Doctor shrugged. "There's an old copy in the library," he said. "Help yourself."

"You gonna take the cart back?"

"It'll go back on it's own," said the Doctor. "Electric horses have electric brains." He gathered Rose up and carefully took her to the TARDIS. "Just push the green button on that panel in the middle."

Jack took care of that while the Doctor carried Rose inside. "Is there really a sexual position that involves handstands?" Rose wondered.

"Couple of 'em," the Doctor said, grinning merry wickedness. "Why? You wanna try it?"

Rose laughed. "Might end up black and blue again," she said happily, "but at least that way I won't get holes in any more jeans."