Final, official, chapter! Last fic I had a query on families so I thought to do that this fic.

Claimer: The Trio are MY characters, and so are their families.

Name: Luke Jones

Codename: Shifter

Age: 20

Adopted: Harry and Molly Jones

Occupation: Ex-MI9 agents, now run an orphanage for the young children of MI9 agents who have gone missing in action. Named Luke and raised him like a son when he arrived with no family history.

Luke's History: Luke spent thirteen years with Sally and Harry Jones and the children they fostered, many of whom became like brothers and sisters to him. Most of the children stayed no longer than a couple of months as Harry tracked down possible family members for them to stay with. Despite MI9's wishes, there were always a regular number of children staying with the Jones'. They were thrilled when Luke was accepted into the MI9 training programme for "young adult" agents, although Luke admitted not being straight about his age (to be fair, he say that he was twenty years and 64 months and no-one really noticed until they had sent off his acceptance letter by which point they were too impressed that he had gotten away with it to deny him).

Now: Mr and Mrs Jones have since retired from looking after younger children. Luke regularly visits them and they complain about his apparent eternal youth, but in a fond way. He stayed with them for a while during his search for Lizzie and heard about the mission to reunite the Trio through them. At the grand old age of 70+, they still insist on an active life and are irregularly found in their cottage on the northern moors due to the expanse of moorland that surrounds them.

Name: Max Hardy

Codename: Oracle

Age: 19

Adopted: Victor and Cassidy Hardy

Occupation: Professors of Engineering and Mathematics

Max's History: Growing up with the Hardy family meant that Max was surrounded by numbers and puzzles which, the Trio believe, helped enhance his brain. He had always been destined to be smart; growing up with two university professors for parents seemed to confirm it. It could have been a lonely childhood, but Max hardly noticed because his head was nearly always stuck into yet another book or struggling over yet another puzzle. Sometime during his ninth year with the Hardy's, Max vaguely remembers Cassidy being pregnant and giving birth to Max's little sister Annabelle, but not that well due to the latest advanced engineering book Victor had given him for Christmas and his latest gadget project. It was his marvellous mind and high engineering qualifications that made MI9 – who had worked with Max's parents on a small number of occasions – to accept him into their training academy. Max was the youngest on the programme at fourteen exactly. He didn't see a lot of little Annabelle but loved his sister very much and was devastated when SKUL used her (and his parents, he was upset about them too) to sabotage his last mission with Luke and Lizzie.

Now: being kidnapped by SKUL was one of the most traumatic experiences that happened to Annabelle. Another was, after being rescued by a man she thought was her brother, being told by Luke (who had pretending to be Max) telling them that her brother was lost and Lizzie was dead because of him. Victor and Cassidy moved away from London to York to try and start again, but Annabelle's heart remained with her brother and she was determined to clear his name. She had seen the look upon his face when he was told of the deal – destroy the Trio or watch your family die. She had been amazed that he had chosen them over his friends. She joined the MI9 training programme as soon as she was old enough and joined MI9 soon afterwards. She worked in the research department in MI9, researching locations, theories, suspects and always keeping track of SKUL's movements. Her ulterior motives for this were based loosely on the hope that she could find her brother or any other member of the Trio. This paid off when she began to see the connection between Alex Evens and SKUL and warned MI9 that he might know where his sister was, starting up the long dead search for them. She received a call from Lee weeks later asking for information on her old teammates. Annabelle gave Lee all the information she needed, unaware that she now looked younger than Annabelle was. A couple of months later, her years of waiting were rewarded when Max visited her in the night and asked her for help on the Trio. He disappeared immediately after she gave him what he wanted and slipped under the radar again until he broke into MI9 using her identity card and updated all of MI9's database onto a memory stick. She has subsequently been reunited with him once more.

Name: Lizzie Evens

Codename: Lee

Age: 16

Adopted: Isaac and Jenna Evens

Occupation: MI9 field operatives

Lizzie's History: Lizzie's history, as has been explained in the Trio, was with her older brother Alex and, soon after her arrival, her younger sister Jessica. She loved both her brother and her sister. From a young age, Isaac and Jenna were secretly preparing Lizzie to become an MI9 agent. They took the family skiing, scuba diving and mountain climbing as far away from England as possible and exposing the family to as many foreign languages as they could. They enrolled them in main clubs around martial arts, athletics and, in Lizzie's case, gymnastics. They entered both Lizzie and Alex's names for the MI9 training programme. They were amazed and overwhelmed when Lizzie was accepted. Jenna did worry about Alex though when he was rejected on account of his age, particularly when Alex refused to try again. And we all know what happens next...

Now: Isaac and Jenna were buried in England. Lizzie was the only member of her family to publically attend the funeral. Alex took Jessica and Sally but they stood far enough away for no-one to notice or recognise them. He then took them into hiding and began to train them to become SKUL agents by separating them and pushing them to their limit. Lizzie, of course, was re-aged on her last mission and disappeared from many records due to the number of transfers and fostering she undertook. When Sally didn't come back after being sent after Oscar Cole, Alex feared that MI9 might get onto him and hid Jessica from everyone, keeping her close to him at all times. Fortunately for him, Luke had erased all evidence about the Trio's existence so no connection was made between Sally Evens and Lizzie Evens, aka Lee.

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