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Chapter start!

Chapter 1- Disaster strikes.

Tessa POV.

My breath panted out of me in heavy gasps as I bent down to pull off my heeled shoes, my dress swishing around my ankles as I did so. Heels were just too annoying to run in. My dainty diamonds dazzled from my necklace as a beam of moonlight shone down onto me.

A loud bang brought my attention to the heavy wooden doors behind me, as they flew open to reveal Will charging out into the night. His jet-black hair glinted in the moonlight and even from the distance between us I could still see malice blazing from his ice blue eyes.

Smoke had started to gather across the garden, and it was so thick that I gagged and lurched forward violently. The smell getting deep into my lungs burning as it went.

I brought my head up, my straight brown hair swinging backwards as an icy breeze clawed at my face and ripped tears from my eyes.

I lashed out aggressively as a hand locked itself around my upper arm and wrenched me upwards.

"Cut it out idiot! Its me!" a voice hissed furiously in my ear.

I turned my head, my hair flying wildly, my cool grey eyes searching frantically as I looked for the source of the voice. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that it was Will.

We stared at each other a moment, both panting heavily from running so fast moments ago. His eyes checked me over while mine grazed over him. We were both checking to see if the other was unharmed.

Suddenly, Will's eyes flicked over my shoulder and narrowed slightly. I knew instantly that whatever he saw wasn't good.

I spun around, gripping my elegant gown tightly in my hands as I searched the surroundings for anything menacing.

Through the smoke, I could make out an army.

"Demons." I gasped unnecessarily. Will had already figured that out.

We were largely outnumbered, and even with Will's and mine skill the outcome still looked bleak.

Suddenly, a dagger came shooting through the air with fatal accuracy and it was heading straight for me.

Will launched himself at me, his body connecting roughly with mine in order to shove me out of the way. The dagger zoomed past us, inches from my face, screaming as it went.

My head slammed against the ground, the gravel digging roughly into my cheek. My vision blurred as blackness danced round the edges of my vision.

"Will" I slurred. I knew he wouldn't be able to understand me, and I wanted to try to say it again, but I couldn't find my lips.

Every part of me felt heavy.

The darkness was threatening to close in around me completely. I fought stubbornly with my heavy lids, but I felt weak…tired…asphyxiated …

My head started pounding, unbearably painful. The darkness doesn't seem like such a bad place after all…

I lost my self then. Floating in between unconsciousness and flashbacks, desperately trying to keep track on what was in the present and what was from the past.

Chapter end!

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