Disclaimer: If only, if only. Oh how I wish I even knew anyone actually associated with Supernatural, not to mention if I owned anything.

Challenge Word: Cool

Word Count: 100

"Dean, calm down!"

"M'gonna kill him."

"Whoa, no, give me the gun."

"Fine, don't need it anyway."

Grabbing his arm, Sam barely managed to keep Dean from advancing.

"Hey man, just chill alright? Go sit in the Impala and cool off. I really don't want to have to break you out of jail here, even if does only have one cell."

"Keep him away from my car Sam, I mean it." Dean growled before stomping off.

Sighing, Sam smiled sheepishly at the wide-eyed carwash attendant.

"Sorry about that. Maybe next time try asking before you start washing someone's car."


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