Hello everyone. I have no excuse that is good enough that explains why i haven't updated in such a long time. I don't know myself why i haven't written anything. I had writers block but that is no good excuse. I just wrote this today, and i have no beta, so I'm just posting this and hope that it's readable and that you like it. I thank everyone of you that still believe in this story!

- ronjatherose



No more then seconds later I was laying in the bed with a smiling Edward on top of me and I didn't know if I should be excited or scared. He sniffed my neck and growled, sending vibrations through my body.

"Mhmm, how much does it hurt?" He whispered in my ear, licking the shell of it while waiting for my answer.

"What?" I had no idea what he was talking about right now, all I was thinking of was the feel and smell of him.

"Your ass," he said as he squeezed my ass and I squealed. I shook my head, I honestly couldn't feel any pain or soreness from the spanking I got before. He smiled bigger and started to take of my shirt, still being uncomfortable with my body no matter how he have told me he like it I stopped him with my hands and held on tighter to my shirt. He growled again but this time it sounded more frightening. Did we really have to do this? My body wanted it, I could feel my body humming with energy, wanting him close and feel the pleasure the act is supposed to give, but in my head I didn't really want it, I was scared. He had saved me so many times now and I owe him so much but couldn't we do it like with a sheet between us and a hole in the sheet so he could just stick it in?

When I saw my own body naked I understood why no one took a liking to me at home, I wasn't beautiful by no means. I had big curves and I was kind of short so I looked more like a meatball.

"Isabella. Stop right now!" He growled and looked into my eyes. His were glowing again and I felt that calmness coming, it was like he was making me feel okay. While I was looking into his eyes I felt myself get wetter, I wanted him to scratch my itch again.

I moaned and he started kissing me again and his fingers were on my stomach, pushing my shirt up but it took to long to get my shirt of that way so he just ripped it instead. I didn't complain, I just wanted his hand in my pants again and I wanted his mouth on my breasts. I was moaning and whimpering and I felt like one of the women in my erotic novels I read. He stripped me of my pants and it wasn't long before I laid naked on the bed with a growling Edward on top of me. His eyes were glowing from hunger, hunger for me and that made me feel confident, made me feel strangely powerful to know that I was the cause for making Edward feel this way.

He lowered his head to my neck and once again started sucking hard on it and I was reminded of the second night we met. That made me blush harder and I put my hands in his hair and pulled, hoping that he would move his mouth from my neck to other places. He kissed up my neck no my face and kissed me on the mouth, it was so unexpected that I didn't know what to do but lucky for me Edward knew exactly what to do. Suddenly I laid alone on the bed and Edward was standing by the wall looking at me.

Confused, I sat up and watched him, my chest heaving and my thighs rubbing against each other, I didn't know if it was okay to touch myself there. Before, I saw it as a kind of dirty thing to do because thanks to reading all those old books it felt like it was the husband who should touch the woman there first and now when Edward had done it, even though he wasn't my husband, was it okay for me to do it?

The thoughts were flying around in my head and I couldn't really think straight I just wanted Edward. I wanted to feel that vibrating feeling under my skin that Edward made me feel, he made me feel so good sometimes. I whimpered, wishing Edward to come, I held out my hand without thinking and just a second later he was on top of me again, naked, liking down my neck to my breast while growling deep in his chest. He parted my legs and I couldn't stop saying his name again and again.

"Edward, Edward," I moaned loudly and gasped when his fingers cupped my pussy. He spread my lower lips with his fingers and a feeling, indescribable, ran through me and I gave a small scream.

"There, there my little girl. Doesn't that feel nice? So wet.." I watched him as he brought his hand to his mouth and sucked his on his fingers that were sticky from the wetness coming from me. He moaned and looked me deep in the eyes.

"You taste sooo good! I'm gonna spend everyday between your legs, feasting on you!" He said and was already with his head down between my legs when he stopped talking. Wasn't this that he was going to do dirty? I tried to close my legs but he put his hands on my knees and pushed my legs as far apart as he could and I felt myself spread open for him. I tried to sit up but stopped when I met his gaze and his voice in my head told me to lie down again and I couldn't to anything other than obey, it was like magic. Edward disappeared between my legs and I felt something wet slipping in between my folds, his tongue! My hips lifted from the bed but Edwards hand pushed me back down against the bed. I was writhing around wanting something but not knowing how to get it. I wanted to feel the tingling in my whole body, I wanted an orgasm.

"Please Edward, please!" I begged him, I wanted him to make me come.

"Please what Isabella?" He asked.

"Make me come, I'm begging you, please" He dived right back in and I thought I would faint when he sucked on what I think is my clitoris and hummed, after that it only took a few seconds before I came. I was breathing deeply, trying to get enough air down my lungs when Edward once again was on top of me and he was rubbing his cock up and down on my leg, near my pussy.

"You ready sweet pet?" he asked and I just nodded, I was ready. I was ready for it to hurt but it wasn't so bad, mostly uncomfortable. I was panting into his ear and he was kissing up and down my neck. I felt him coming deeper and myself stretching, I gasped when he moved out and then in as quickly. A tear found it's way down my cheek but Edwards tongue was licking it up just as quickly.

Just after a few minutes it was starting to feel good, I wanted more, faster, harder and I told him so. I felt beautiful and pretty and I loved feeling this way and the this feeling was more intense than ever. I held on to Edward when it felt like everything was going to fall apart and like I was going to slip away.

"Come Isabella, come for me" Edward growled and sucked on my nipple and the pleasure was so great that I saw black spots in front of me and I had the most wonderful orgasm. I screamed out his name and held onto him like he was my last lifeline.

His breath came out in a rush and he fell on top of me on the bed. I liked feeling him on top of me, he felt warm now and I just didn't want him to go, my feelings for him felt different now, something was changing. Edward raised himself up leaning on his elbow, still hovering over me.

"You're tired. Sleep." He sounded so controlling but I didn't care, I really was tired. I turned so I laid on my said and curled into him and fell asleep just moments after.

When I woke up I was alone. I looked around me and saw a pair of glasses on the nightstand. I smiled and tried them on and they were perfect! I threw the covers away and sat up, gasping as I did so. The soreness between my legs were not something I had expected and I was looking forward to a warm bath to ease the pain. I stretched on the bed, checking if everything was okay, no bones broken and no other pain than that between my legs. I stood up and cried out as I did so, I should have been more carful because it felt like something was broken down there. I quickly looked for Edward in the room checking that he was not around before embarrassingly enough parting my legs and looked down, trying to see if it looked as different as it felt. I closed my legs and looked up and blushed hard when I heard Edwards laugh.

"Are you looking for something?" He asked and walked towards me. I blushed harder than ever and discretely reached for the covers on the bed, planning to cover myself from his searching eyes, when he took my hand and pulled me to him.

I looked up at him and if felt like I was seeing him for the first time. The glasses made my vision clear again and I think I swooned at the sight of him. His strong jaw, and perfect shaped nose and shining eyes framed with long black eyelashes. I suddenly remembered that he had asked me a question and looked down again.

"I was wondering if it was different since it hurts a little," I blushed and pushed my head against his chest, wanting to hide. He laughed and said that he had a bath filled up for us and then he lifted me and carried me to the bathroom. I was still blushing when he put me down, I felt so exposed standing there naked in front of him. He undressed and laid his hands on my hips. My wobbly body in front of him, my stomach that wobbled if you shook me.

"Mm, I love your body," Edward said and I looked up at him, not understanding what he loved, how he could love it. Renée always said that if you didn't love your body than no one else could, so how could Edward love it then? I'm sure he knew what I was thinking, seeing my thoughts through my eyes or hearing them with his weird vampire gifts, I don't know but he was suddenly growling and turned me around and held me to him with my back against his chest and us facing the full body mirror.

"This have got to stop! You think these thoughts one more time and you will be punished!" He growled dangerously. "I like my woman's body huggable and soft. And if you even try to lose weight I will punish you so bad! I will tell you this once and then no more. I want hips to hold on to when we fuck! I want fleshy thighs around my hips when we fuck! And I want big, round, beautiful breasts to suck on when we fuck! You understand?" He growled into my ear and I was both frightened and aroused.

His hands were everywhere and when one hand found my pussy I whimpered both from pleasure and pain. "Do you understand?" He said, louder this time while pushing painfully against my pussy. I nodded vigorously while saying yes, "Yes, yes." I understood.

"Good, now lets have a nice bath and then I'm going to mate with you again and show just how much I love and need your body for my pleasure." He lifted me and I moaned when he sat us down in the bath. It was just warm enough and I was thankful for the big bath he had, it was four times bigger than the one Charlie and Renée had so I could stretch my legs and not feel claustrophobic.

This was a dream of mine, before, when I desperately wanted a boyfriend, I wanted to share a bath with my boyfriend like in the romantic books and movies.

I leaned back against Edwards back and just enjoyed the bath, Edward were caressing my thighs and stomach and humming lowly in my ear. I was almost asleep when I felt Edwards hand starting to caress the inside of my thigh and getting very near my pussy.

"What are you doing?" I asked sleepily and looked up at him.

"What? I'm just touching what's mine!" he said and smiled a crooked smile.

"It's my body!"

"You are mine, that means that your body is mine and that I can do whatever I want, right? Remember little girl? You gave yourself to me." He said and pushed his fingers into me. I gasped and one hand flew up to his hair and pulled on it. It was true, I had given myself to him, he owned me and if he owning me made me feel this good I would never complain. He finger fucked me and even though there was little pain the pleasure was greater and it took just a minute or two to make me come. He carried me out of the bath and made good on his promise, he showed me what he liked about my body through fucking me again.

I don't know how I could have thought Edward to be a monster before when he is so nice right now. He gives me so much pleasure and I hope that it will always be like this. I feel safe, treasured and somehow needed. I ate my dinner in the living room in front of the television, Edward said that he had to go hunting, but would not be far from here. I just smiled and wrapped myself in the blanket and ate my sliced fruit. I didn't have any clothes on, pets didn't wear clothes and even though I don't agree with that rule I didn't want to fight with him, I wanted him to be pleased with me and happy, and since it was only us here in the house, in the middle of the woods I wasn't scared that anyone would see me.

I was content, lying on the couch watching a movie when I heard something outside. I called for Edward, it could only be him here, or maybe it was an animal? I wrapped the blanket around me tighter and walked to the window to see what it could be. It was still little light out, the sun was on it's way down but I could clearly see that there was no animals out there, there was absolutely nothing out there. I sighed and turned around, thinking that I was just hearing things and needed sleep when I heard it again, something outside the window.

Feeling a bit scared now, I reluctantly walked to the window again, seeing nothing when suddenly a man shows up from nowhere banging at the window, staring at me with glowing orange eyes just a foot away from me with a thin window between us and suddenly breaks the window and roars. I scream louder than ever before and then everything goes black.