... Earphones. You look at them and recognize them immediately. ''Jake, you sexy beast! Come on!'' He laughed and walked up and gave you a bear hug. ''Where do you wanna go, _?'' he asked. You shrugged. ''How about the park?'' he smiled and nodded, holding his hand out. You two held hands all the time. You walked to the park, climbing to the top of the monkey bars and sat up there. ''_?'' He said your name, looking down. ''Yeah?'' You replied, looking at him. ''I have something really important to tell you.'' You looked at him, waiting for it. ''...Yeah...?'' You repeated. He sighed and jumped down from the monkey bars. You jumped down after him and jumped on his back. ''Hey. Whats wrong?'' You asked. You jumped off his back and walked infront of him, holding his shoulders. He shut his eyes. ''_, I'm in love with your brother.'' You looked at him in shock. He opened his eyes and sow your expression. He looked down and started crying. You pulled him into a tight hug. ''Jake... It's fine. Shh, baby. You dont need to cry.'' You told him in a soothing voice. The fact that your brother was bisexual ran through your mind. ''Hey, I'll put in a good word for you.'' Jake pulled back and smiled with tear streaked cheeks. You smiled and took his hand in yours. ''Come on, Jakie. Let's go back and see what happens.'' ''Thank you_!'' He exclaimed and kissed you on the cheek. You guys walked back to my house where Michael (Your Brother) was. I already knew what was going on, because Jake had told me earlier. You took a breath and asked Michael to stand up. ''Michael,'' You started, But Jake cut in. ''I LOVE YOU.'' He yelled, his eyes closed shut. Everyone looked at him, then Michael. Your brother looked at Jake shocked at first, then smiled. He walked up to Jake who still had his eyes closed, Took his hand and walked into Skyler's room. Everyone cheered. Aw! Thats So Adorable! Hey! That Was My First Quiz. Hope You Like! Rate Me Up So I'll Be Motivated To Write The Next One, Longer Descriptions Promised ;)