Sing Your Way Out

Chapter 1: Taken By Surprise


Suki and I raced down the halls toward a small room at the end, we were late! The session started an hour ago, they were going to be so angry with us! Suki opened the door, and we raced into the room.

"Where were you?"Said a relieved, yet angry guy named Jay. What many people didn't know was that he was my brother. I also had a sister, Tiki. These were not our real names, just the ones we were forced to take. We were also forced to hide that we were family. Another thing many people didn't know, especially not Gabe and Ian, was that Suki and I were the best singers this school had. We quickly ran into the booth, put our headphones on, and began with our session.

Ian POV:

They were late.

"Where are they, they should have been here a while ago." I said

"I don't know." Gabe said

"I'm going to go look for them" I said, and headed towards the tunnels.

"I'm going with you." Gabe said, standing and following me.

"No, stay here." I said

"Doing what? I'm bored here, I rather be searching for Cj and Suki." Gabe said.

"Fine." I said as we entered the tunnels. We followed many tunnels and searched many places where we thought they might be. We went into the halls and searched endlessly. Then suddenly, a small girl, maybe a year younger than us, rushed past us into an empty hallway. Tiki, the name flashed in my mind, I had seen her some times before. I watched as she disappeared into a door at the end of the hallway.

"Gabe" I said, and pointed at the door at the end of the hall.

"I'm going to go see what that's about" I said before heading down the hallway, and Gabe trailed hopelessly behind, complaining. As I neared the closed door, I heard voices.

"Wow, they are amazing." Muttered Tiki quietly.

"What did you expect?" Said another voice of a guy I believe is called Jay

"They can really sing!" Exclaimed Tiki quietly.

"Well, they are Cj and Suki, what did you expect?" Asked Jay

I gasped a nearly inaudible gasp, yet I heard a sharp exclamation.

"I think we have a pair of nosy students at our door" Hissed Tiki

"Well, go welcome them." Jay hissed back in an effort to keep quiet.

Suddenly the door was opened, and Gabe and I tumbled in.

"What do you think you're doing" Hissed Tiki.

"Looking for Cj and Suki." I replied in a whisper.

"Jay, should we let them in?" Tiki asked.

"They all are friends, so we must. Come and listen to your good friends." Jay whispered to us.

We stood up, and immediately gasped again, it was a recording studio, and Cj and Suki were singing right now. We put the headphones on and listened to the song they were singing.

We only got 86,400 seconds in a day

To turn it all around

Or throw it all away

Gotta tell 'em that we love 'em while we go the chance to say

Gotta live like we're dying

Like we're dying Oh

Like we're dying.

Like we're dying oh,

Like we're dying.


Ian and Gabe had found our secret. When the song ended, they stood with their moths open, until Jay made some rude joke, because Tiki started giggling. Suki and I walked out of the booth, said bye to Tiki and Jay, and walked out into the hall. We heard footsteps behind us.

"Wait." Called Ian.

"What." Said Suki in an annoyed voice.

"Both of you have some explaining to do." Ian said.

How do you like it? This is my first Tower Prep Fan-Fic. Just as a reminder, I OWN NOTHING!