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"Who's my little boy? Who's my little boy?" Papa Wagner laughed, picking baby Kurt up out of his cradle. The baby squealed in delight as he was spun in a circle and put down softly on a blanket on the floor, looking up at his Papa, sitting next to him.

"Are you ticklish?" Kurt burbled happily, turning to a shriek of laughter as his sides were gently tickled. Papa grinned to see Kurt so happy. Mama Wagner leaned against the doorway and smiled at the scene before her.

"Flubba!" Papa pressed his lips to Kurt's belly and blew, which was supposed to tickle mightily, but it did nothing. Kurt stopped laughing and looked at Papa with a quizzical expression that Mama found funny and chuckled at.

"You can't do flubbas on fur, Papa," Mama said from the doorway. Papa sighed, then turned back to Kurt and tickled him again. Papa ran his fingers over the barb on Kurt's tail and the baby screamed with joy at the tickling, Mama laughing and returning to the kitchen.


Kurt went over to his son's crib and carefully lifted him out. "You're my leetle boy, aren't you?" he smiled. "Ticklish, ja?"

He put his son gently on the floor and started to tickle his sides and tail barb, the child laughing shrilly and squirming. "Flubba!"

Kurt gave his son a flubba, which made the baby laugh uncontrollably, as Kitty appeared in the doorway and smiled.

"He's a ticklish little thing, isn't he?" Kitty giggled.

"Ja. Reminds me of me vhen I vas a baby. Zough I'm immune to flubbas—I have fur!" Kurt laughed and declared, lifting his son into the air and giving him another flubba before standing and crossing the room to Kitty, who took the baby from Kurt and held him close.

A few minutes later, the baby was asleep and as Kurt watched his son sleep, Kitty came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest.

"About that flubba . . ." she smiled.