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Warning YAOI Young Ben X Young Kevin

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Kevin's Experience

Young Ben and Kevin fic

Kevin led Ben to his secret home. "Wow this place is so cool."

"You like it I got it all to myself, no parents, no rules." Kevin said with a smirk.

"Wow really what do you do for fun?" Ben says impressed with Kevin. Kevin smiles and eyes Ben's body. He blushed and felt his pants began to tighten. Ben noticed Kevin's red face, and he noticed Kevin was trying to hide something.

Kevin tried to hold his arousal down, but Ben noticed and Ben's face got red. Kevin panicked he didn't want Ben to consider him a freak. He searched the young hero's face but he didn't see disgust. 'I guess I can't go back now.'

"Come with me." Kevin grabbed Ben's hand and led him into a very small room that had a thick blanket on the ground and a small bed sheet and a pillow. "This is my room. I want to show you what I do for fun." Kevin said, but thought. 'Please don't hate me.' Kevin removed his shirt and kicked off his shoes and socks.

Ben licked his suddenly dry lips. Kevin pulled down his pants and freed his hard cock. "No underwear Kevin?" Ben asked with a grin. Kevin shrugged.

"What, underwear isn't necessary." Kevin was kind of glad Ben was making jokes to ease the tension. Kevin brought his hand to his 7 incher. He started working his hard cock. He licked one of his fingers and brought it back to tease his pucker. Kevin moaned.

He had done it before, but doing it in front of Ben it felt better. He felt Ben's eyes roam his body. Ben took in every detail of what Kevin was doing to himself. He felt his boyhood stiffen. Kevin was happy that Ben was getting excited.

"Ben join me." Kevin moaned. Ben started stripping he got down to his boxers before his embarrassment stopped him. Kevin stopped teasing his body and went over to Ben. "No need to be shy." Kevin said and gripped Ben's boxers and with one hard tug he yanked Ben's boxers down. Ben's cock sprang up and smacked Kevin's cheek.

Ben had a 10 incher and Kevin felt his body twitch. "You're fucking huge." Kevin said out loud. Ben blushed. Kevin started stroking Ben's cock earning moans from the young hero. "Have you ever touched yourself like this?" Kevin asked.

"A few times but it never felt this good." Ben moaned.

Kevin grinned and licked his lips. "Then you will enjoy this." Kevin licked Ben's lower head earning a moan from the younger male. Kevin didn't hesitate, he started taking Ben's cock into his mouth, and sucked on him hungrily. Ben gripped Kevin's dark locks. "Wait Kevin oh man you're so good at this."

Kevin froze at first, but continued what he was doing. He bobbed his head sucking on Ben's length. Ben moaned Kevin's name and his body shook. "Kevin I'm going to cum." Ben warned but to Ben's surprise Kevin increased his pace. Ben came into Kevin's mouth and Kevin happily drank his seed.

"You swallowed it." Ben panted out. Kevin blushed. "Yeah, so what."

Ben pounced on Kevin. "That was so hot." Ben said before kissing Kevin. He could taste himself in Kevin's mouth but he found no disgust in it. He felt an experience tongue play with his own and even Ben noticed it.

Kevin broke the kiss. "Ben fuck me, I want you to take me." Kevin moaned out. Ben blushed but couldn't deny he wanted more. Kevin stroked his cock until he came. He caught his seed in his hand and used it to lube Ben's cock.

Kevin got on his hands and knees. "Alright just put the tip at my hole and push in." Kevin said.

"Don't I get to see your face?" Ben asked.

"This position is better, trust me, you are really big it will be easier to take you like this." Kevin said and mentally cursed. Ben wondered how Kevin knew this but decided not to question it yet.

Ben did as Kevin instructed and brought the tip of his cock to Kevin's twitching hole. Ben pushed forward and Kevin moaned. Ben groaned as he was enveloped in Kevin's heat. Inch by slow inch Ben filled Kevin's ass. Kevin was moaning in pleasure.

Soon Ben was fully seated inside Kevin's ass. Kevin moaned. "Ben fuck me now."

"Shouldn't I wait so you can relax." Kevin froze again and he was cursing inside his head. "Kevin?"

"This isn't my first time." Kevin mumbled, but Ben heard him. "What?"

"I've had to use my body, when I can't use my power." Kevin said and hung his head low. 'Great now he's going to think I'm dirty, and leave me.' Kevin thought, and his fears grew when Ben pulled out.

What he didn't expect was to be flipped onto his back. Ben slammed back into Kevin earning a moan of pleasure from the goth boy. "Wha, ahh Ben? How can you look at me? Don't you think I'm dirty?"

"No you're not dirty. You were taken advantage of, and I won't let anyone hurt you again." Ben said before kissing Kevin. Kevin closed his eyes as Ben kissed him. Ben held Kevin's hips as he started moving. Kevin moaned each time he thrust in.

"Ben yes there hit me there it feels sooo good." Kevin moaned when his sweet spot was hit.

Ben started snapping his hips harder, hitting that spot deep inside Kevin's body, He moaned as Kevin clenched around him. "Touch yourself. I want to see you."

Kevin shivered in pleasure, but he did as Ben instructed. He brought his hand down to his cock and started stroking himself, going in time of Ben's thrusts.

Kevin lost his control, he arched his back moaning Ben's name as he came. Ben groaned feeling Kevin tighten around him. He gave a final thrust into Kevin's clenching heat and came. Kevin moaned as he was filled with Ben's essence.

'There so much this time.' He thought as Ben continued to pump more and more seed into him. Ben collapsed on top of Kevin. The two panted as they came down from their sex high. "Can you move?" Kevin asked.

"Not really, not that I would want to." Ben replied and kissed Kevin's neck.

"Hey Kevin, I just wanted to say I…"

"Shut up, I'm not one for the mush." Kevin said.

Ben leaned down to Kevin's ear. "I love you." He whispered into Kevin's ear. He blushed and wrapped his arms around Ben. He snuggled up to Ben and Ben returned the embrace. Kevin mumbled a quick I love you, and the two drifted off to sleep.

The End