He stood up, stumbling back. He thought his troubles were over, if only for the night. He thought that he would finally be allowed the pleasure of being cared about, by someone he cared about, but there is no rest for the wicked. He should've known that. She was wincing in pain and in horror. He turned for the door.

"Where are you going?" she said trying to stand, hand still on her shoulder, eyes squinting from the pain.

"I'm going to find that bitch and kill her." turning the handle, a petite blur stopped him.

"No you're not."

"Watch me."

"And just how do you think that's going to help? I'm stronger than you and look what it's done. You don't know the effects one bite could have on you. You don't know the effects killing the wolf could have on me!" she shouted, using the last of her strength, slumping on the door.

"What am I suppose to do? I can't just sit back and let a dog get the best of us. I'm not scared of her…"

"Well you should be" she said cutting him off. "If anything, be scared of the unknown Damon. In all of my five hundred years I've never seen anything like what I saw tonight. I never believed they really existed!"

They stood there, staring each other down. Neither waning to the other. The sound of a phone vibrating on the table in the other room was the only thing that broke their concentration. Damon, slightly affected by the noise, continued the match. By the time the phone had gone to voicemail twice and rang a third, Rose spoke again.

"If you want to help you'll stay" she said, showing the most vulnerability a vampire her age and jade can muster. Damon said nothing nor changed his composure, walking to answer the phone.

"Stephan?… I guess the little witch came through…I see…I guess we have more than one problem…get over here, we have research to do"

"What's wrong Damon?" Stephan said, coming into the den, Elena trailing closely behind him.

Rose sat at the edge of the couch, knees tucked under her chin, Damon opposite her on a gothic leather chair, head down, fingers in his hair. The pair looked the perfect picture of despair and distress.

Damon, after a second looked up at Stephan and then at Rose. He motioned for her to show him. She stood up and came towards Stephan; she pushed down the sleeve of her robe to expose her contaminated shoulder.

"Oh my god!" Elena gasped, taking hold of Rose to get a better look "what happened?"

"Werewolf that's what" Damon stated, he stood up to pour another drink.

"Tyler" Elena concluded "I thought Caroline had him covered"

"It wasn't Tyler" Damon said.

"Than who was it?" Stephan questioned.

"It seems Mystic falls has become a popular supernatural tourist destination" Rose chided trying to lift the mood despite her situation.

"So what can we do? I thought a werewolf bite were supposed to kill us?"

"Well it didn't. Which leaves us wondering exactly what will it do." Damon said, gulping down yet another glass of scotch.

"Do you have any ideas? Actually Damon, I'm surprised that you asked for my help. Usually you would already be out there disposing of the purp." Damon raised his eyebrows in agreement and made an accusing glance at Rose.

"Look we don't know the extent of this wolf's power, we're already one vampire down, and we don't need to be another" she said in her defense.

"Rose is right. When it comes to werewolves our information is limited. The last thing we need is for you to get yourself killed." Elena said in Damon's direction, at this he rolled his eyes.

"So let's go get our informant"

"Tyler doesn't know anything"

"I meant lets do it my way, go straight to the source", Stephan Elena blank of ideas didn't object. With their approval, Damon turned to Rose.

"I don't like it, but we don't have a lot of options"

"Good, I'll call Blondie over to keep eyes on you, in the mean time Elena will do, I doubt she'll come back especially if she's smart."