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Forbidden Fruit

Chapter 1


He felt someone shaking his shoulder, but he ignored it and pressed his face deeper into his pillow and groaned.


Then, more insistent the hand shook him again harder. "Dean. Dean, wake up!"

Annoyed, Dean finally woke up and turned around to sit up on his ellows and saw that it was Castiel. Dressed in his typical holy tax accountant get up and looked as serious as ever. Squinting, he narrowed his eyes before glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand. It read 4 AM, which meant he had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep. It hadn't been that long since he and Sammy had just finally found a motel after handling a ghost with a thing for sweets. And after seeing what a ghost could do with a candy-bar, he didn't think he'd look at another Hershey bar the same way again.

"Damn, Cas. We talked about this. I'm human. I need to freakn' sleep."

Cas strode up to him and in his monotone voice replied, "I know Dean and I apologize, but this is important."

Dean rubbed his eyes and whined, "Oh come on Cas, can't this wait?"

The angel sternly replied, "No. I fear that whatever it is that we are dealing with that it may attract the attention of demons. I think it would be best if he beat them to the site before it is discovered."

"Fine," grunted the hunter. He walked towards Sam's bed and gave his little brother a shake. "Hey, Sammy. Get your ass in gear we got ourselves some angel business."

Sam groaned, but didn't stir which cause Dean to roll his eyes and yank this pillow out from under his head. Sam's head fell back onto the flat bed underneath and Dean tossed the pillow over his face. This time Sam did woke up and he jumped up with a start.

"Uh? What the hell Dean?"

Dean smiled and pointed over to Cas. "Like I said we've got angel business. Now come on. Get dressed."

The elder brother than headed to the bathroom and shut the door while Sam began to straighten up and change his clothes, meanwhile Cas stood by and waited patiently. He felt a bit out of place. He didn't think he'd ever get used to waiting for humans though he did his best to remain patient. However, Sam noticed Cas' unease and decided to talk to him as he began to pack their gear.

"Uh, so…what are we dealing with here? Demons? Rogue angels?"

"No, as of now I'm not sure Sam. Right now all I know is that there is a strange mound located in Brook Dale, Illinois. It reeks of old magic and is cover in Enochian seals. It seems to be a stronghold of some kind, but what it contains is yet to be seen."

It was then that Dean finished freshening up and began to pack up his gear while Sam took his turn at the restroom. However, Dean heard the conversation through the cheap motel door and said, "So, what the heck do you think is inside this stronghold exactly?"

"As I said, I don't know. The seals are prevent angels from entering."

"So, you guys find some secret cook jar and nobody can get in, but us mere mortals, right?"

Cas narrowed his eyes. He hated it when humans used metaphors. It made things so confusing, but he nodded his head. "Yes, however, what is suspicious is that normally such a well guarded place would have warranted the attention of the angels, but it's spells were very apt at concealing it's location until recently."

Dean raised his brow. "Wow, so whoever built this thing must serious not wanted to be disturbed, but I'm guessing something must have gone wrong on their end if you found it."

"Yes, apparently only humans may enter it safely. I'll meet you at the site when you arrive."


After calling up Cas for the specifics, they discovered that the location of the mystery mound was actually in the middle of nowhere. It was 10 miles from the nearest town and the entryway looked like some sort of cave. There was only a dirt road to even get near the place and the only structure nearby was an old abandon barn. Dean and Sam gear up and brought along some flashlights and took a peak inside and noticed that the entire inside was littered with Enochian seals. Dean even noticed there was a good amount of anti-demon seals too. It only meant that whoever did the drawings really didn't want anybody in.

"Dean, come take a look at this." Sam pointed his flashlight at some markings and saw that they looked a bit different from the rest of the artwork.

"What is it Sammy?"

"Look at his seal, Dean. It's old. I mean caveman old. I mean whoever spelled this place did it a long time ago. These pigments are like the stuff you find by Native Americans or Aboriginal tribes."

The elder Winchester laughed. "Oh ok bookworm, but can your big egg head figure out what all this mumbo jumbo means?"

Suddenly, Cas appeared and said, "I believe it is some sort of cage."

Both brothers jumped at the angel's abrupt appearance and they each gave Cas an annoyed look. Though, Cas ignored them and pointed to a large wooden door in the back of the cave and said, "There. There is a strange aura coming from behind that door, however the seals prevent me from entering. You will have to proceed without me."

Dean shrugged his shoulders. "Ok, I guess me and Sammy can get a couple of crowbars and hake this baby open."

The angel nodded and picked up two axes that were resting against the cave wall and tossed one to Dean and the second to Sam. "There is no need. I already knew you'd need tools to break inside so I gathered these axes from the old barn pass the field."

Sam looked at the ax and replied, "Uh, thanks Cas. I guess."

"You're welcome," answered the angel seriously.

Though, with that said Dean breathed in a deep breath and began to break down the wooden door. It was pretty heavy-duty wood and it took nearly an hour before they finally busted it down, though once it was out of the way the two brothers stepped in and discovered that the cave was pretty deep. Anxiously, the Winchesters shared a look and threw down their axes and used their flashlights to look within. They saw a tunnel with a lot more seals and a light source flicking down the path.

"Ah, well you first Sammy."

Sam frowned and stepped in. "Gee, thanks Dean."

It didn't take long before the brothers walked down the path and discovered that it led to some sort of underground garden. Flowers and birds buzzed about everywhere and streams of sunlight came pouring in from above from an opening in the ceiling. It was very beautiful and had a serene vibe.

Dean looked about and said, "Looks like we found ourselves the Secret Garden."

Sam glared at his brother. "Really, Dean?"

"What? I'm just saying this doesn't exactly seem important. I mean come on Sammy, this looks like a run in the mill secret base. Look, there are no blood altars or dried up skulls. It's just a garden for crying out loud."

"Yeah, I know Dean but it still doesn't explain the seals or the aura Cas was talking about."

The elder brother sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Yeah, but I don't see anything off about this place."

"Then why would anybody go through all the trouble of protecting it from angels and demons?"

"Beats the heck out of me Sammy."

Dean then began to walk around the garden and stepped near the beautiful flowerbeds and daises and began to make his way pass some trees and then right in front of him he saw something strange. In the center of the large cavern was a gigantic tree, but it was no ordinary tree. It was pure white from the lowest root to the highest leaf and it looked like it was glowing an angelic white light.

"What the hell is that?" shouted Dean.

"Dean! What's wrong?" Sam came running to him and stopped when he saw the tree too. "Whoa! What the heck is that?"

Dean backed up to Sam and shook his head. "I don't know. It's a glowing tree."

The younger Winchester narrowed his brow and said, "Yeah, but how is it glowing?"

"How should I know? But, I think we need Cas to take a look at this."




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