You come to my office.

I send you away.

You come back.

You taunt me.

I kiss you.

You laugh.

You leave.

I follow you.

You kiss me.

I push you away.

I tell you to go.

You tell me I'm confused.

You follow me home.

I watch you.

I hate you.

I need you.

You're still here.

You can't go.

I have nowhere else.

You kiss me.

I kiss you back.

I don't talk about you.

You don't come when I'm with others.

I take you home.

We fuck.

I watch you sleep.

You watch me wake.

We talk.

We mock.

We laugh.

I go to work.

I don't think of you.

I don't think of you.

I don't think of you.

I think of you.

You return to me.

We fuck on my desk.

I hide you.

You smirk at me.

You fizzle into nothing.

You haunt my dreams.

I find you below.

You mock my concern.

I leave.

You follow.

I make you no promises.

You don't complain.

I call you cold.

You shrug.

I fuck you hard.

You throw your head back and laugh.

I find someone else.

You watch from the shadows.

I don't look at you.

I lose.

I weep.

I fuck you until you can't breathe.

You don't say a word.

You watch me mourn.

You touch your neck.

I look away.

I fuck you.

I research.

I wander.

I don't sleep.

I don't think.

I fuck you.

You let me.

I fall apart.

You hold me.

I flee.

You find me.

I accuse you of loving me.

You laugh and laugh and laugh.

I tell you to leave.

You go.

I don't think of you.

I don't think of you.

I don't think of you.

I think of you.

I prepare to go.

You try to stop me.

I kiss you once.

I look away.

You stroke my cheek.

I close my eyes.

I kiss you again.

I am gone.

I'm brought back.

I can't go.

I find you.

You kiss me.

You didn't weep.

I'm not surprised.

I kiss you.

We stand together.

We remain.