Kikyou's Heart

My heart is cold and frozen

These feelings left unfelt, these words left unsaid

I am dead yet I wish to be alive

I gave and gave to others, but I was left deprived

My heart is broken, it was left in pieces

My world started to crumble and was left in shambles

Oh how I wish to be free from this curse, but I've lost the key to my shackles

My heart used to love

My heart used to cry

My heart used to fear

But that was when it was alive

I still remember that day, my heart won't let me forget

Back then my heart was filled with passion

Now it only knows regret

My heart doesn't understand that it is no longer warm

It doesn't understand that it cannot pump blood through my veins

My heart doesn't understand the only thing I feel now is pain

Yet still it tries

It tries so hard

To be alive once more

This pain is getting to be too much, how long do they expect me to endure

This cold

This hurt

This sorrow

My heart doesn't know there will be no tomorrow

I can feel it coming

The darkness that threatens to consume me

I can hear the voices ringing loudly in my head

For the only thing my heart wants it cannot have

That man

The silver haired man that haunts my dreams

That's what it wants now

That's why it still beats

But what my heart doesn't know...

Is that he no longer belongs to me

I have but one wish

but it will never be granted

I've chanted this wish, I've said it over and over again

Am I torturing myself?

No, to live with consistent reminder

Why can't fate be much kinder?

My wish you ask?

That's what you to know?

This hope, this desire that my heart will never let go

To be normal

That is all I want

To be seen as a mortal, not a saint or a God

Ahh can you hear it?

Do you hear the faint pitter patter of what was once my heart

because to be a ordinary woman is what it's wanted from the start

I'm not really a poet but when this came to me I had to write it down

I really wanted to try and capture all the tragedy Kikyou has had to endure

all pain that had been and still is being put on her fragile heart

I would love any feedback so please