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Puck had another trick up his sleeve, one not even Demona knew. There was much we did not see. What happened that night, and how will it change things, for everyone?

Puck's POV

... "Serving humans is fun. They have a sense of humour. You have none"... This summoning was going to be a chore... Unless... Puck smiled inwardly. Nothing said he had to behave, not completely. Anyway, she had been unpleasant from the get go. He wanted to mess with her and have a little bit of payback.

And he had his opening and a brilliant joke in mind when she finally decided; she wanted to get rid of the human Elisa. Pity she didn't bother to do her research, and be more specific... Oh well, her loss... and his fun. So, in a blink of an eye, Puck set his plan in motion...

Elisa's POV

What was happening to her? Midsentence, a sharp pain coursed through her, and the room filled with green, then white light. The next thing she knew, she could not stand properly, and her back felt off-balance and heavy. She immediately wanted Goliath. Safe, strong Goliath would make things normal again. She did not need to look up to know where he was; awareness flooded her, along with a million other feelings, some new, all equally terrifying. What was wrong with her? Flinging her arms around him, she felt at least a little more settled. Until, a new feeling settled in.

Why did he smell so good? And why did this feel so right? All her frustration and tension in her body ebbed away in his arms, until she noticed his quivering. The spark of hope she had in hear heart died. Guess he wasn't so thrilled to be close to her. After the shock had worn off, the thought being changed would finally give him the nudge he needed, but it looked like she was wrong. She must look horrible. She felt like she was going to cry. It just wasn't fair. She had wanted to be with him for so long, without anything in their way, and now they were, and he found it unbearable. Very well, she would let him go, but just for a little longer, she would like to pretend he wanted her like he had wanted Demona. She was about to let go, when she realised she must have held on too long, because Goliath let out an inhuman roar and grabbed her arms tight. A scream died in her throat. Closing her eyes, she prepared to die, happy in at least she had been as close as she had been to love.

She cracked an eye open and saw a look she rarely saw come over his face; surprise. The look passed, and he roughly pushed her away.

Goliath's POV

Why had he not noticed before? As soon as she landed he noticed that smell; he had not come across in centuries. A female gargoyle in heat. At first he was worried, as the only one he thought it could be was Demona, but when he honed in on it, he was floored to find it right in fount of him; it was Elisa, mid-hot dog. He had almost forgotten. He should have realised. She looked more beautiful than ever. He had passed it off as her change, but now it made sense. Combining this with all the impulses over the months he had been keeping a tight rein on, and being in the same room with her was intoxicating, near to unbearable. He was about to back out of the room, and perhaps see if he could avoid being alone with her, when the situation was taken completely out of his hands.

The innocent wench decided, in her terror and bewilderment, to do what she normally did and fling herself into his arms. Normally it was so easy; he would simply remind himself what it could and would do to her, his strength if he for one second he let himself lapse from his control. In hindsight, perhaps he should have told her. The level of restraint needed to not crush her lips to his and claim her meant all he could do was stand there, shaking with effort, hoping and waiting for her to back off. After a time, it appeared that fate would not give him an easy way out. She didn't know why, but she curled in closer, seeking what she was craving without even knowing what it was. Enough was enough. Back to arguing with her, THAT was something he knew.

Elisa's POV

Hurt and confused, she fled, and finally let the unshed tear of rejection fall. She was trying very hard to come to grips with her new form. She was very hungry, and annoyed she kept tripping over her odd new feet. She couldn't find a way to sit down without her wings and tail getting in the way. Wobbling off in the direction of the fridge, she continued her inner list of grumbles, and had one more to add to it when she ended up finding food; she ripped the door clean off. Evidentially her strength would also take some getting used to. She wondered if she could have something healthy, but she knew that was wishful thinking when she opened the fridge to find nothing but meat and junk food. Gravitating to a raw side of beef, so shuddered, and went for a safe middle ground; hot dogs. Shredding the packed open, she sat down to continue her pondering. She hung her head in her hands, it all sinking in. Her job! How was she going to explain this mess? Her family... how would she explain to her mother she would be losing her daughter. Sure, she could pretend she moved far away, and could only ring, but she was never very good at lying, and she didn't want to start. Making her way out to the balcony, she polished of the last of the hot dogs, and returned to her thoughts. What troubled her most was what it meant for her and Goliath. All the reason, all the times that kept them apart... Everything had changed...

Then, speak of the devil; she was pulled from her musing by the very thing bothering her. He wanted to argue some more. Very well... anything to take her mind off what to do next.

Goliath's POV

Mid argument, Goliath had something occur to him. Elisa was in heat. And she was surrounded by males. As much as he had control over himself, he didn't want to imagine what might happen if she wasn't isolated from them after a long period of time. He had had Demona before they were cursed. The others had no one, so the siren call would be much stronger, especially in the younger ones. So, changing tack, he decided it was time she learnt how to fly. At least then, if any of them displayed unwanted advances, escape was an option. Never mind, said the little voice in the back of his head, that this means you will have time alone with her.

Pushing that aside, he grasped her hand and dove off the railing and into the night.


Flying was an amazing feeling, and with Goliath there it was strangely relaxing. It was a shame Goliath was so tense. Then again, perhaps this was how he always was, she still couldn't shake the feeling he wasn't happy. His jaw muscle twitched and when he finally spoke, it was curt and clenched. The first time he had come close to speaking plainly with her about what he felt, and he looked like he hated it. Like the words were being pulled out of him with a pair of pliers. Guess she couldn't blame him. Perhaps he felt obliged to care for her, from guilt over her changing. Perhaps that was why he was even saying anything, as little and as grudging as it was. She forced a smile on her face, but stopped herself short. If there was ever a time to cut through the dancing around each other that had been going on, it was now. Unfortunately, when she stopped herself short, she did it literally and began to plummet to the ground.


Whatever she was thinking, it must have been deep indeed, because she completely forgot what she was doing and where she was. Luckily, Goliath had learned long ago to confine distractions to the ground, and dove straight after her. Elisa was still rusty on her landings, so landed with a loud thump, while Goliath glided silently and helped her up. Too late he realised his mistake.

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