Stone Shower

Elisa mounted the final flight of clock tower steps and she looked through the ajar outer-door, she could have sworn she saw a green flash dart across the room, and strike Broadway in the back. However, he kept walking like nothing was wrong, so she wrote it off as part of her paranoid mood this evening; all the way over she had felt like she was being followed... Watched... As is something tracked and lurked just beyond the darkness in the shadows. A trash can that rattled by itself, an alley cat that shrieked and ran from a empty alley... Elisa shuddered. This city was getting creepier by the day, and she was a cop! So much for bravery... Clutching her costume in its garment-bag a little tighter, she scurried into the brightly lit room, and was greeted by a room packed to the rafters (literally) with costumed gargoyles.

After she batted away the enthusiastic greetings and noticed the odd straying look to her neck, she excused herself to go change, opting for the slightly roomier broom closet at the end of the hallway. She steeped in and was relieved to find it was clean and web-free. They really could be thoughtful sometimes. She pulled the zipper on the garment bag and chuckled. Beauty and the Beast... They had all sat one rainy afternoon and watched it together, and Goliath was the most enthralled. She could guess why; something beautiful loving what was inside. He didn't realise his outside wasn't too bad... Elisa laughed again, and began to shrug off her jacket. For one night, he had given her a fantasy made real. for one night, she wanted to give him a dream. She heard footsteps outside the door, and for a silly second, worried. Silly really. And just as soon as she had heard them stop, they started again, and headed off till they were faint.

In the end, she had wished she hadn't been cowering there in the cupboard, because the last little inch of her zip was not going to cut it on her own. Whirling around, she headed out and down the hall in search of the footsteps and a spare pair of better reaching hands.

What she found in the kitchen, which she guessed must be her favorite room, was everyone's favorite break-and-enter specialist, Lena.

Lena knew the second she had entered the room, but took her leasurly time to finish her game. This time, the microwave held her attention. She was watching a plastic cup slowly melt and puddle until the entire room was filled with acrid smelling smoke and she was finished and the cup had done oozing, she stood and whirlled around,

"Why hello there. You know, you are not an easy human to track."

Elisa made no applogies. She suspected Lena owed her a few for her less-than-relaxing stroll this evening. Lena dropped the smile as easily as if it had been a mask.. Who knows, maybe it was... The next look had her shivering.

Lena circled her, sizing her up the way one might asess a horse or side of meat.

"You know something is going to be done about you, right. The question is simply what and when..." Elisa's ears perked up. This sounded very serious.

"What and when? Am I in some sort of trouble?"

Lena raised a perfectly scultpled eyebrow and smiked a little, but kept silent. This was too much. Elisa, bristling with indignation, snapped, and whirrled to poke a finger in the middle of Lena chest, punctuating her words occasionally by poking her backwards, hard.

"I know I'm not! I don't know who you are, Lena, but since you're stalking me, you know I'm a police officer, and lady, you're broken into too many places for me to fell comfortable with. And now you're threatening me? Why shouldn't I arrest you right now?"

Lena bristled, and Elisa immediatly regretted those words. This woman was obviously unhinged and poking her was a bad idea. Elisa began to back away.

"You, little human, are grosly under-qualified to know whom you are jabbing at."

As soon as the ice was there, it dissapeared, and she skipped out of the room, humming to herself, leaving her words, and the mess in the microwave, for Elisa to ponder.

The way she used the word human indicated she was certainly not. But she had that figured when she left their first little chat on a flying horse... Under-qualified indeed. Elisa snorted. Guess it was time to crack the spines of her shiny new Encycolpedias. But first things first, she still needed a zip-buddy. And providence provided one; Broadway just shuffled around the corner. Elisa smiled broadly. Wasn't she lucky to have such a great freind?

mwah ha ha... Just a short chapter this time... but promises the next one will make up for it ;)