Chapter 1: Transformation

It is nice, warm, beautiful day, in Sevierville, Tennessee, a seventeen year old, boy walks outside to catch his bus, the boys name is Richard Bruner, a senior student, he liked his new life down in Tennessee, but today was going to be a day that he will never forget, and will change his life forever.

" Dang, I thought that I would never get out of the house." he laughed, after saying that.

Then he hears a noise, it is his bus, " Finally, the bus is here."

after the bus stops, Richard gets on the bus, and the bus starts moving, Richard Bruner starts typing on his computer, for his school report, while Richard was typing, he look up to be sure that the bus goes the right way, than after a while Richard looked up and saw the bus was leaving the town, and not heading for the school, than Richard asks the bus driver, " Sir, where are you going?" the driver did not respond, that's when Richard got out of his seat and try's to get off the bus, by going out the door but the door did not bulge, than he tried the windows but nothing, than the driver pulls out a colt .45 pistol and said, "Sit down, will arrive at are destitution soon." Richard sit, back down in his seat.

After an hour, they arrive at their destitution, they arrived at a abandoned warehouse, in Florida, the driver pulls his pistol out again and said, " Get up." Richard got out of his seat, the driver than said, " Move." Richard moved slow and the driver said, " Get out." Richard got out of the bus and meet people with guns at their sides, Richard than says, " Al Qaeda terrorists." the Terrorists point they're weapons at him after seeing him, the weapons they were holding were AK-47s, AK-74s, AKS-74s, and AKS-74Us, Richard puts his hands up, and looks at the driver, the driver is an American, but is helping them, than Richard thought 'You traitor'.

Then a man came out and Richard, recognized him from the News as Osama bin laden, the head leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist, the man that caused 9/11 and the reason why the troops are in the Middle East, then Osama bin Laden said, " Well, what do we have here, a young American teenager." he smiled, than he turn to the driver and said, " Well done, Mark, you are now one of us."

the driver than said, than said, " Thank you."

then turned a back to Richard, and said, " What is your name?"

Richard than said, " My name is Richard Moore, why have you kidnapped me, and what are you going to do to me." Richard used is old formal last name, to make sure that they don't find is family

Osama bin laden says, "Well Richard, I have other plans for you, so please follow me."

" I am not going anywhere with you." Richard said, Resisting.

" Follow me or my man will shot you." Osama bin Laden threatened him, and Richard decided not take any chances with the terrorists and followed Osama bin Laden inside the building.

When they got inside, they were in a terrorist Lab, there were terrorist armed with machine guns, and scientists experimenting, than Osama bin Laden, then turned to Richard and said, " Remove your clothes." than Richard Bruner removed his clothing, after that Richard Bruner was naked, than Osama bin Laden, order his man, in Arabic " Put Richard Moore, in the tank." the terrorist toke Richard Bruner, put injection needles in him with a tube coming from outside the tank, and put Richard and the tank filled with liquid, before they put Richard in the tank, they give Richard a waterproof mask so he can breath underwater, than when Richard was in the tank, the scientists started the injection, and the red liquid went inside Richard's Body, Richard felt pain in his body, as the liquid was inside him, than Richard pass out.

After about two hours, Richard Bruner woke up, and than Osama bin Laden said in English, " I see you are awake, Richard" then he turned to he turned to his scientist and said, in Arabic, " Drain the tank." the scientist did so, the liquid disappeared from the tank, then Osama bin Laden turned to his man and said, " Get him out." the terrorists went to the tank and opened it up, after they opened it, they toke the needles out of him, as they got Richard out, he pass out again, Then Osama bin Laden said, " Put him in, with the Marine." then they toke Richard out of the Lab, and put him in a cage.

Then after an Hour, Richard woke up again, and he got up and saw a raptor next to him, "AH!, Stay away from me." then the raptor did something that Richard will never forget in his life, " Whoa, calm down, son, your going to be alright."

"You talked, how can that be possible?" Richard was shocked.

" Don't be afraid, I won't harm you, I am on your side, I see you have be changed, just like me." the raptor said.

Richard looked down at his body, and found that it is not his human, but a body of Raptor, with brown scales, sharp teeth, sharp claws, strong muscles, and a pointed tail, after seeing this Richard Bruner started crying, and the raptor came to Richard and said, " It okay, I know how you fell, and Let me tell something , I was once human too." Richard Bruner was shocked to hear this and says, " You were a human too." "Yes, I was kidnapped, by the Al Qaeda, used as an experiment, got transformed into a raptor." the Raptor said.

Richard said, " Who are you?"

"I am Sargent John Miller, of the United States Marines." Sargent Miller introduced himself.

"Richard Bruner, Tennessee Junior high school student, and Junior C.I.A. Agent." Richard Bruner said, whispering the last part.

Sargent Miller was surprised by this and asked, "Your a C.I.A. Agent?"

"Yup." Richard Moore said, than he got an idea, scene they were raptor they can kill the terrorists.

"Sargent, I have in idea, we will escape and kill the terrorists, as we find a time machine, that I says when they were taking me into the laboratory, that will send us to the past of the dinosaurs, and start a new life." Richard than told the marine his plan and the Sargent agreed and they both laughed, to the terrorists it is just some sound of growling.

Chapter 2: Escape from the warehouse

Richard and Sargent Miller planed their escape one step at a time, and also one step ahead of the terrorists, and Scene Richard never fired a gun in combat, Miller trained Richard on how to shot a firearm, when they stole a firearm from any of terrorists, than the day came, a Hurricane named Hurricane Adam is about to strike the warehouse, and today was a perfect day to escape, kill the terrorists, and go into a time gate that will send them back to the time of the dinosaurs, and start a new life there.

Richard and Sargent Miller were sleeping, but woke up, when the power was out and Richard test the cage with a piece of metal and threw the metal at the cage bars, he expected the cage to show the electric when it hit, but instead it didn't, than Richard turned to Miller and said, " The power is off, lets go." than both Richard and Miller than hit the cage bar, while they were doing this, the bar was getting weak and was about to brake, than at one more charge, the bar broke and the C.I.A. Agent and the Sargent of the Marines, got out of the cage, than a door opened then two terrorists came in, they were about to shot Richard and Miller, but they pounced on them and killed them by biting on they're necks and scene they were hungry, they ate the dead terrorists, after they ate, they toke the firearms, Miller toke the AK-47, and Richard toke the AKS-74U, then they got a beg of ammo and explosives they were ready, then they went out the door, and when they ran into terrorists, Richard and Miller shot them, then Richard ran into the driver and shot the driver dead, they kept on shooting every single terrorists they run into, then they saw some piece of the roof were tearing off, Miller said, " We got to get to the time gate, hurry." they hurried to the time gate which was on the other side of the compound, which means that they will have go outside in the Stormy weather, when they got to a door, they heard wind outside, when they opened the door, it blew the door open and when they were outside, the wind was blowing really hard, but they managed to get to the other side of the complex, where the time gate was, they open the door got in inside, but had some difficulty to close the door, but they managed to close the door right behind them, than Richard and Miller found some flashlights on a nearby wall, than they found the time gate itself, Miller than set the time to the Cretaceous period, were they can begin there new life, after Miller set the time the time gate opened, then Miller than turned to Richard and said, " lets go."

Just when they were about to enter, a voice called from behind them, "Where do you thing your going?" Miller and Richard recognized the voice as Osama bin Laden, when Miller and Richard turned around they saw a raptor with a black Arab hat on his head, Richard said, " An Arab Raptor terrorist, not very smart, man." Miller than got his attention, "Do you really thing you can try and stop us." while Miller was distracting him, Richard slowly cocked his AKS-74U and then bin Laden said, " I will kill you both right here, right now, so fight me." Then Miller smiled and said, "Say Goodnight." after Miller said that Richard shot Osama bin Laden in the heart, for the first time in human history, Richard Moore has killed a terrorist leader, than Richard said, " Now, we can go." than Richard and Miller entered the time gate, as a piece of debris fell on the time gate, destroying it, in the time of the Dinosaurs, a worm hole came as Richard and Miller stepped out still carrying their guns, as the worm hole disappeared, Richard and Miller see the sun come up and Miller turned to Richard and said, " We must must find a place to live, before night fall and begin are new life."

" Alright." Then Richard and Miller than got there equipment out and checked them, unaware that three pairs of evil eyes are starring at them.

Chapter 3: Meeting the gang

The Bright Circle rose above the Great Valley, as Littlefoot and his friends were enjoying their time, playing at the bubbling mud, and were having fun including Chomper and Ruby, as they were playing, Hyp, Nod, and Mutt came and joined them, Hyp, Nod, and Mutt stopped making fun of the gang, and became friends with them, then the gang stopped playing, and looked worried, they all thought the same thing, ' Some is weird is going to happen today, but what?' than the gang, the gang heard a weird sounds that never heard before, Petrie got nervous and said, " What that?" than Ducky said, " I never heard that sound before, Oh, no, no, no." Ruby then said, " Me and Chomper had never of that sound before." than Chomper said, " It's coming from the Mysterious Beyond." then Littlefoot said, " lets go see what that sound is coming from." then Cera said, " Are you crazy." Hyp got an idea and said, " What the Cera, are you a scardie-egg?" Nod repeated what Hyp said, " Yeah, are you a scardie-egg, Cera?" Mutt said, " Cera, is scared of the Mysterious Beyond." Cera got mad and said, " I am not scared of the Mysterious Beyond, you are going to pay for that." Hyp evilly smiled and said, " Come and get us." Nod repeated, " Yeah, come and get us." Mutt said, " Unless you are scared to chase us." Cera than tried to charge at them, but they were fast, and they dodged Cera's charges, they were running into the Mysterious Beyond, with Cera chasing them, while Littlefoot and the gang followed them into the Mysterious Beyond.

Morning came in the Mysterious Beyond, Richard and Miller were checking they're equipment than they got ready to move until, Richard and Miller felt something on their sides, it was the weapons and the beg they were carrying at the complex they had escape from, and calmed down after seeing them, Just when they were about to move out, they heard a sound coming from behind them, then two Raptors and a T-Rex with a scar running from his eye to his claw, was standing in front of them, than Richard and Miller, decided to fight them, than they pulled out their guns and fired them, injuring the Raptors, while both Richard and Miller knew that they can't shot a T-Rex with their machine guns, they ducked down behind some trees, then both Richard and Miller, pulled out flash grenades, and at Miller's signal, they pulled the pen for the grenades, and threw them at the T-Rex, and the T-Rex sniffed at them, then the Flash grenades, exploded with a blinding light, the T-Rex roared in pain, that got Richard some time, to get a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher out and use it on the T-Rex, Richard fired the RPG, the rocket hit it's target, and the T-Rex went down to the ground, Richard and Miller got closer, to begin to talk to them.

Littlefoot and the gang including Hyp, Nod, and Mutt, are in the Mysterious Beyond, trying to find the source of the sound, than they heard some different sounds they have never heard of before, but they have found the source of the sound, and chomper said, " It's just up ahead." than when the gang arrived they saw Redclaw and his Fast-biters, attacking two Fast-biters that have weird sticks in their hands, they noticed that the two Fast-biters are both males, and one was a Adult, while the other one is a teenager, but they saw that these Fast-biters are not ordinary Fast-biters, than the Fast-biters injured, Redclaw's Fast-biters, and they fell to the ground then the gang saw the Fast-biters ran behind some trees, Redclaw than walked to where they were, then the saw them throw something on the ground in front of Redclaw, they saw Redclaw sniff it, than the bright came out of it, the gang turned away for a few seconds than looked to see the teenage Fast-biter, holding a long weird stick on his shoulders, then the young Fast-biter, launched it and they saw fire came out of it as it hit Redclaw and he fell to the ground, then the gang saw the Fast-biters came to Redclaw, Screech, and Thud, to talk.

After that small fire fight, Richard and Miller, than confronted the T-Rex and the two Raptors, Richard saw one of the Raptors getting up and stood over him and said, in the Sharptooth language while cooking his weapon, " Don't move or I will kill you with this." pointing his AKS-74U, at the Raptor, and Miller that now have the RPG launcher, came the T-Rex and said, in the Sharptooth language " Who are you and why did you attack us?", The T-Rex than stood up and said, " What do you mean, by who I am, I am Redclaw, the meanest Sharptooth, to ever live." Miller than said, " Never even heard of your name before." Redclaw was surprised that this adult Fast-biter never even heard of him before, Richard turned and asked, " Who are you two?" the other Raptor and said, " I am Screech."and Richard let the other Raptor get up and the Raptor said, " I'm Thud." than Richard and Miller stepped back, as Miller asked again, " Why did you attack us?", while they were talking Littlefoot and the gang saw the two Fast-biters that ended the fight with Redclaw and his Fast-biters fast, and are now talking to them, Chomper translated what the Two fast-biters are saying and what Redclaw and his goons are saying, than Chomper started translating, what Redclaw is saying to the two Fast-biters and said, " He says, ' I never seen you here before and I wanted see you two and I would like to see if you can fight like a Sharptooth or a Fast-biter, like my friends here, but you use does weird sticks to take us down and those bright lights, I'll give you credit for that.'" Ruby says, " Redclaw is never nice to anybody, not even to his own kind." Than Chomper started translating, the teenage Fast-biter was saying and said, " He says, ' Than why didn't you just came, introduce yourself, and told us about the fight, and than we would be ready to fight you, in a proper way." Than Chomper than translated, what Thud was saying and said, " He said, ' So we can surprise you two, so we can see if you are good fighters.", while the gang was listening, Miller said, " Not a very good idea, I have been at war for years, you shouldn't be surprising me or my friend, and we know how to deal with this situation." Richard than said, " That's right, me and my friend, are one of the best, of the best." than Redclaw smelt something and Richard turned to the source, as Redclaw looked down, Richard said, " We saw it, first." Richard and Miller said their good byes to Redclaw and his fast-biters, went toward the source, carrying their weapons and their bag with them, When Littlefoot and the gang saw the two Fast-biters coming their way, they decided to hide, when Richard and Miller came into the area where Littlefoot and his friends were at, and saw that the Fast-biters are hiding from Redclaw and his Fast-biters, then the gang heard two voices outside and listened, " Miller, what are we going to do, we need to find a place to stay, and be at peace, to start are new life." Littlefoot decided to take a look and it was the two Fast-biters talking, but in the Leaftooth language, Miller said, " I don't know, Richard, I don't know." than Richard said, " We have are weapons, but they have limited ammo, we have to save them, for real emergency, and we don't know how to fight or hunt as Raptors or what Screech and Thud call are kind, Fast-biters, and we have no place to go, no place to permanently sleep at, and no home to live in." Richard looks at the ground sadly and cry's in tears for losing his old life and leaving his old family behind, to start a new one, Littlefoot and the gang were listening to them and they felt sorry them, especially for the teenage Fast-biter, who they figured was depressed, than Littlefoot got an idea and said, " Guys, why don't we help them out?" at first they thought that it was a bad idea, but then realized that they can't hunt because they don't know how, and that they have their weird fire sticks and those bright light things, that blind things, so they find the two Fast-biters as friends, not threats, just when they were about to vote on who was going to talk to them, they heard a young male voice that said, " Hello there, little ones." the gang turned around and saw the two Fast-biters standing in front of them, than the other one said, " We won't harm you kids, we are trying to find a place to live, and start a new life, that all.'' Chomper said, " Where did you two come from, I never even seen you two here before." The young teenage Fast-biter said, " You and your friends wouldn't believe us, even if we told you so." Littlefoot said, " Can you tell where you are from?" the teenage Fast-biter said, "Of course, oh I almost forgot, my name is Richard, C.I.A. agent Richard Bruner." Richard pulls a badge out, Littlefoot and the gang look at it, than the other Fast-biter said, " I am Sargent John Miller, of the United States Marines." than the gang began to introduce themselves, Littlefoot said, " I'm Littlefoot, and this Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Ruby, Chomper, Hyp, Nod, and Mutt." Richard than said, " Nice to meet you."

Miller than said, " We will tell you later, about where we come from, I am sure your parents would want know too, besides you kids." and Littlefoot and the gang nodded and Littlefoot said, " If you would like, you could come to the Valley." Richard than said, " That would be nice." just than a Sharptooth came out of nowhere, than Littlefoot said, " Follow us." than they ran as the Sharptooth was chasing after them, Richard planted C4 charges to lose the Sharptooth, than they came to a log bridge, Richard and Miller planted some C4 charges, than after then gang crossed the bridge, Richard pulled the detonator out from the beg, Littlefoot see the detonator and asked, " What is that?" Richard says, " it a C4 detonator, it sets off the C4 charges, get down, watch and see." Richard pushed the button, than the C4 charges exploded, than more explosions came after the first, than the log bridge exploded and collapses into the a very deep embankment, the Sharptooth on the other side roared in frustration, Richard says, " Yeah, that's what I am talking about." than says to the Sharptooth on the other side, in the Sharptooth language, " Your not going to eat us for lunch, sucker!" the Sharptooth on the other side, said back, " Your lucky, but next time you will not get away." Richard says back, in leaf tongue, " We'll see about that." than the gang toke off running, after a while, Littlefoot and the gang now see the two Fast-biters as their friends and not a threat at all, but they find the situation very hard to convince the residents until they realized that Chomper's Parents aren't very far away from the Valley and they would help them get settled in, Chomper and Littlefoot agreed to first go to Chomper's Parents place that is near the Valley, Richard asked, " Where are we going?" Chomper says, " Were going to my parent's nest, it's not far away from here." as they headed for the nest of Chomper's parents.